Lock-down Diaries : Starting today

I have read some lock-down diaries from fellow brits, and even those from further afield and surprisingly I LOVE THEM. They form a sense of unity and honestly who doesn’t like being nosy as to what others get up to, especially when we are all in the same boat.

I wanted to start my own ‘log’ for various reasons. The first and foremost as a personal reminder of what this period of time was actually like. I’m sure i’m not alone when I say that we can easily forget what things were really like, especially once we return to some ‘normality’.

So how has it been for the last 6-weeks?

V.very surreal. I’m so lucky that both me and my husband are still able to work from home and maintain a full pay packet. It has certainly been a huge adjustment, and the novelty of executing my day job from my comfy sofa and in my pjs has lost it’s appeal.

I have become so sluggish in everything I do. Even that one walk a day is a real challenge and takes some serious energy.

I have no ambition to cook and subsequently, I have made some terrible food choices because I really can’t be asked to make a proper meal.

We have had our first take-away since lock-down though. A good old fish and chips and it was glorious. It was so nice not to have to cook, and a little sense of normality. Whilst it’s not the McDonald’s we crave, it was bloody goood!

Apart from work, what have we been up to?

Like so many, not a lot. Unfortunately we do not have a property that needs a huge amount of work, nor do we have many productive jobs that we can actually get on with. Over the last 6 weeks I have mulled around trying to find things to de-clutter, sort, chuck or work on, but I did this all before lock-down. I have become so envious of those that can use this time to redecorate of tick off those big jobs. I’m almost trying to create jobs so I can feel productive in someway.

What about entertainment, what’s been keeping you going?

With very little to do around our home, we have had to try and find entertainment in other forms. Games, Netflix, movies, British comedy and books. I have always been a TV lover and yet I have turned off from it recently. I think I over did it before lock-down!

Having said that, I have managed to watch a series that had always popped up, as well as find solace and laughter in some of my favorite classic comedies.

Reading :
The Family Upstairs – Yep, this is in my recent book post but I finished it just as lockdown started and it was ruddy brilliant. Well worth a read if you love a thriller of a book!
Little Darlings – Was okay, not my fav. Took me 24 days to get through this one since I really didn’t want to carry on with it.
The Librarian of Auschwitz – amazing so far. Knew I would like it since I loved The Tattooist of Auschwitz. I’m prepped for tears though!

Watching :
Madmen ( Only 2 eps left of the whole lot!) I love this series and whilst it is a little slow, I really don’t want to finish it – hence why I haven’t.
Fresh Meat – already watched and just re-watching. Funny, on the same wave-length as the inbetweeners. A great comedy to end the evening on.
The Vicar of Dibley – Of course I have watched every episode but there’s some real comfort for me in this classic comedy and makes light of these dreary days.

Playing :
Sims 4 PC & PS4 – Is it even lock down if you don’t now live your life through your Sim? She has a nice house too!
Crash Bandicot PS4 – There is a running theme of classic entertainment and Crash was certainly a childhood fav. I often spent weekends with my sister playing as a kid and it has certainly taken me back to better times.
Idle Sim – Ipad / Iphone. Because Sim’s isn’t enough and this is a highly addictive, check every hour game. Free of course.

One thing I have learned over the last 6 weeks is the parts of life I used to be frustrated with have been my most missed. Queuing in Starbucks, driving an hour to work, having to go to work. Among those brighter notes of life too, seeing family, friends, shopping, travelling, planning ; there is a lot I can’t wait for at the other end.

That’s enough for a Friday – it’s the weekend after all! Chat to you next week?

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Dear Diary : How I’ve stopped planning my life!

I am the guiltiest person when it comes to planning and prepping everythinggggggg in life. I really don’t deal too well with free time and day’s out, get togethers or anything that are not well planned and briefed.

Okay, I’m a organisation freak. And I would plan my whole life if I could.

In recent years, I have totally felt out of control when it comes to my life. I’m at the end of a education and this is pretty much where my childhood Charlotte stopped planning because heck, I would be ‘well old‘ then!

