Revealed : Our New Home Colour Palette – PLUS how you can create yours!

One of the biggest things I am determined to nail in our new home is that all important colour palette. It took 4 years to inject some colour into our previous property and I am fixated on the idea of getting ours right, first time around! I just couldn’t cope with living in a white box again.

I believe establishing an entire home colour palette helps focus the search for new pieces and styling – key when furnishing and decorating a new home. Since we had lots of furniture pieces to keep and incorporate into our new home, we already had something to work around.

After lots of searching, in home stores and on pinterest, we have managed to create a home colour palette for paint and furniture, to work with and drive focus for styling and purchasing. So without further ado, here’s our home colour palette, and how we managed to pick and create it, so you can do the same!

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A New Home Colour Palette

I am so in love with our colour palette it is unreal. After lots of ‘soul searching’ I really did wonder whether we would be able to find a new colour palette that felt like us, complimented our personal style and was ultimately new.

When thinking of an entire home colour palette, its important to define your rooms as different spaces, but also bear in mind the palette as a whole also. Having a complete palette that compliments throughout will help make your entire home flow and feel as one.

Essentially, if we were to bundle every colour from our palette, into one room, it would work together well. This is a sign that we have created a unified colour palette.

How to do it digitally

I used canva to create our colour palette. Search paint websites for different shades and upload these into a template. Overlapping them and playing around with different colours digitally can give you a real representation of your palette and how well the colours work together on the screen, but eventually in a space.

Our ‘Red Thread’

Despite the rule really being you should have one ‘red thread’ colour, we have two. Yep, two. And ours is Graphite and Off-white ( Hollyhock ).

With every space in the new home, I was leaning towards black furniture and white styling pieces. And whilst at first I thought that should just be the palette of the home, I really loved having colour in our last property, and I didn’t want to feel like I was living in a black and white film!

Our home ultimately has both Graphite and Off-white ( Hollyhock ) present in every space, unifying the entire home and making it feel flowing throughout. These star colours bind the palette together and offer a base colour for every space in our home. These colours will be used in the furniture and woodwork.

For example, in the Kitchen the Graphite is our kitchen units and surfaces. The Hollyhock will be paint work and walls. Slaked Lime Dark will be our feature wall backing onto the dining space.

My advice to create yours

There is no one size fits all when it comes to creating a home colour palette. But there are some key points to remember when starting afresh and defining yours.

Here are my top tips for you to kick-start and create the perfect home colour palette for you.

1 : Don’t Rush – start early

Rushing a colour palette will always end in disaster. Take your time, order lots of samples and search pinterest for inspiration. Start early too. If you want to be painting and decorating in the new year, start thinking colours now. This will give you plenty of time to swap and change, without fret of taking too long.

2 : Consider your furniture

Whether you will be buying new, or keeping your current pieces, considering the furniture you will be using throughout your home is vital for choosing a palette that compliments them, rather than clash!

3 : Focus on the key areas of your home

Kitchen, Living Room and Bedroom are your vital areas of your home. Trying to inject different colours or shades into every room is a hard task, so focusing on those key rooms and working out from there, will help focus your palette.

Remember, you don’t need to have lots of different colours and shades for every room. Much rather, use the colours from other rooms differently to keep consistency and flow.

I will be using a combination of the colours I have already picked for my other spaces in my home ( WC / Spare Bedroom / Office / Bathroom ).

4 : Don’t dwell on the trends

It’s so easy to be swept up in the new trends when it comes to painting. But, who wants to re-paint their entire home every year as the trends change? Keep your soft furnishings and styling pieces for the trends and use paint colours and shades that will compliment these changes.

5 : Use feature walls

If you’re not afraid to change the paint colour often, use feature walls and different painting techniques to inject some of the bolder colours of your palette. Top and Tailing spaces with feature walls can bind in those colours, without overwhelming a space.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed creating our home palette and would strongly urge everyone to do the same. It’s proved instrumental in making key decisions for our new home including flooring colours, tile choices and key furniture pieces. It’s helped us truly define our style for our entire home, whilst embracing different moods and trends in different spaces.

If you want to create a unified, flowing home that oozes style, nestle down and create a home colour palette. It’s not just for paint colours, its for soft furnishings and styling too!

Will you be creating a home colour palette? Is there more you want to know about how we are creating a unified home? Get chatting in the comment section below!

Blush & Yellow Home Decor – Shop the trend

Here at Charlotte-Nichole, I just love discussing and brainstorming some of the latest home interior trends – including gorgeous colour palettes that seem to be on the rise. Over the last couple of weeks especially, I have been on the hunt for new palettes that I could incorporate into a new home ( when we eventually sell and move of course ) and one that I have absolutely fallen for has to be the pink and yellow trend.

I’m usually a ‘sophisticated’ home lover, and whilst I loveeee to incorporate colour, I tend to be a little reserved. Green is a colour we recently incorporated into our open plan living space, and when it was all finished, I felt risky and on trend.

It seems the insurgence of colour continued and I now have a dusty pink en-suite and a very royal blue bathroom.

