Furnishing and decorating your new home

The excitement of your first home – there’s nothing like it. Whether you bought or rent, are in a studio flat or a seven-bedroom mansion, it’s oh so exciting. But damn, do you need so much stuff! And who knew it would be so difficult to choose paint colours and make it look fresh?

Having been in our humble abode for a little over 4 years, we have had our fair share of shit flat pack furniture, shoddy paint samples and DIY mistakes. Yes, you’re bound to make your own. But in a bid to help the newbies from making the easy to avoid ones for themself, here’s how to furnish and decorate your new home, without wasting money!

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Think carefully

It can be really easy to jump in the car and buy everything on your Ikea wishlist, but my biggest advice – don’t. Whilst you should buy key pieces ( bed, sofa, wardrobe ), really consider the other pieces or wait until you are living in your new home before you commit to buying them.

Our mistake : we purchased lots of furniture we believed we wanted/needed and it wasn’t long into living in our home we realised we made a mistake. Had we waited and established how we would really live in the space, we would have made better purchases. It turns out, the pieces we had bought wouldn’t really work across the whole home neither, and so we had to get rid.

Invest in key pieces – or buy second hand

When it does come to buying furniture for your home, I would highly recommend investing in key pieces. Buy furniture that may cost a little more, but will last. Or just avoid the desolate flat pack of Argos – it really is shite.

Buying pieces that will be flexible in your home and will potentially work in future homes too will always be a great investment.

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Don’t paint straight away – or go neutral!

Its easy for me, the person who bought a new build first off, to say not to grab the paintbrushes straight away but once again, patience can be hugely advantageous. We took 3 years to decide on colour palettes and the style of our home and now we have finally started to properly decorate we are so thankful we waited. We have managed to create a style and a home that fits and works with the space we have.

If you can’t live with the vibrant colours of the previous owners, then just get it to a neutral base. Not only will that make it easier when you do want to paint, but it will also give you time to figure out colours you do want to incorporate.

Create a colour palette to implement across your whole home

Since you’re going to hang back and really consider the colours ( if any ) that you are going to use, you really should create a working colour palette across you whole home. Creating a palette that you can implement across all your spaces will create a completely harmonious, coordinating network of spaces, all merging with the use of select colours.

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