Alas, I’m 25, educated, home owner and newlywed and thinking what in heck. Now what?! Granted, I’ve got the bits crossed off that I thought I would ( degree, husband, home ), but other things cease to exist. And with that I feel failure.

I’ve chatted a lot on here about life plans and how I seem to have one, but never really as to why we should abandon ship and bury those ideals.

In the last 6 months, after having little to no plan to fall back on, I have abandoned that very ship. Now I’m sharing how I’ve got on….

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Timeline be gone

Yup, that terrible timeline I had etched into my mind has all but gone. I no longer keep tabs on what I expected to achieve this far into my career, or at this age. Nor do I let myself, or others for that matter, judge and compare my current situation vs others at my age.

I have, from this small act, felt such huge relief. Taking away the pressure and fretful thinking of where I ‘should’ be, I started to enjoy where I currently am and what I am achieving a whole lot more.

Disappointment? What disappointment?

That pesky timeline I have constructed for myself gave me all sorts of disappointment. Whilst I am happy and content in my non-related to my degree job, and my 2 bed apartment without a garden nor garage, my timeline attitude led me to believe I should be disappointed.

Since I have booted that timeline attitude in the arse, I have truly realized my own happiness, and it’s only my timeline that was overshadowing my current success!

Just giving it a boot, I feel much lighter and free to take whatever path towards my success, even if its the slightly longer, de-toured version to that of what I expected.

Eyes wide open

We can all have tunnel vision, especially on things that we want more than anything. Having that timeline and ultimate goal really made me a tunnel vision mad women who really didn’t consider anything that didn’t gain me a step to my success.

Since closing down the ‘life plan’ I have been much more open to opportunities that show their face. I’m less considerate to the impact on the ‘end goal’ and just enjoying the journey. I’m rather excited to see where life will take me by just jumping when I get the chance.

Life really can throw some curve balls, and whilst we may want to control every aspect possible, it’s just not. Giving yourself unreasonable standards, deadlines and timelines to live by can have a huge negative effect on your attitude to life. It can leave you feeling disappointed, dis-satisfied and pressured. Whilst you really have no reason to feel any of those things.

Do you put too much pressure on yourself? Are you living by a unreasonable timeline? Any tips for those that are? Be sure to start a conversation below.

Being a mature student – What to consider.

We all struggled at school, one way or another. It may have been making friends, or curbing the chit chat during class. It may have just been the motivation to knuckle down and get on with your work. Despite it being the easiest days of our lives ( darn you mum for being so right ), we all hated the idea of school and couldn’t wait for obligated education to end.

And yet, when it’s all said and done, we all wish we had payed a little more attention to maths class, or attended that lecture that would have helped with your dissertation.

We all have regrets with our education, me included.

Choosing your oath during education is a minefield. Honestly, we were all pretty young when we had to make pretty life changing decisions like our GCSE Options or what University we wanted to study at when we were just 18.

If you we had our time again, we would all make very different choices I am sure.

But, you really can make different choices now! You may think you’ve missed the boat but you haven’t! There are plenty of opportunities and options for those wanting to return to education, and I have it all here for you to consider!

What and where do you want to study?

So you’re considering a return to education. GOOD FOR YOU! Education can transform your prospects, or just give you something to strive and focus on.

First thing to consider is your current education status. To enter university, you need A-Levels, or equivalent to a certain grade. If you don’t have these just yet, you’ll want to consider college or private sixth form colleges.

Knowing what level of education to gain is one thing, knowing what you want to study is another. Maybe you want to scrub up on your basic maths skill, or gain a whole new skill altogether ( like beauty, electrical or other ). All of these can be obtained at college over a year or two.

Tip : Really think about what you want to do with your new found education once you have it and work yourself back.

Can your current lifestyle work around your studying.

Being a mature, or returning student has lots of considerations, including your already established lifestyle. And no, i’m not just referring to your social life.

It’s a huge deliberation going back to education and can have a huge impact on your life. Full time courses will cost money and will impact your current ability to work alongside. Really consider whether you can afford the impact of reducing your working hours and the income you can achieve.

