Unique ways to paint your walls!

We’ve been on a grand ‘ol mission to get our home bursting with colour. Having lived in a bland, new build home for over 3 years, we have been pretty eager to inject some flavor. We’ve managed to create our very own colour palette that works across our entire home, but deciding how we would get this colour into our space was a different question altogether. Just painting up and down is no longer a thing. Whilst carefully painted walls are beautiful, sometimes a little creativity can go a long way.

To give you some alternative ideas, here’s how too add some colour to your walls this SS19, without just painting your walls..


It’s classic and it will suit any home, especially those with classic features, or a traditional past. Paneling seems to be growing in popularity, and with many instagrammers taking the trend into their home, it’s bound to grow more so. I especially love the kind that doesn’t completely cover the wall, and creates a dual colour aspect into a space.

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Where to use paneling?

Don’t panic, you can pretty much use paneling in any space of your home. There is of course, the different type of paneling to consider to. I would suggest you think wisely on the ‘theme’ or feel you are trying to achieve. To add grandeur to a space, large square paneling may work better, especially in a living, or bedroom space. If you are looking to bring a farmhouse / rustic style into your home, tonge and groove paneling will be more ascetically pleasing and will work in any space including a bathroom.

Partly painted or 50/50

This is a style we have certainly adopted in our home, partly due to our ceiling height and wall size.

Partly painting your wall, or going for a half and half effect can help incorporate colour, without having to paint the entire wall. Plus, its a pretty modern take on the classic dado rail style all us grew up with our homes. Combining stunning shades, or being bold with contrasting colours using the partly painted effect

It doesn’t have to be exactly half….

Oh no, going for slated lines, a quarter height or even three quarter height can all have the same effect, and create a truly striking space.

You can add some picture rails

If you do want a classic, yet classy look, you may want to consider a picture rail. Whilst our parents may have donned the infamous dado rail, using one correctly can create a classic, rather traditional look.


This certainly is a little tricker than all the other paint styles, but if you get it right, it can create a gorgeous centrepiece in your space. I’ve seen lots of tutorials online and it seems fairly easy, but I just haven’t been brave enough to do it in our home yet.

There are so many ways you can paint your home. Being average may be easier and pretty safe, it can be more fun, daring and bold to incorporate different techniques in painting and using colour. We are so happy to have used some of these methods through our home. We have just a couple of spaces left to paint, but we already have so many exciting plans to incorporate more!

What would you consider creating in your home? Any of these ideas inspire you to be a little more creative? As always, be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Moving or Improving your home

I have posted so much content in relation to your home, and for good reason. It’s the hub of your entire life. It’s where you come home after a hard days graft and its where you enjoy the days off. Ultimately, it’s got to be the best place to relax, unwind and enjoy spare time with friends, family or just Netflix!

As we near the very busy festive period, we are once again struck with, ‘how in hell am I going to cope this year?‘ Whether it be space wise and fitting in your ten thousand aunts on Christmas Afternoon, or whether It be how your kitchen will cope under the strain of Christmas dinner. It may even be for New Years Eve. You would love to host a bash with friends and family but your home is just not up for it!

Yes, this time of year really can make you turn on your own home.

Whether this is the last year you have to struggle, or you can shoe horn some improvements quickly, there are ways around it, whatever your budget or your agenda. Here’s a couple of things to consider for your New Years improvements.

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Consider : Move or improve?

This is the biggest question and for some its a straight answer. But, if you have currently a home bursting at the seams, but the opportunity to extend, than it’s no straight yes no answer I’m afraid. Improving your home, whilst may seem expensive, can work out to be much cheaper than making a move. Plus, it can give you the opportunity to make money on your current property and doesn’t take as much effort as packing up and moving sticks.

When considering whether moving, or straight up improving is the best answer, consider the current value of your home and whether improvements will be worth the cost. Many forget that properties do have ceiling prices and whilst spending tens of thousands of pounds improving and expanding may seem the best answer, it can work out money wasted, especially if you won’t get it back when you re-sell.

Up , Down, Side to side.

So, you’ve decided to improve where you are and not sure how? Well, many properties will give the opportunity to expand in many areas including loft conversions, single storey extensions, conservatories and more. One thing to bare in mind are things like building regulations and planning permissions. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of those, it may be wise to consider a single storey extension that is within permit whereby planning permission is not required.

Extensions which include fixed glass rooflights are in hugeee demand, and rightly so. They really make an impression to a room and look utterly stunning. You may consider using bi-fold doors which also give you the illusion of the outside in. If you’re moving up and don’t want to lose too much light, you may consider Walk on glass floors. They look fantastic and add a little quirk to any home. Choosing the right fixtures and design of your extension can make a hugeee impact on the new space you create within your home.

