A Collection of scrummy Christmas Bakes to try this year.

Is there anything better than sweet treats on Christmas eve evening before the onslaught of Christmas. Or maybe you’re someone who indulges Christmas day evening following the huge turkey and stuffing plate. Whenever you indulge in your traditional sweet treats and chocolate mountains, nothing can beat a home-made christmas esque treat.

Whilst traditional Mince Pies, Gingerbread men and shortbread is delicious, maybe this year is the year to buck the trend, and try something different.

To guide you in being adventurous this Christmas period, here’s some easy, beautiful and scrummy recipes to try this year, all across the web.

*These are of course not my recipes and all links will direct you to the original source.

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Christmas Light Cookies

The inner Stranger Things superfan within me ache at the sight of these cookies. And of course they are super festive too! With chocolate M&Ms and sweet biscuit these are the ultimate festive cookies to get baking this season.

With it’s easy to follow recipe and handful of ingredients these are a fool proof new recipe to try at Christmas time. You don’t have to be awfully creative on the decorating front neither.

Read the full recipe here.

Rice Krispie Christmas Puddings

If these don’t look both delicious and festive that what does? Even as a child we could all knock together some pretty darn tasty chocolate rice krispie cakes, so why not jump back to your childhood but bring in some festivity with these little sweet bites.

You could always add a little pizzaz with marshmellows or m&ms mixed into the krispie mixture. This really is one that you can make your own – if you want of course.

Read the full recipe here.

Gingerbread Amaretto Chocolate Tart

Fancy wowing your guests when you start serving desert? Well this is just the ticket. This winter tasting tart will look superb on any Christmas table, and will delight any guest in taste too.

This one of the more complex featured in my post, but if you fancy a challenge and happy to dedicate some serious time in creating the perfect treat, this is well worth the effort.

Read the full recipe here.

Christmas present Oreo Balls

This one had me at Oreos to be honest, but the fact they are created in little presents, they make the perfect Christmas treats to put on your Christmas table this year.

The bake itself is a simple, the decorations are not, but I think you would agree that the overall look is well worth the effort.

Read the full recipe here.

Brown Sugar Pecan Cookies

Christmas bakes don’t have to be festive looking. And if you’re searching for a new, subtle looking bake for your Christmas Treat box these might just be it.

These delicious cookies feature Brown Sugar Frosting as well as crushed pecans, creating the perfect crunch. Once again this is a pretty simple recipe to try your hand at – and these might just become your fav winter bake.

Read the full recipe here.

These are just a few of many, many festive bakes that can easily become your new festive, homemade treat. These would be perfectly paired with some festive cocktails too.

What will you be baking this festive season? Will you be trying something new?
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