With education, is all about the effort and sacrifices you make in the short term, for the long term gain.

If I had my time again, I would totally change my actions during further education. I lost my way towards the end and would, if I could, go back and study again.

If you have the chance and ability, attending education can hugely impact your later prospects. Do it if you can!

Would you go back to education if you could? Do you have any advice for anyone looking to go? As always, share your thoughts and comments in the section below.

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Dear Diary – I started a Podcast

Hi Hello and welcome to the second installment of 2019. I of course mean, welcome to the much anticipated, longingly awaited February. Shamefully this is only my second dear diary post and we are nearing March! oops. It’s been a long one right?
I still find it hard to believe we are edging towards Spring and yet excited to ditch the jumpers and embrace shorter sleeves!

Enough about the weather, in true brit form, I’m here to chat podcasts. My podcast!

Yes, encase you’re not part of my exclusive newsletter blog blast club, or haven’t been involved in some of my other posts, I have my very own podcast.

Millennial Conversations

I challenge some of the perspectives and embrace true millennial views towards life. Essentially, I’m chatting most of the stuff that can be found on my blog in a really informal way and without spell check.

Millennial conversations is everything I want to chat with being a current young being. I cover everything from dieting to mental health, to buying your own property. I tend to have some really in depth conversations with lots of my friends about some of our struggles and often wonder how this would come across in a podcast and whether we are alone in some of our views.

We are not, and whilst my current episodes have no one else but me present, I do have some guests up and coming who share or contradict my view.

So, if you like my blog ( which I hope you do ) then be sure to check in, listen and cast your view over on my podcast. I really want to get some conversations going, and use the space as a talking point.

Fancy being involved?

Want to chat with me? Have a convo you think should be shared across a podcast?


Drop me an email and let’s get recording.

I am on the look out for anyone who wants to guest appear and chat ANYTHING millennial, conversational or even blogger related.

You can find me on my Instagram stories chatting the topic every week, including some of your own answers and opinions on the topic.

And for godsake, listen and leave your comments below!

Listen to Millennial Conversations on Spotify, Apple podcasts and more.

Stop tryna find the one – Do this instead!

Happy Valentines Day! And what a day to celebrate you, the single women! Since everyone seems to be getting all kinda romantic, I thought this post is necessary for those singletons who are FED UP with feeling like they need to be on the hunt for the one.

Speaking from experience, our society makes us believe we can’t be happy unless we are in a committed and loving relationship. And that’s just utter bulls**t.

As a married women, I may come across all hypocritical, but honestly, focusing on anything other than finding someone can be truly empowering. I mean, think of all the things you could accomplish if you stopped trying to find the one. And what about all those things you could be doing and positive impact it can have on finding that soul mate!

So, here’s everything you should be doing, rather than hunting!

Prioritize friends and family

Being a single, independent soul gives you time to enjoy your own company, and others around you. Spend more time with the people you love. Organise a girls night, visit your parents more and hang out with your siblings.

Investing in these relationships will strengthen your support system, and every strong person needs a good one!

Grow personally

This is the perfect time for you to settle, find yourself and grow personally. Really find out what and who you like. Find time to reflect and work on yourself. Allow yourself to love who you are, and work on the bits you want to change.

Get into activities that you always wanted to ( like a Zumba Class ) and go and meet new people. Work on skills and get a hobbie and you will be surprised to what it will do to your confidence and self worth.

Being a confident and independent individual will attract like minded people and that’s just the person you want as the one!

Focus on your health

Working and improving your health doesn’t have to be time consuming or hard work ( you may just start yoga or writing a blog ). You just want to tune into your body and everything it needs, including physical and mental work.

Embrace healthy living and start eating more fruit and veg and getting a little more active. Work on your mental well being with journals, meditation and general time outs.

Boss Babe

Need some confidence? Want to radiate success? Be the boss at work and all that will just shine on through. Focusing on your career and job prospects isn’t only a great distraction, it’s a great way to excel, exceed and push yourself.

