Our New Build garden mood board

When buying a new home, it’s not just about the interior – much to my disgust! And as we head to those beautiful sunny days, my attention has certainly started to wander outside to our green space. We’ve never had any outdoor space before. And despite thinking I wouldn’t be all that bothered, I seem to be eager than EVER to lift the turf and plant…something.

And that’s just what was on my March’21 goals – get started, somewhere. Having a blank canvas is certainly a luxury, but also a little daunting. Knowing where to really start is the key, and honestly, we have no idea where that is.

What does our current garden look like?

as you can imagine, and often the case with new build homes, we have a Very, very bland space. When we moved in just 12 weeks ago, we were very kindly left with mud and some small areas of patio. I have to give it to Linden, we did get a shed included, but apart from that, we didn’t have much else.

Despite thinking we could make it through the wet weather with Rhodie on the small amount of patio, we couldn’t and we quickly got our garden completely turfed. This was the best decision, as Rhodie has now had a huge expanse of grass to run on, especially during the sunnier days. its also meant that the few sunny days we have already had has been enjoyed in our garden, albeit on some very long lawn as we are yet to buy a lawn mower!

we have been very very lucky with our plot size, expanding 65ft in length and over 26ft at the top, narrowing slightly to a width of 18ft at the rear. having these last few months to look out onto our garden, we have managed to track the movements of the sun to make the most of our sunnier spots.

So, do we have some ideas?

Yes, lots and lots of ideas. I have been watching plenty of gardening programs over the last couple of weeks, scouting instagram of course, and saving some new build garden snaps from instagram too. We’ve quickly established that we are situated on clay soil. This is super common in the UK and just means we have to be aware of what we plant, and how we do it.

Patio expansion

I don’t think anyone is ever happy with the 3×3 patio you are given by new-build developers, so it shouldn’t be any surprise we will be expanding what we have. We are looking to triple the space so we have plenty of entertaining area for summer BBQs and evenings in the garden. We’re not 100% sure on the colour and type of patio just yet, but we want to make sure it matches the look and feel we are heading for with our modern new home.

Raised bedding

I have always wanted some raised beds in whatever garden we had, and it turns out it will be the best choice for ours. The clay soil will make it difficult for some particular plants to thrive, so it’s a good way to add life into a garden with pretty terrible soil.

Raised bedding is also a great way to add immediate height too, which is so vital for us early on. We want some privacy from our neighbours, so additional height quickly is a win win.

It also adds some division, which I am really keen to implement. With such a long garden, I don’t want us to fall in the trap of having a large expansive singular space. I’m really looking for little nooks of magic and interest.

Finally, when our little fluff ball. was Back at my parents he was in and out all of the plant beds. We think with that little bit of height, he won’t be so inclined to run through – we shall see I guess.


We are so lucky that we have no overlooking neighbours at the back of our garden, since we back onto a woodland footpath. However, we do have our left and right neighbours that we want to shield as much as possible. We know when every garden is blank it feels much worse than it is, but we are keen for some trees and bushes along the fence line to grow up and offer a little more privacy.


After watching all those garden shows, I find it pretty important for us to create some separate zones in our long garden. We had originally thought one expansive grass space would be sufficient, but we really didn’t realise the size of our garden until we got out into in just a couple of weeks ago. raised beds, different materials and boarded beds will help separate little areas in our space which will all have their own purpose.

When will we get started?

hopefully, as soon as possible. with any garden, it is a long journey and many of our plans won’t come to fruition straight away. for the here and now, we are super keen to get the patio extended and raised bedding in so we can get planting and hosting. im sure we are not alone in being eager to re-connect with friends and family in our own gardens.

im so excited to get started and share the journey with you all. as always, my instagram is always being updated with snaps of our new build projects, so be sure to follow me on there.

Turning our drab new-build en-suite into our lux haven

Our first complete room transformation

From the women who said she would paint before any furniture enters the property, we have finally injected some paint into our new build home! Only took nearing 10 weeks. And just as expected, with one stroke of the brush, I caught the bug and painted a further two rooms – but more about that later.

When looking at the show home for our property late last year, we were pleasantly surprised with the look and feel for the en-suite. Whilst we knew ours would be slightly different without a window and different choices of tiles, we didn’t think it would be much difference – surely?

Fast forward living in our own home and we quickly realized it was drab, boring and lifeless – and I couldn’t deal with any of that whilst in lockdown. We had thought about having more tiles, but we weren’t confident with that just yet, so we turned to paint.

We wanted contrast from the grey tiles we had selected, and we wanted drama. Being such a small space, it needed to pack some punch. So we opted for the gorgeous ‘muted graphite’ colour from dulux, and well, here’s the result.

Overall I am soooo happy with the outcome. I take my hat off to anyone who has a white home and made it feel homely and warm. I understand we hadn’t dressed the room previously, but it was just so stark, cold and lifeless. With this fairly deep but warming colour we have achieved everything we wanted. We also injected some green into the space as we will be using Green in our master bedroom. We really wanted the coherent feel from the master bedroom into the en-suite, whilst keeping it it’s own space.


