Wedding theme – Choosing the right one for you.

If like me, you think a wedding theme is just for those looking to inject avengers into every aspect or turning it into the red wedding from game of thrones, you are mistaken. Whilst many couples do embark on a themed wedding – each to their own – the phrase isn’t exclusively relevant to those film / movie themed weddings. Oh no!

Themes also relate to colour schemes, venue esque vibes / character and more. What I’m trying to say is, every wedding has one, and it’s down to you how you phrase it.

When daydreaming of wedding decor, bridesmaid dresses, band options, food varieties and much much more, theme has a part to play in every.single.aspect. Soooo I’d say nailing or much rather pinpointing that theme early on will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Trying to rectify or change theme later is much harder and possibly expensive.

But how do we pinpoint or even choose our theme?

There are a lot of different things to consider, weight up and ultimately decide when considering and choosing your wedding theme. Let’s get stuck in shall we?

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Time of year?  

The time of year can be a theme in itself. December weddings naturally tend to have a winter feel in decoration, flowers, and attire. Summer weddings tend to have a floral flavour peppered with individual flair. If you really don’t want to theme your wedding, sticking and using the season of your wedding could be a great way to label it.

July is a super popular time to get married, but we used this aspect for some of our theme also. We wanted it to feel like a real summer wedding and included things like food options, flowers and decor to highlight that. Using its of foliage and roses certainly eased the wedding into summer season.

Where are you getting married? Where is your reception? 

Is it a barn? Field? Marquee? Church? Manor? Where ever you are saying your ‘I do’s’ and settling down for your first meal, it will be a great starting point on how you want your theme to compliment your day and venue. Look to your venue and what will look great with your surroundings. Don’t make it too hard for yourself. If country chic is going to be hard to accommodate in a grand manor, re-evaluate what you really want.

Our venue very muck eaked nature. With the ceremony taking place in a boathouse outside surrounded by trees, we decided to use the surroundings as best we could, to encorporate into our theme. We also took inspiration from the house too. Being a 200+ year old house featuring stunning grandeur, we used this to our advantage of creating a classy reception area by using lots of drapery. Decor included lots of foliage, garlands and simple white roses. From this we managed to create a theme that married with our venue and surroundings perfectly.

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What do you envision from your day? 

Is it a classy affair, or is it a relaxed get together with your nearest and dearest. This is a great indication of the type of theme you want for your day. Having grand candlebara’s and posh white draping may just be out of place if intending a relaxed, rather casual affair. Remember, small details like wedding invites and wedding sites all give indications as to what sort of day you’re hosting. Make sure that resonates by using complimentary themed details. You want to make sure your guests know what they are in for when they arrive.

What do you want to avoid? 

Whether it’s a theme you feel everyone has done, or a look you absolutely hate, it’s a good question to ask yourself to avoid falling into exactly what you don’t want. Disliking a certain object doesn’t mean you avoid a certain theme altogether though. Equally liking a certain material / style doesn’t mean you can’t mix it with other themes.

I really wanted to avoid rustic. I felt lots of weddings we have been to ourselves had lots of rustic themes and items. Although I really loved wood and natural aspects. I managed to marry the classic of white with natural furnishings including burlap and hessian.

Do you want to show your personality?

If you are looking to incorporate your favourite film, era, tv series, football club, sport or anything else that carries a huge theme of colour, decor and more, here is where to do it.

A wedding that carries a distinguished theme certainly gets guests talking and makes your day one of a kind. It’s also a great time to inject so of yours, and your partners personality. Your theme could be subtle, or full blown, featuring in invitations, cake design, decor, favours, suits and more.

If you want to keep your personality a little subtle, this can be done alongside any theme. Including baby photos as table numbers, movie favs as table names, and sports teams as favour inspiration are all great ways to inject personality into your day, without giving them full reign of a theme.

We really had little hints of our personality. The table names were named after F1 tracks, groomsman thank you gifts were handmade painted pint glasses, and music for the wedding breakfast were scores from our favourite film.

Go for colour

If all else fails, consider a colour theme rather that a ascetic theme. Choosing a contrast of your colour as a theme certainly keeps in simple, as well as easy when it comes to choosing deco accents, suit colours and bridesmaid dress shades. You can even extend it into finer details like colour of flowers, table linen colouring and icing on your wedding cake. It’s one of the most popular ways to theme any wedding and understandable why.

Every wedding has a theme, whether it be flower arrangement types, a specific titled theme or movie / tv / sport inspired colourings and details. I would highly advise figuring all this out once you’ve booked your venue and before you consider any decor ideas. A wedding theme will really help you define what you need for your venue and what simply won’t fit into the day. It can even inspire the band you choose, the dj set you consider and the food you serve.

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