5 small changes to make you happier in your home

It’s fairly common to get bored of your home. Yes, I said it. Boredom breeds unhappiness and well no one wants to be unhappy in the space that they should be using to relax and get away from daily life.

Did you know, our homes account for over 15% of our total happiness so doing some home improvements can certainly lift your spirits! Since our home can affect our general wellbeing and happiness, here are 5 small, but effective changes to make to your home to make you happier!

Incorporate a new colour scheme

Incorporating a new colour, or even a whole new scheme into a space can massively boost your mood towards your home. Whether you change the whole palette of your home, or just spice up your main spaces to incorporate a new colour is completely up to you.

If painting isn’t your bag, here’s some other ideas at incorporating a new, complimenting colour into your home :
Switch up you cushions and swap some for the new colour.
– Grab some new blankets and throws
– Change some of your pictures to prints with the new colour

Re-jig your space

Sometimes we can feel unhappy as space we do have isn’t working for us. You don’t need to knock down walls here, just look to move and remodel the space you do have. You may need to get rid of some furniture or move what you do have into a new configuration. Changing it all around can help the flow of the room and your happiness towards space.

Upgrade your furnishings

Tatty, old and outdated furniture can create a pretty bleak space – especially if its no longer a style you want to embrace.

Declutter and chuck the crap

I chat decluttering a lot over here and I truly believe decluttering can hugely improve the feel of any home. You may feel like it’s been a while since you sifted through the crap and chucked what you no longer need. This is just the time to do that. Chucking the crap you don’t need can make some mch needed space to store everything else effectively in your home.

Create some ambience

Whilst modern living is pretty streamlined and clutter-free, having an element of personality and warmth into your home is so important. Incorporate some personal pictures and pieces as well as candles, soft lighting and furnishings can transform a home from cold and clinical to cosy and warm.

Everyone should be happy in the home they have and whilst it may not be the dream one, the long-term one, or even the owned one, there is so much to be done that can cretate a truly happy home. Hopefully these 5 small tips have helped ignite those ideas.

Are you unhappy in your home? Have these ideas helped you search for happiness in yours? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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