Moving & Improving

Nahh, you wanna move – you’re not that keen on the area and you just need more space! One thing to really consider, when you are moving is budget. Time and time again many will turn down a property because it doesn’t carry what they want, right now! Moving can include improving too. 3 Bedroom properties are more expensive than a 2 bed, although a 2 bed can carry the opportunity for expansion to include that much needed extra room. Taking this ideal when hunting for your next property might give you 1 : the chance to create a home perfect for you and 2 : a property that will return your investment. PLUS, the property that has less now, can be cheaper, giving you the money to do improvements right away. Essentially, these properties that have the ability to become everything you want and need should be considered and not written off.

I love this topic. Homes are sooo important and many of us can feel helpless when knowing what the best decision and move is for them. Truth is, only you will know the best decision, but hey, you could always do with some guidance right? So, let’s just say, this is defiantly something I will be expanding on in the New Year, ahead of property plans and improvements for 2019.

Are you struggling for space where you are?

You looking to move next year?

Don’t Move – Improve – Here’s how!

Moving is a huge time in anyone’s life. There’s a lot of stress involved, and there’s quite a few steps you have to go through to even set foot inside of a new home! And sometimes, you start to doubt whether the whole venture is really worth it.

Before you make the ugly decision of uprooting or applying for mortgages, lets decide whether it really is the right choice.

Ask yourself this, Is moving truly the right decision for you? Or can you work with the space you already own?

After all, even a couple of small improvements can change your mind when you’re looking around your living room, noticing scuffed walls and ratty sofa cushions!

So if you’re a home-owner seriously doubting the validity of your housing decision, now’s the time to sit yourself down and decide: is moving really the right thing for you?

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Do You Love Your Home?

Do you really love your home? The location? The area? The neighbours? Maybe the size of the downstairs compared to the up? Really rather like your bedroom? Whatever aspect, big or small, there will be aspects of your home that you adore and would actually really prefer above any other.

If that’s the case, don’t be quick to think your home isn’t something that can be fixed or altered.

Improving, instead of moving can add huge value to your current home, and leave out the ugly hassle of uprooting and moving. Renovations of course have their owns costs and mess, but not nearly as much as moving can.

If you’re looking for more space, consider adding an extension onto your home. Finding the space isn’t as difficult as you think when you have some creative ideas and the planning permission on your side. Even a small conservatory could add a much needed respite area for when you get too tired of everything else, and you can retreat for a bit of sun and peaceful working space at the same time.

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Do You Have a Strict Budget?

When it comes to uprooting your entire life to move across the town or to another city altogether, there’s a lot of money you’re going to need at your disposal. And for a lot of people, that’s just not a reality they can achieve. So you’re going to need a budget to keep you in line, and to make sure you can still eat once you’re in your new place.

But a moving budget by nature is extensive, and a lot of the time it can feel like a huge waste of every investment you’ve made in the past.

However, renovating can come in to save the day, so give it a serious think over. Renovating your house can even make the entire building feel like a new place when you’ve got designers like Guy Phoenix on your side! It can be a lot cheaper than moving, especially if you’ve already spent thousands on purchasing a house alone; don’t let your past efforts go to waste.

Working with your home, even in a state less than stellar, is easier to do than you think. Make sure you’re putting plenty of stock into any decision; moving should be a last resort when you have these considerations.

Simple home improvements that will change your mind about moving!

Whilst we may feel like there is no hope left in our property, I live by the idea of ‘improving before moving’. Money can be lost with constantly upping sticks, and packing bags. Improvements can always be made to any property, whether it be big or small.

Even the most smallest or cheapest improvements can make a bigggg difference to your home, and the overall feel of your property. Feeling like you have outgrown can be pretty hard to combat, but there are plenty of changes that can be made to make your property suit you all over again.

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Every now and then, people get that itch to change things around, even the furniture. Have a look at the rooms in your home and figure out how you can switch the layout. Declutter what is in the bookcases and shelves and even give the walls a fresh coat of paint. This is a bigger job when you’re actually doing it, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a small price to pay compared to buying all over again. The change to the layout for a room can impact hugely on how you use the space, or even feel about the room.


What jobs around the house have you wanted to start but haven’t got around to? Renovating the loft space to add an extra room, having someone come in to do the garage door servicing so that your car has a safe and dry place to stay and even digging out the garden out the back so that you can plant greenery. These are all mini renovations that your house could benefit from. Look at the funds that you have and how long each job would take as well as the disruption and go for it!


