My Complete guide to a City Break

Okay I am abit of a city wanderer. Honestly, I love a city break. Exploring somewhere completely new and experiencing the hustle and bustle of a completely different world. Because that is what a city is. A new world of history, new modern buildings and a mass of people from all walks of life and countries.

I even managed to turn my husband into a city break lover. With many cities packed with plenty to do, I hugely recommend everyone and anyone into doing atleast one.

Since i’m forever planning city breaks, and trying to explore as many worldwide cities I thought I’d share a complete guide for a perfect city break.

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When booking

Double check flight times

When heading on a city break, chances are you are only heading for a couple of days. When it comes to booking flights, really consider the time you are flying. Whilst the cheaper flights tend to be at the most inconvenient time of the day it will be well worth spending the extra dosh on early flights on your way out and late flights on your way home. This way it gives you two days either side to make the most of your trip. ,

Consider budget and location of your hotel

Understadably the more central located hotels tend to be a little pricer. But before you dismiss them, consider how much money this will save you once you’re there since you can pretty much walk everywhere.

If you do have a strict budget, do remember the costs you will incure if your hotel is out of the city, or go a little low standard – it is only a base for sleeping of course.

Pre-book airport travel

Although most cities have brilliant transport systems to and from the airport, it’s well worth pre-booking something ahead of going. It makes it easier, and stressfree. Plus there’s no worry a taxi is going to swallow lots of your cash.

Double check the luggage allocation

*Most* city breaks are short, sweet and fairly local. So handluggae cases are just enough for a fw days exploring. Double check you are content with that arrangement as hefty fees can be incured at the airport to check in extra baggage. The further afield cities offer hold luggage but still incur weight restrictions.

Before flying


If you haven’t already, now is the time to research what there is to do in the city. Seach pinterest for blogger travel guides and use instagram to find hotspots. Don’t miss out on the best places for pit stop coffees and candlelit dinners. Create a board, take screen shots, print webpages. Whatever your find easier to research the city you’ll soon be exploring.

Set a itinerary

Now you’ve done the research, you can carefully set an itinerary for your trip. Don’t underestimate how long it will take you to find your bearings around a new city and pencil in plenty of breaks. Sometimes I don’t set itineraries as weather and other things can play a role in what you end up doing when. But having a good idea of what you want to visit and experience is a must. .

Book if need be

Whilst I don’t advise booking everything before you go, you can get some cracking deals online if you book ahead. Consider carefully and be sure to shop around before hand.

Pack sensibily

Any city break is going to be tiring and include a lot of walking. Be sensible in what you pack. Comfortable shoes, clothes to cover your from the elements including sun and rain, and bags that will hold everything you need for a day out and about. Whilst you will be able to buy somethings there, this can be rather expensive and time consuming when you are there.

Buy your cash before you head to the airport

I have always avoided airport currency exchange counters. They really don’t give you the best deal, and if you shop around before heading away, you can get some cracking deals online and at your local supermarket. It’s worth researching exchange rates, as it can save you some pennies in the long run!

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