Blush & Yellow Home Decor – Shop the trend

Here at Charlotte-Nichole, I just love discussing and brainstorming some of the latest home interior trends – including gorgeous colour palettes that seem to be on the rise. Over the last couple of weeks especially, I have been on the hunt for new palettes that I could incorporate into a new home ( when we eventually sell and move of course ) and one that I have absolutely fallen for has to be the pink and yellow trend.

I’m usually a ‘sophisticated’ home lover, and whilst I loveeee to incorporate colour, I tend to be a little reserved. Green is a colour we recently incorporated into our open plan living space, and when it was all finished, I felt risky and on trend.

It seems the insurgence of colour continued and I now have a dusty pink en-suite and a very royal blue bathroom.

Whilst the decorating has ceased whilst we look for a new home and get ourselves on the market, I haven’t stopped brainstorming palettes and ideas ; whether it be for our current or new home. I mean do you ever stop looking at home decor and inspiration?

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Blush and Yellow is a perfect pastel balance

As we start Spring, there couldn’t be a more suited combo to incorporate into a home in dire need of some uplift and colour. With accents of darker shades, it’s easily a colour palette that can be muted for autumn / winter seasons too.

Any space….

Yep, Pink and yellow can be used in any space, including your kitchen, lounge, office space, bathroom. My biggest advice would be to look at your natural light. Whilst pink and yellow can be muted for the darker, colder months, this bright palette works better in spaces with plenty of natural light.

Clean lines

Whilst this palette can work with any furniture type, it certainly works best with clean lines, natural materials or matte white. Art Deco pieces or modern clean line pieces are best suited for the bold colour choice. Ornate pieces are too intricate with these colours.

Shop it now

Blush and Yellow are both perfect and on trend colours for the start of warmer seasons, making them a perfect combination to embrace. I didn’t have to hunt for long to find some gorgeous pieces perfect for creating a gorgeous, bright, soft space.

Table Lamp // Pink Velvet Storage Boxes // Nesting Bears // Floral In Vase // 3 Mini Vases // ‘You are my sunshine’ Cushion // Coral PomPom Cushion // Pink Home Cushion // Easy fit pendant light // Footed plant pot // Large Pink & Yellow Rug // Blush & Brass Cuckoo Clock // Yellow Waffle Throw // Soft Pink Jute Runner // Pink & Yellow Metal Trunks // Pink & Yellow Cushion //