A Collection of scrummy Christmas Bakes to try this year.

Is there anything better than sweet treats on Christmas eve evening before the onslaught of Christmas. Or maybe you’re someone who indulges Christmas day evening following the huge turkey and stuffing plate. Whenever you indulge in your traditional sweet treats and chocolate mountains, nothing can beat a home-made christmas esque treat. Whilst traditional Mince Pies, … Read more

Skinny Bakery : A Review

Sometimes I get some ruddy good blogger mail. Actually, scrap that, a lot of the time I get some bloody good blogger mail. And last week was a stream of them! Why? Because I received possibly the best, low calorie cake and cookies you could dream of! Yes, cookies and cakes that aren’t full of … Read more

My time on Fruiteatox – A review!

We are all in the same boat, especially if we are wanting to lose some weight and tone before a big holiday, or the summer in general. I myself am desperate to look and feel as good as possible for both my wedding and honeymoon. I am sooo lazy when it comes to dieting, and … Read more

Christmas Winter Warmers

There certainly is a nippy chill in the air.With winter right on our doorstep, and autumn left for dust, the onslaught of colder days and nights is truly upon us.I don’t know about you, but I much prefer getting warm than cool, and that’s thanks to some of these amazing night warmers I will be … Read more

Easy recipes for your Slow Cooker

Without fail, I use my slow cooker monthly. Whatever the weather, the slow cooker helps me make week night meals with little to no effort required. Bubbling away all day, finishing work and eating a hearty meal is achievable thanks to this kitchen essential. Yes, every kitchen needs a slow cooker! Sausage Casserole My husband … Read more

Recipe | Mars Bar Cake

I’ll let you into a little secret of mine – I love chocolate. I mean I adore it! Even though I am trying to slim down, chocolate can never be off the menu! It’s my true weakness! So for someone who loves chocolate, and is absolutely shocking at baking, to have a ‘cake’ that delivers … Read more