A career is something no-one can take away from you, so go get it, before the one gets in the way!

Love springs up on you when you least expect it, so park the idea and just live life for you. Work on yourself and what you want to achieve, and the one will pop round the corner like a perfectly timed bus.

Make this the year to clear debt.

Debt, no one likes talking about it, nor admitting to it. And yet we all seem to have it, to some degrees at least. Credit cards, mortgages, store cards, car finance, phone contracts, overdraft – they are all debts we often take out, dip into or use without much consideration. Or we do, but we would much rather forget about it because it’s needed.

And whilst many of these debts are necessary and unavoidable, some can be controlled, maintained and cleared – if you put your mind to it.

I ‘m talking credit cards, store cards and over drafts of course. The type where you pay interest, sometimes considerable interest, monthly, and can cause negative effects to your credit score.

It was only the other night, after mulling over finances, I realized that we could be debt free in months, if only we upped our payments slightly.

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How on earth are you doing that?

Well, various things. Here’s a little low down on how you can clear some of those interest ridden debts and make this the year you tackle it.

Make more than your minimal payments – Even paying just a couple of pounds a more a month can help reduce your debt, and the interest you pay quicker. Be sure to check what you can afford, but paying more can really help tackle high interest credit.

Consider a balance transfer credit card – Whilst it may seem counteractive to go and get another credit card to pay off your current credit card, but trust me, it will help.
Hunt the web for interest free, balance transfer credit card to transfer pre-existing debt to the new card. ( You can even consolidate various debts onto one card! )
From here, you can make regular payments ( even the same as before ), and tackle the debt quicker. Many card offer between 24 and 37 months interest free so you have plenty of time to pay off, without paying interest! Win win!

Prioritize – When it comes to multiple loans and debts, it’s all about priority. You do need to make payments when you can, as missing payments can further damage your credit score. When it comes to juggling many payments and wanting to over pay, prioritize what would save you money the most. Look at your interest rates and consider paying off your largely expensive loan / debt first.

Seek Help – If you are really struggling, seek help. There are lots of places online that can help you tackle your debt effectively. If you are unable to make payments, be sure to speak to your bank / the company you owe money to. They will be able with payment arrangements and maybe even interest rates.

Whilst it can be pretty daunting when it comes to speaking out about finances and debts, always remember you are not alone. There is always someone else worse off and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Seek help and try and contain your spending. Consider the impact on your credit score, yet remember that credit scores can easily, and fairly quickly, be worked on.

Do you chat finances? Are you looking to tackle yours this year? Do you have any advice?
As always, be sure to share your thoughts and feelings.

The year of IDGAF

I really wish I was born being one of those that don’t give two hoots on what anyone else thinks. But, I was blessed with an overthinking mind which often worried what everyone else thought of me.

Am I cool? Am I nice? Do people want to be friends with me? Do I look on style? Am I attractive?

Maybe it’s being married to my man, or maybe it’s the gift of age but I have really started to care less.

This year, I really have been creating lots of content surrounding New Year and the dawning of a new one. I know how triggering the idea and prospect of a new year can be, especially when you have no idea what you may be faced with.

Last year everything was pencilled in for me, with dates to work towards and events that were exciting to say the least. This is the first year I have ever really been faced with a blank canvas per say and I’m determined to make the most of the clean sheet.

I have spoken to many brides who struggled after the wedding just because it seems there’s nothing to look forward to. Especially when you head into the following year where the only title is ‘the year after we got married‘.

I am more determined than ever not to fall into the trap of disappointment or upset as this is the year following my wedding year.

It certainly was a busy, pretty stressful but darn awarding year.

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In the last 21 days, I have been evaluating, considering and pondering on how I should tackle the brand new year. And the only way I could capture my complete and utter thoughts and feelings towards the new year is as follows.

The year I don’t give a f**k.

Yup. No f**ks given here. I have spent many years worrying about others far too much, and this year is the time for change.

Here’s a couple of new ideals that I will be fully embracing this year, to really have a IDGAF attitude in 2019.