Sometimes, simply changing the type of flooring in the house can transform it. Adding wooden tiles or lino to the ground floor and tearing up darker carpets in favour of lighter options can make your house look ten times brighter and bigger than it ever has. This small improvement can be done cheaply, especially if you know a good carpet fitter who can give you a deal.


Older houses have outdated lighting fixtures. You can choose to either honour this original feature or tear it out in favour of something sturdier and more modern. Take your time to choose and watch how your home lights up in style.

Moving out isn’t always the right answer, but if you do your small improvements and still don’t feel like it’s right, it may be time to call the estate agent!

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I’m a hugeeee advocate for improving rather than moving and hopefully some of these improvements have swayed you into working on what you have before looking to move.

DIY | Abstract Canvas


I have never created a DIY. But, if you know me, since getting stuck in with some DIY wedding aspects I have been more than eager to get some DIY bits and pieces for our home!

So a couple of weeks ago, me and my fiancée painted our bedroom, and what a painstaking chore that was.

Don’t get me wrong, it has been worth it, but my god, 3 metre high ceilings are not the easiest to paint at the best of times!!

With fairly large walls, and plenty of light, there now seems a rather big gap on our wall, which is in need of similarly sized abstract art.

I love a large, good piece of abstract art. It can add so much colour and character into a room, especially on a wall with little else on it. Buttt, the cost of them, I don’t like so much.

Sooo, what better than make one myself.

Armed with new paintbrushes, leftover paint and a canvas, I thought I’d give it a go. Here’s how I got on!

After watching different online videos, of far more experienced people creating similar, I decided to add the darker colours first off, and that was the black.

I knew I could always put the lighter colours over the top if I felt it was too harsh.

I then started with the lighter colours, and these were the colours that we have painted on our walls. I must say, it was much much easier to paint with these compared to the oil paints.

I then added in the ‘asset’ colour of pink, and once again layered the navy and grey over the top to blend in more.

White was the last colour to go on, just to break it up a little.

I am actually really impressed with it. Whilst I wanted much bigger and bolder strikes of colour, I am so pleased this has much more to it. I bought the small canvas to use it more of a trial, yet with how it’s turned out, I’m now looking to purchase 3 more canvas’ to create a combination of 4 canvas’ on one wall.

I would highly recommend anyone giving it a go. I tried not to think about what I was doing too much and just went with the flow. I knew I could always add to it, so I wasn’t too fussed if something was a little too dark.

I am so excited to get started on the following three, I may even do something different on each one and see how they look together!

What do you think? 

Would you give it a go-to transform a space in your home? 

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! 


How you can get a new look in your home for half the price!

We all want to be updating our home with new styles and trends, or just a new lease of life. But whilst you might think this means forking out a shed load of money, there are ways to update the look of your home, without that hefty price tag.

All you’ll need is a little creativity, a open mind and a touch of patience and you could pick up some real bargains that could become staples in your home.

Head to charity shops & second hand furniture stores.

Recycling, upcycling and making use of others trash is in high demand. So why not get involved yourself and head to charity shops and second hand furniture stores. So much can be found from coffee tables, bookcases and more. They are often an Aladins cave of furniture.

Old, unloved, pre-owned items like these can add so much character into your home, with a sense of history. What’s better, they often come at a fraction of the cost you may spend in the likes of Ikea!

Keep an eye on your Facebook selling groups

Another mans trash is another mans treasure, literally. Who knew the likes of Facebook could be a hub to find furniture and home decor treasure? With so many things that can be found locally and with many using facebook to flog it, its super easy to nab them when they come up.

You can even create notifications for posts that contain a keyword, like a sofa, table or tv.

Or Try Ebay

Yep, despite facebook market place being ever popular, Ebay is still a fantastic source of pre-loved furniture pieces. What’s better, there’s often wiggle room to negotiate or bid for a super cheap steal!


If you’re not really one for up-cycling, or you want a fresher look that second-hand furniture won’t give you, there is no better place to shop than IKEA. Their range is superb and their prices are rock bottom. They’re the best for all furniture as well as anything else you might need. Artificial plants, candles, and pictures are always a good buy.

Upcycle what you already have

With the changes of colour schemes, your previous pieces may now look out of place. But instead of replacing, upcycling what you do have is super cheap and resourceful too! Consider painting, stripping and even modifying your furniture pieces to suit your new style.

I love Frenchic paint – makes it super easy to literally change the colour of any furniture pieces – including Ikea malm!

When it comes to updating your home, it can feel like a constant expenditure. But that really doesn’t have to be the case. Sell you unwanted items to fund new pieces, and never be scared to try your hand at up cycling and updating current pieces, old or new.