Whilst the decorating has ceased whilst we look for a new home and get ourselves on the market, I haven’t stopped brainstorming palettes and ideas ; whether it be for our current or new home. I mean do you ever stop looking at home decor and inspiration?

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Blush and Yellow is a perfect pastel balance

As we start Spring, there couldn’t be a more suited combo to incorporate into a home in dire need of some uplift and colour. With accents of darker shades, it’s easily a colour palette that can be muted for autumn / winter seasons too.

Any space….

Yep, Pink and yellow can be used in any space, including your kitchen, lounge, office space, bathroom. My biggest advice would be to look at your natural light. Whilst pink and yellow can be muted for the darker, colder months, this bright palette works better in spaces with plenty of natural light.

Clean lines

Whilst this palette can work with any furniture type, it certainly works best with clean lines, natural materials or matte white. Art Deco pieces or modern clean line pieces are best suited for the bold colour choice. Ornate pieces are too intricate with these colours.

Shop it now

Blush and Yellow are both perfect and on trend colours for the start of warmer seasons, making them a perfect combination to embrace. I didn’t have to hunt for long to find some gorgeous pieces perfect for creating a gorgeous, bright, soft space.

Table Lamp // Pink Velvet Storage Boxes // Nesting Bears // Floral In Vase // 3 Mini Vases // ‘You are my sunshine’ Cushion // Coral PomPom Cushion // Pink Home Cushion // Easy fit pendant light // Footed plant pot // Large Pink & Yellow Rug // Blush & Brass Cuckoo Clock // Yellow Waffle Throw // Soft Pink Jute Runner // Pink & Yellow Metal Trunks // Pink & Yellow Cushion //

Blush & Grey Home Decor – Shop the trend

Grey certainly is a interior colour that is here to stay. And the best bit, its a colour that can easily be paired with pretty much any other colour! Whilst an all grey home might be to Mrs Hinch’s taste, Grey can be a very drowning and bland colour to have across your entire home. In a space which lacks light, grey can be the worst colour to use. And in a home with lots of different rooms and purpose, it can create a home that lacks character.

Since grey is a colour with so much potential, it wouldn’t be hard to spruce it up, and create more interest and depth into your home by incorporating some more colour, aside from the grey.

Now, whilst you might think from the previous statements that I dislike Grey, lemme say I don’t. I love it. It’s complimenting, gender neutral and a truly versatile shade. I have it all across my home, and is actually my red thread. However, I have paired it with different shades and colours to create different environments in my home, whilst feeling in sync too.

I truly believe, since adding some real colour into my own home, that every home needs the same. So, here’s just one of the many gorgeous accompanying colours to consider when wanting to spruce up your grey home palette.

psssst, there are so many other grey palette schemes to consider too, all which can be found, here.

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Incorporate Blush into a Grey space

One of my most popular combinations has to be blush and grey. I have used it in both my master bedroom and lounge area and with great success – even for a husband that likes to be in touch with his masculine based colours.

It’s an easy colour pairing to pull off and it works well in any space across your home. And like other colour palettes, darker colours can be incorporated into the space too, especially in the darker months. With Grey being real popular, and pink being a constant staple, it’s pretty easy to shop too.

Here’s some perfect purchases to make to implement a blush and grey scheme in your home.

Tufted Velvet Throw // Face Cushion // Pink Home Slogan Cushion // Grey & Pink Patterned towels // Abstract Bath Matt // Floral Bathroom Accessories // Large Wicker Heart // Blush easy fit pendant // Abstract Rug // Ceramic Table Lamp // Blush Pink Candle // Grey Wall Mirror // Patterned Drum // Cocktail Chair // Arkin Accent Chair // Artificial Aloe Plant // Grey Metal Lantern //

If you are wanting to update your Grey home, or incorporate the ever favorable grey shade into your home with a splash of interest, Blush is a gorgeous shade to do it with.

Will you be incorporating the combination of blush and grey into your home? What do you think the perfect colour is to match with grey?

Get chatting in the comment section below.

Refreshing paint colours you will want to incorporate into your home in 2020.

With a new year comes a new wave of trends, fashion and inspiration to consider when looking to update and refresh your home. And most of us do like to keep our home up to date and on trend as possible.

Of course this doesn’t mean repainting your whole house every year, but it can mean ditching some colours and incorporating a new palette using soft furnishings and final touches.

But what is on trend for 2020? What will we be seeing across the ‘gram, in our favorite homes and in interior stores across the UK?

Here’s some insight for the hottest palettes to hit the home interior scene in 2020 and what you should consider.
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Soft pastel natural tones

2020 is the year that soft pastel tones are back on trend. Following a long spell of dark rich tones, a bright natural palette may just be the change you are looking for. But don’t panic if you have heavy rich paints in your home, using this palette in your soft furnishings can lift the space into the 2020 trend.

The soft greens are a perfect shade to contrast previously dark palettes and will often create a more polished but defined look.

One thing I have noted is mixing and combining similar shades in one space can really add some depth and something we will see a lot in 2020. Having multiple, similar shades, used to feel clustered and jumbled, if correctly executed and combined well, it can really change the dynamic of your home.