Be Considerate, but not too much

Whilst I will be not giving two hoots this year, I don’t want to become a complete raging bitch, so I will of course maintain some of my consideration.

But my point here is, don’t get too carried away. There have been many a time where I haven’t said or done something because I’m worried about how some one else would feel, or how it would effect them. And yet, when they were faced with the same dilemma, they went straight on ahead and did what they want.

Don’t ask, don’t get!

How many times have we not asked something because we are worried about how we will be portrayed for asking?

Think you deserve a pay rise? Ask and stand your ground. Think a brand should be working with you? Email them and tell them why. Been asked to participate in a collaboration but want payment – ask!

Ask questions, push what you believe and live knowing you tried to get what you want. Remember, the worst will not be any different to not asking!


Jump at those opportunities, and even those risks you are a lil worried about. This is the year to take yourself out of your cushty life and live a little bit risky.

There have been a fair few risks I have taken previously and so far they have done wonders. PLUS I even have more faith in myself and my ability!

Try it!

Put yourself first

That’s pretty much my wholeeeee point in this post. Put yourself, your wants, desires and ambitions first. Everyone else seems to most of the time so why should you be any different?

If you want to grow and achieve in your blogging, get on the email and drop brands a line. Don’t be scared of the worst, when you would be no worse off than you are now, not doing anything!

I truly believe there is nothing selfish with putting yourself first, especially if it will benefit you, and others in the long run. Being happy, content and achieving in every day is not a selfish ambition.

I will be doing all of these things moving forward across the months. I have seen many people thrive and enjoy because they themselves have become a little more selfish, and jumped when they had the chance.

Is this the year you Don’t give a f**k? Will you be doing any of these above?
As always, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, and be sure to share some ideals you will be embracing this year!

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The signs of relationship manipulation

*Affiliate links are used throughout this post

Relationships can be hard work, and let’s be honest there’s little chance of a perfect relationship as we’re all bound to get annoyed, frustrated and upset at some things. But there are certain behaviors and actions you shouldn’t stand for in a relationship, and manipulation is definitely one!

If there is anything that we keep eyes out for in 2019, it’s keeping eyes and ears peeled for unhealthy behaviours like relationship manipulation.
knowing these signs could be essential for helping a loved one to understand that the relationship they’re in isn’t particularly healthy.

What might seem small and insignificant could one day turn into something more sinister, so it’s important that you’re aware of these behaviours and you protect yourself from them from the get-go.

So, in this very important and note worthy post, I’ve collated five tell tell signs that your partner is manipulative.

You always have to be there for them

Of course it’s important that you’re there for your partner when they need it, but you shouldn’t feel like you’re constantly on call. It means they’re taking advantage of your good nature. If you feel like you’re forced to drop your life to accommodate theirs then it’s time to reevaluate the relationship.

It’s important that you remember you’re in a relationship and it’s not a job, your partner should be your equal and not your boss.


Gaslighting might seem like an unusual term, but it can be something that’s really easy for a partner to do. Gaslighting is when self-doubt and confusion are created in someone, as this allows them to control and manipulate them.

An example of this could be a partner doing something that upsets you, and then denies they did it/ They could call you ‘crazy’ for thinking that they did such a thing. They’re gaslighting you into believing that you’re the problem. They could let you think that you’re the one who’s making up drama and causing problems in the relationship.

You are being undermined

A healthy relationship can include lots of banter, and making fun of each other. But when you’re constantly the butt of every joke it can wear very, very thin.

If your partner consistently mocks you, and then undermines you whilst you’re out in public, it could be that they’re trying to manipulate your self-esteem and make you feel worthless.

This may escalate in the future where they try to increase in their control over you.

They never take ownership when it’s their fault

A healthy relationship doesn’t mean you’re perfect through every part, but it does mean that you take ownership when you’ve done wrong. However, if your partner is trying to manipulate you they’ll place the blame somewhere else, and try to even put it back onto you.

It can be an easy one to fall victim to, but it’s important that you stand your ground when you know you’re not in the wrong.

