Lock-down Diaries : Starting today

I have read some lock-down diaries from fellow brits, and even those from further afield and surprisingly I LOVE THEM. They form a sense of unity and honestly who doesn’t like being nosy as to what others get up to, especially when we are all in the same boat.

I wanted to start my own ‘log’ for various reasons. The first and foremost as a personal reminder of what this period of time was actually like. I’m sure i’m not alone when I say that we can easily forget what things were really like, especially once we return to some ‘normality’.

So how has it been for the last 6-weeks?

V.very surreal. I’m so lucky that both me and my husband are still able to work from home and maintain a full pay packet. It has certainly been a huge adjustment, and the novelty of executing my day job from my comfy sofa and in my pjs has lost it’s appeal.

I have become so sluggish in everything I do. Even that one walk a day is a real challenge and takes some serious energy.

I have no ambition to cook and subsequently, I have made some terrible food choices because I really can’t be asked to make a proper meal.

We have had our first take-away since lock-down though. A good old fish and chips and it was glorious. It was so nice not to have to cook, and a little sense of normality. Whilst it’s not the McDonald’s we crave, it was bloody goood!

Apart from work, what have we been up to?

Like so many, not a lot. Unfortunately we do not have a property that needs a huge amount of work, nor do we have many productive jobs that we can actually get on with. Over the last 6 weeks I have mulled around trying to find things to de-clutter, sort, chuck or work on, but I did this all before lock-down. I have become so envious of those that can use this time to redecorate of tick off those big jobs. I’m almost trying to create jobs so I can feel productive in someway.

What about entertainment, what’s been keeping you going?

With very little to do around our home, we have had to try and find entertainment in other forms. Games, Netflix, movies, British comedy and books. I have always been a TV lover and yet I have turned off from it recently. I think I over did it before lock-down!

Having said that, I have managed to watch a series that had always popped up, as well as find solace and laughter in some of my favorite classic comedies.

Reading :
The Family Upstairs – Yep, this is in my recent book post but I finished it just as lockdown started and it was ruddy brilliant. Well worth a read if you love a thriller of a book!
Little Darlings – Was okay, not my fav. Took me 24 days to get through this one since I really didn’t want to carry on with it.
The Librarian of Auschwitz – amazing so far. Knew I would like it since I loved The Tattooist of Auschwitz. I’m prepped for tears though!

Watching :
Madmen ( Only 2 eps left of the whole lot!) I love this series and whilst it is a little slow, I really don’t want to finish it – hence why I haven’t.
Fresh Meat – already watched and just re-watching. Funny, on the same wave-length as the inbetweeners. A great comedy to end the evening on.
The Vicar of Dibley – Of course I have watched every episode but there’s some real comfort for me in this classic comedy and makes light of these dreary days.

Playing :
Sims 4 PC & PS4 – Is it even lock down if you don’t now live your life through your Sim? She has a nice house too!
Crash Bandicot PS4 – There is a running theme of classic entertainment and Crash was certainly a childhood fav. I often spent weekends with my sister playing as a kid and it has certainly taken me back to better times.
Idle Sim – Ipad / Iphone. Because Sim’s isn’t enough and this is a highly addictive, check every hour game. Free of course.

One thing I have learned over the last 6 weeks is the parts of life I used to be frustrated with have been my most missed. Queuing in Starbucks, driving an hour to work, having to go to work. Among those brighter notes of life too, seeing family, friends, shopping, travelling, planning ; there is a lot I can’t wait for at the other end.

That’s enough for a Friday – it’s the weekend after all! Chat to you next week?

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