Neutral Clay

Is the perfect warming colour to use in your home in 2020. With its versatility, it can be used in any space and combined with any colours you may already be keen to keep and use.

What I love most about this colour is that it can be as femine or masculine as desired. Pairing with rich blues or deep greys are perfect way to make it masculine. If you’re after a femminin touch, use light pinks and rich peach colours.

Deep Plum

Is a new, rich colour to incorporate into a home in 2020. It’s especially versatile and can be used in any space – although the dark, rich tone, make it a perfect colour for a snug lounge or bedroom.

Again, it’s a easy colour to combine with already purchased shades like grey. If wanting to create a whole new colour palette, consider pairing with soft pinks for a edgy, modern tone.

Rich Blue

Isn’t just a colour for a bathroom. Oh no. Rich, deep blues are perfect for a home that’s been lacking a little colour thanks to the Grey trend. Much like all the other colours, in can easily be incorporated into your current colour scheme, and feature as a standalone wall, or a overhaul of the dominant shade.

Really consider the size of your space and the light it receives when looking to use this colour though. Only certain rooms will be able to carry it throughout.

The 2020 colour palette looks to spring some bold and daring schemes, as well as subtle and muted tones too. It’s never been more popular to have a continuous colour scheme throughout your home, carrying bold, deep shades into the spaces that crave it.

What will you be incorporating into your home in 2020? What’s your favourite shade I’ve picked out? As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Pantone colours to use in your home this Spring

Let’s make our home that little bit spring like shall we? As we edge closer to warmer, brighter days ( not speaking too soon as we did have a flurry of snow just the other week ), we are all seeking brighter, more airy homes. Am I right?

I tend to update textures and accents tones throughout my home during spring in a bid to make my home a little more inviting in the lighter days. Cushion covers and blankets are usually the first things to get a revamp when wanting to update the colours in my space.

So what tones and colours should you incorporate into your home this spring? Here’s some of Spring 2019 most popular Pantone colours to embrace.

Opt for Pastels

Most of the colours that you will see in this post feature more subtle, kind, pastel like hues that are perfect for this Spring / Summer season. Whilst you may not want to completely re-decorate your home, you may want to incorporate these different tones of a colour to revamp your home in line to a new season.

Many of the pastel colours featured are so easy to incorporate into current colour schemes including grey. Whilst Grey is still ever popular, the trend is now evolving to include other tones of colours too.

But don’t be scared to go dark

Many believe that dark colourings can make a space feel smaller, and you’d be right in thinking so. But adding a touch of dark, deeper tones into your home can actually do the opposite. Using deep colours of the below can really make a large room feel cosy, and small spaces feel expansive.

I have picked out some gorgeous dark hues that you should consider this Spring, all of which will make great feature walls or even a overall colour to spaces within your home.


This by no way is a fresh tone to incorporate, much rather its been a steady trend that has been building momentum. As trends have lent towards the more retro style, mustard has found a place within every home. Whether you intent to use a vibrant shade, or use the colour to compliment another, mustard is a great SS19 hue to adopt in your space.

If you like the mustard tones, but don’t want to over do it, consider adding unconventional ‘mustard’ tones into your space with the use of gold / brass. Updating curtain rails, lamp bases and mirror / photo frames to the brassy / gold tones is a great way to incorporate mustard without using wall paint.


Because Greens really are in this season, especially when wanting to bring the outdoors into your home.

Out of all the hues that I have showcased in this post, the greens are my favorite. They are easy to incorporate with current colour schemes, go with other stunning colours that I have featured, and have enough tone variation to be their own scheme in themselves. We for one are opting for Greens this season and for our upcoming re-decoration.

Tip: Want to create some depth. Use 5757 as a feature wall and lighten with the 7493


I LOVE a blue, and over the last few seasons, dark and subtle levels of blue have been encroaching on interior trend. And whilst previously believing blue was a colour only to be used in bathrooms and baby bedrooms, I have started a huge love affair with blue.

The gorgeous blue hues taking center stage this season are for anywhere in your home, and some of these stunning picks will be perfect for your space this SS19.


Pink is certainly a shade that I have been trying to adopt into our home where possible. Unfortunately it’s a hue that many of us avoid, and myself personally have been wary to incorporate in my home, at the risk of making the whole place feel too feminine.

It’s important to make a shared home a space both of you feel a reflection in mood and taste and honestly, too much pink is not my husbands style.

Yet, with the love for pastels this season, pink is certainly a hue that can be incorporated with other tones too. These gorgeous selections can easily be adopted into soft furnishings, or rather a contrasting shade against a pretty dull grey combination.

Tip : Pink is a gorgeous pastel that looks stunning against soft Greens or dark blues. Great if you want to add a feminine touch to a neutral space.

I love chatting interiors and even more so when looking to spruce, update or transform your space. As mentioned, we are overhauling our living space to incorporate more colour and these stunning colours are slowly being featured across our home!

Will you be making your home spring into colour this season? Are you looking to incorporate more colour? Any that take your fancy? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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