They let you down over and over

This doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in the relationship five weeks or five years. It’s important to know where you stand in the relationship, and if you feel like they’re constantly letting you down with their behaviour then it’s time to evaluate the relationship. They could be letting you down with commitment, or they’re not being truthful, these could all be signs of manipulation and mind games. It’s important you know where you stand and how committed they are to your relationship.

If you’ve been the victim of an abusive relationship you could be entitled to compensation, get in touch with CICA UK who can help you claim money that can be used to help you put the past behind you and start a new life.

Dear Diary : Happy New Year – I like YOU!

Grey jumper dress and button dress from FemmeLuxeFinery / Black boots from Hidden Fashion

All right so this is a little delayed isn’t it, this new style of life updates. Last year saw me spill rather alot over onto my blog personally and well, it kinda worked as a release. As a writer ( or as I like to consider myself anyway ), it does come naturally to sometimes put my feelings and thoughts into writted words, rather than conversations.

This year, and probably going forward, I’m going pretty old skool, like that Jacqueline wilson book. I’ll write in a Dear Diary format and lay my every day going’s on right here on my blog.

Come along for the journey, if you feel like it, if not, adios amigos.

Dear diary,

The new year has been pretty kind to me so far. If anything, it’s been wayyyy more productive than ever thought possible! With super sunday behind me ( as I like to call it ), I now have a brand new podcast live, Newsletter rolling – blog blast – and a content plan with things ACTUALLY ticked off it!!!!

Fancy joining in for Blog Blast? Sign up here!

I have content coming out of my ears, and the desire to get my face in the camera and showing on the gram! Is this what it feels like to be a real blogger?

I’ll be honest and admit that I was dubious for this year. It’s the first in forever where something pretty vital hasn’t been pencilled into my diary. No moving out, finishing university, getting a new job, planning a wedding or heading on honeymoon. Nil.

And yet 13 days in and I’m feeling right at home in this new year! So what’s been getting me excited this year? Here’s a quick list of things that’s got me buzzing this new year!

Cracking telly!

Netflix, babe, you killing me! I’ve binged YOU, loved Bird Box and excited for Stranger Things! If there’s anything to be excited for this year, it’s the stonking amount of cracking telly coming! I’m talking Game of Thrones amongst other things. Yeah, Netlifx, you started me off good and I am loving it!

New ideals

I’m feeling totally refreshed this year, including towards my spending ways and wardrobe persona. Since my overhaul and clear out, I have realised that spending need be constant and it’s probably best to spend more on those staple pieces. Whilst I am still yet to make any purchases this year, there are plenty of items clogging up my asos lust list!

Read : How I got rid of 50% of my wardrobe – and how you can too!

Stomping on the ‘Gram

Like many bloggers I want to try and make the year of 2019 the year I grow on the gram. We all know how hard it can be to get traction and gain followers, likes and overall engagement. Although, I have conducted huge research and discovered ways to improve impressions and engagement without parting with any money! With a little work of my own, I’ve created something that seems to be working real well! I’m already making moves towards 2019’s goal and its only 2 weeks in!

Watch this space as I will be uncovering all next week in Blog Blast and in my exclusive content on how you can get a lil piece of the action, and some real insight in the improvements I have seen!

So Dear Diary, as you can see I have had a fairly productive start to a new year. I have made some real traction in the blogging sphere and I feel ready than ever to take things next level!

There are lotsssss of content pieces coming and I’m like a kid at Christmas and cannot wait to share!

See you in a week or so!

pssst – if you want to see something particular from me, be sure to drop me a line!

How I got rid of 50% of my wardrobe!

The real turning block that I had a clothing problem, was following a little in-office natter. The kind where we all expressed that this year was the year we will all properly de-clutter, including our wardrobes!

I expressed the idea of condensing my 37 pairs of jeans to a healthier number and my colleagues were shocked. Apparently 37 isn’t a ‘normal’ amount of jeans and 4-6 pairs is. Hmmmmm!

