Curtains & Nets Interior Style : A real layered look

Let’s be honest – how a window is dressed isn’t something we all look at when visiting a show home, or have a cuppa at our friends. But often enough, we do notice when something isn’t right – like using bedsheets to block out the morning sun – yes I’ve seen people do that!

Dressing a window is pretty vital stuff. Using the right product and one that compliments the space it’s within is crucial when wanting to create space but ultimately shield your space from sun when watching a movie, or letting in daylight when arising from sleep.

Much of the problem when looking to dress your window is knowing what to use to decorate and compliment the window.
What will look great in your space? What will look create as a decoration but be purposeful to?

The Ideal Space for Curtain and Net layering

There is such a place that is ideal for Curtains and netting to work together – a open one. When looking to incorporate this softening trend, you really need to evaluate the space you will be incorporating it into. Using this trend on a window that isn’t open, and often covered by furniture is a real no no.

The ideal window is a large, centerpiece one. It doesn’t have to be a floor to ceiling affair, just one that is free from cluttered pieces. This trend is suited for a window you are looking to dress with floor length fabric.

Tip : If you are dying to use curtains and nets in a window that often has furniture placed in front, consider pulling it forward to enable floor dropping length to hang naturally.

It doesn’t have to be on a window

With this gorgeous trend, it doesn’t have to be on a window. Much rather it could work perfectly stretched across large doors and openings to create a sense of privacy. Using curtain and netting layering across conservatory doors, bi-folding openings and large expanses of windows in a extension is a great softening agent to what could seem very stark and naked.

Using soft fabric can transform a expansive, cold space into a warm and cosy area in any home.

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You could go over sized

There are no ‘rules’ when it comes to using curtains and nets together, so be sure to experiment too. If you have a space that has odd shaped windows or relatively small openings, using over sized and fairly large stretches of curtains and nets together could be the illusion artist you have been looking for.

This technique can often be found in hotel rooms and alludes the windows its hiding is much larger than it really is. It’s a great softener in a bedroom and can create a gorgeous, calm and cosy feeling perfect for some shut eye.

A modern twist on the dated net

Nets are a pretty dated ideal. They can look fairly old mannered and many steer clear as they can instantly age or detract from a beautifully modern window. However, the layering of both curtains and nets together is a great way to add privacy during the day, as well as texture into a bland space.

I love this layered trend, and if done well, it can become a real feature in any space. Whether you use it in your bedroom to create a warming, soft place to sleep. Or in your lounge to create grandeur and texture. Layered nets and curtains are certainly a interior style to consider in your space.

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