We kept the styling simple, as we didn’t want too much in such a small space. The mirror was the best choice, as it offers storage and is in keeping with our style. With a simple picture ledge, small faux succulents and the prints, it was complete.

Considering we were not wanting to touch the space until getting more tiling, I think I prefer the look of the paint. Its really made the huge shower a focus in the space, and cost less too!!! It’s amazing what one lick of paint can really do! What do you think? You excited to see more of our transformations? Get commenting in the comment section below.

We are ripping out our brand new, new build kitchen! – Here’s why…

I would be lying if I said we didn’t get a lot of raised eyebrows when we say we are replacing the brand new kitchen in our new-build property.

When it comes to buying a brand new home, you would think you have endless options and choices to make when it comes to making your new home personal to you and your style. And whilst some house builders do offer a lot of upgrades, additional extras and general options on the basics, some do not. And unfortunately our house-builder falls into that latter category.

Now call us snobby, but we were so desperate for some upgrades in our kitchen, and yet unfortunately we were told we do not qualify to upgrade anything! We were prepared to spend a little more on different style doors, a higher quality of worktop, a bigger oven. And yet we couldn’t. So, after 3 hours of choosing a kitchen that we didn’t like, weeks of searching for additional units, and trying with all our might to like the options we had, we decided it was best to buy all new.

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Number one reason for installing a new kitchen is functionality. The kitchen in our new property lacked storage and user-friendly space. With a under counter oven, two over counter cupboards and just one draw, it really lacked usable storage we desired for a family home.

Compared to the kitchen we had in a two-bedroom apartment, we were losing 50% of our cupboard space and storage. Despite having more wall and floor space available. We had been given a downsized oven and sink too!

Our new improved kitchen will give us 7 usable cupboards with smart storage solutions, one large pull out larder, 3 plinth draws, 2 narrow spice racks and space for our built in fridge/freezer, washing machine and dishwasher! We have kept all counter space and moved our oven into a tower unit and given ourselves a larger sink. Win Win all round!


As with any part of a home, it can often be to personal taste. So whilst many would love what we choose from the developers, unfortunately it isn’t exactly what we had in mind. We had dreamt for a dark, matt, handle-less kitchen, which was far from the only dark colour ( bluey – purple) high gloss, silver handled, light butcher block design we opted for with the developers.

The newly designed kitchen instead has the look and feel we were looking for. Our new home style is modern retro and we wanted our kitchen to reflect that. With a darker colour palette, including the units and counter top, we’ve achieved the look and feel we were after for our modern new build home.

Long Lasting

When we were choosing our first house ( second property ) we knew we would be in it for a long time. Any property purchase is an investment, but for us, this was especially. We are up sizing, hoping one day to fill the spare rooms with little feet. So, a kitchen that can’t support a family Christmas with a over sized Turkey, and offering plenty of storage and cooking space is vital for many happy years in our new home.

We have come across lots of raised eyebrows when it comes to our kitchen plans – even from the developers themselves. But we are so excited to upgrade and get the kitchen we have always wanted.

Throughout our entire house purchase process we have been making sure we choose what we want for both practicality and style. And that was the same for our kitchen. We knew the functionality would grate very quickly, along with the downgrades on what we had previously. So instead of us waiting to get incredibly frustrated with the kitchen, why not fix it straight away.

Nail the Autumn layered bedding look – Shop It!

Even during the warmer months, a bed needs layers. Especially layers that clash pattern and colour. And yes, you will probably throw them off just before jumping into bed, but it will be worth it I promise. Especially when you seen some of the stunning ones in store this autumn.

Is a bed a real bed without a good amount of styling? A un-styled bed is like hair without any gel. It works but it just has nothing to it – its boring. And in a world where styled beds create comfort, luxury and well, style, why would you pass up the opportunity to style your bed.

Whatever the season, whatever the weather, a bed needs styling, and that includes throws, blankets and plenty of cushions. Embrace contrasting colours, a variety of materials, texture and of course pattern.

With so many gorgeous pieces around this Autumn / Winter season, there has never been a better time to overhaul your bed, and style it the way it deserves.

Shop it

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Kitchen Pretties

Kitchen. It’s the most important, and at times the most stressful part of the house.

I love my kitchen.

It’s my little abode where I can get angry, sad, passionate, happy, stressed. It’s a little weird, but I find cooking one of the few things I can apply myself and get something viable out of my efforts. Whether its a pie, a bowl of pasta, or a hearty burger. I get something. Much like writing.

I’ll stop with being all deep and philosophical here. But I will say, what makes a kitchen is what you put into it, and that includes all the pretty little things like a toaster, mug tree, slow cooker, mixer or kettle.

Bon Appetit

I’m always searching for the latest Kitchen must haves to make my sanctuary that little bit sweeter.

Since we’ve been looking at tiling, because did you know that’s not something developers call standard, I have been awing at some of these gorgeous accessories.

As you can see, anything that incorporates wood to match our butcher block surfaces is a instant winner for me!

What’s your favourite kitchen utensil / accessories? 

As always, comment below. I love reading your thoughts. 

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