I have always considered a more ‘capsule’ wardrobe so to speak. And when I headed to New York back in December, I took this approach. I packed limited numbers of things, and items that could be mixed and matched to create different looks.

(This was partly due to the fact I wanted enough space as possible to pack more items after shopping but the idea worked! )

I loved the items I had brought along on my trip, and looked forward to wearing an outfit. So much so, I didn’t even shop in NYC! Fast forward to the new year, and well I wanted to tackle my habit once and for all.

So, to kick off 2019, I made the change, a clear out, a kick up the backside so to speak. Here’s how I did it, and with getting rid of 50% of my clothing collection.

Get it all out

Everything was out. From my wardrobe, drawers, storage under the bed. I gathered everything and put it all in one space. It’s a great way to get a good idea on the sheer scale of your clothing collection – and I was shocked on the amount I had.


Once I had everything in one space, I categorised everything. Trousers, jeans, t-shirts, long sleeved tops, blouses. You name it, it was categorised. Again, it was great to see how much of some things I had, as well as duplicates!

Yes, no, maybe?

I sifted through each and every category popping every item in one of three piles. And I kept to those three piles. Keep, chuck, try.

My keep pile was mainly clothes that fit this criteria – a) I have worn and is known to fit and be comfortable b) I have forgetten I have, but adore all the same c) is a staple piece and will fit my capsule wardrobe ideal.

I was surprised at how, after I got into the swing of things, I was able to organise without question. My chuck pile very quickly grew and followed this general rule of thumb: a) I have worn but tend to avoid because uncomfortable b) haven’t worn in ages as no longer in style c) too small / big. Or d) Tatty and could do with an upgrade.

Surprinsgly, my maybe (try) pile was fairly small. I had just a couple of items popped on this pile for the pure reason that I was unsure if they fit. I liked the look of the piece and believe I would still wear, but wanted to double check.

Cut the duplicates

I do laugh at myself and my shopping habbits, as I have often purchased products, brought them home and realised I have the EXACT same piece sitting in my wardrobe. Cut the duplicates! If you have a very similar top twice, chuck the worn one. And bare this in mind when you head shopping next too. You do not need multiple, similar items. Broaden the horizon, unless it’s a white tee, you can never have too many of those!


Clearing out your wardrobe successfully is all about being ruthless! I am one of those that unfortunately hates getting rid. I keep styles just in case they come back into fashion. I have even kept clothing that’s too small on the off-chance I may just shrink in size.

This time around, I just said no. If it’s not something I have worn in the last 6 months, it was gone. I applied a strict mantra to every piece I was looking at and kept myself focused on the space I wanted to free.

Don’t be scared to buy new / expensive

This for me was the turning point before even clearing out my wardrobe. I have been known to, and have often bragged about the bargains I shop. For a long time, I would avoid at all costs items that cost more than £15. I am a huge fan of Primark and believed that keeping up to style was more valuable than the clothing pieces themselves. It would mean I would often shop cheaply, purchasing more items, than shopping middle range, key pieces.

With a little research and the mantra of changing my shopping habits I have changed my tune a little bit. I have decided that I would rather spend more on key, long lasting pieces that will enhance my wardrobe, and this has driven me with my clear out.

Changing my ideals has completely spurred me on to look at my current wardrobe pieces in a completely new light! I threw away t-shirts, dresses and jeans that were clogging up my space on the off chance I may reach for them again – and me being honest, I never was!

Going forward

Since it didn’t take me half as long ( probably six episodes of friends ), I very quickly analysed my now new wardrobe space and if there was a need for anything extra in there. I do have some key pieces missing, and as mentioned, there are some things I would like to upgrade from my primark orginals.

As I said before, i have nothing against Primark clothing, but for staple pieces like Black jeans and white t-shirts, going forward I would like pieces that I won’t have to keep replacing.

Overall, I am so happy with what I have managed to organise in my wardrobe. It’s something that I should have done a long time ago, and already feel much lighter after organising!

Have you recently organised yours?

Have I inspired you to slim line your clothing collection?

As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below!