Faux Fireplaces perfect for Autumn 2020 – The Three

I have always dreamt of a fireplace to decorate with beautiful blooms during the summer, autumnal arrangements and of course a Christmas garland during the colder months. For many of us, a real fireplace isn’t on offer, so a faux will have to do.

But whilst faux may not be ideal, they can be equally beautiful for your living spaces.

Why choose a faux fireplace?

As mentioned, some of us don’t have the opportunity to have a real, roaring fire in our home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the comfort and warmth of one. A Faux fireplace can be placed in any space, any home, and come in a variety of sizes and styles. As long as you have power, you can plonk your fireplace wherever you please.

Fireplaces don’t have to hinder your space neither. Mount your tv above your fireplace to create a focus of both your tv and faux fire. For a ultra modern home, consider a built in faux fireplace and tv for a sleek, streamlined look.

The Three

If you’re now pining for a faux fireplace just in time for Christmas, here’s 3 of the hottest to buy. From traditional styling, to modern mounting, there is one for every home and style.

Next – Jefferson / Bronx

Next Home is one of my favorite, high street interior stores. Their gorgeous furniture ranges span lots of different styles and trends. Their variety of faux mantles and fires offer something for every budget and interior look. The beautiful wooden faux mantles are high on my five faux fireplace list simply because of their beauty and classic appeal. If you’re looking for something that won’t age and will blend well throughout various interior changes, one of these are for you.

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Imagin Fires – Broadway Suite

A little more on the expensive side, the broadway suite is perfect for those more traditional, yet grand spaces.

The classic style and colouring makes it once again an investment that will suit a changing colour palette and interior style.

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White wall mounted Electric Fireplace

For those modern styled homes, this is the one for you. This design lends well to displaying your TV above, so you don’t have to compromise on your telly being the centre piece of your living space.

Being mounted to your wall also gives the illusion of space and is ideal for those small, intimate lounges.

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Going faux doesn’t have to mean it looks fake. Aside from my three choices, there is literally hundreds of faux fireplaces and mantels to purchase, many fooling the naked eye from being faux. Check your space and adopt your style with the faux arrangement you choose, whilst considering how you use your space too.

Do you have a faux fireplace? Are you considering one in time for Winter? Get commenting below!

Nail the Autumn layered bedding look – Shop It!

Even during the warmer months, a bed needs layers. Especially layers that clash pattern and colour. And yes, you will probably throw them off just before jumping into bed, but it will be worth it I promise. Especially when you seen some of the stunning ones in store this autumn.

Is a bed a real bed without a good amount of styling? A un-styled bed is like hair without any gel. It works but it just has nothing to it – its boring. And in a world where styled beds create comfort, luxury and well, style, why would you pass up the opportunity to style your bed.

Whatever the season, whatever the weather, a bed needs styling, and that includes throws, blankets and plenty of cushions. Embrace contrasting colours, a variety of materials, texture and of course pattern.

With so many gorgeous pieces around this Autumn / Winter season, there has never been a better time to overhaul your bed, and style it the way it deserves.

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1 : Anza Duvet Set – £65.00 // 2 : Life Curated Range – From £10.00 // 3 : Cosy Fleece Duvet Set – £28.00 // 4 : Black & Orange Print Set – £10.00 // 5 : Cael Moss Green Throw – £49.00 // 6 : Brisa Olive Complete Bed Set – £109.00 // 7 : Abstract Bedding Set – £15.00 // 8 : Cotton Duvet Set – £45.00 // 9 : Tartan Bed Set – £20.00 // 10 : Ambrine Velvet Cushions – £39.00 // 11 : Botanical Bed Set – £80.00 // 12 : Rudzi Cushions – £35.00 //

Why you need to consider Perfect Fit blinds when re-decorating your space*

*This is a post in collaboration with Makemyblinds.co.uk

It was only a couple of months ago we completely over hauled our open space. We made some big changes, as well as corrected some of the interior mistakes we made, despite thinking they would work!

One of our biggest interior mistakes were curtains. We have huge windows and thought gorgeous, large, drooping curtains would suit the space, and the height better than anything. But they didn’t. They drowned the space, made the wall look cluttered and didn’t provide the privacy we needed.

Fast forward 2 and a bit years and we were taking the plunge with blinds – and boy were they better. But why should you really consider Perfect fit blinds in your space? Are blinds the way to go when looking for privacy in your home? Stay tuned, I have everything you need to know when looking to swap your curtains to blinds.

So many styles

Blinds *used* to be pretty restrained in the style section. And unless you wanted a office feel, or a up down roller one, there wasn’t that much choice to be had. Safe to say, the styles you now choose from has expanded hugely and well, a blind style can be found to suit any space, and decor trend.

On trend and suited for any modern home are wooden slated blinds. These are perfect if you want something subtle, useful and not too distracting from the decor in the rest of your space. What’s better, these blinds can be installed in any room, so if you’re on the look out for a uniformed blind to use across your entire home, this is the one for you.

Think of your TV

Blinds offer more privacy and coverage than curtains ever could. They efficiently shield your TV from the sun, and offers privacy during the evenings. Whats better, with a perfect fit blind, you’ll never have the seem of the curtain, or the gap of the window to worry about. Which can be hugely annoying if it reflects on the telly!

Streamlined look

Whilst curtains might add a bit more character to a window, there is nothing more satisfying to look at, or streamlined, than blinds that are made for the window. Perfectly fitting to your window, they can really finish off the look of your new, re-decorated space.

It’s not just windows

Whilst windows are what most people consider for blinds, using made to measure blinds for the likes of patio doors are a great consideration when offering your room some much needed privacy. They can even be attached and installed to the door itself so they neither take space in the room, and can be used on only one door or even when the doors are open!

You don’t have to ditch the curtains

Whilst many people think you either have one or the other, layered windows have grown ever popular and are a great idea if you want to add warmth, texture and softness to your space. Some times, perfect fit blinds in large windows, recesses and doors can make the space feel very sparse. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting the best privacy and coverage from the daylight. Whilst your curtains may become a more decoration piece rather than a useful one, it will give you the softness your space is looking for.

Curtains vs Blinds is always a dilemma when looking to dress windows and one we have struggled with when first moving into our home. And even after consideration, we chose wrong at first. Blinds are most certainly the best foot forward in any modern home, especially ones that can be perfectly fitted to the size and shape of the window. What’s better, they can be purchased for doors including patio and bi-folding so there is never a space you have to endure lack of privacy or coverage.

How you can get a new look in your home for half the price!

We all want to be updating our home with new styles and trends, or just a new lease of life. But whilst you might think this means forking out a shed load of money, there are ways to update the look of your home, without that hefty price tag.

All you’ll need is a little creativity, a open mind and a touch of patience and you could pick up some real bargains that could become staples in your home.

Head to charity shops & second hand furniture stores.

Recycling, upcycling and making use of others trash is in high demand. So why not get involved yourself and head to charity shops and second hand furniture stores. So much can be found from coffee tables, bookcases and more. They are often an Aladins cave of furniture.

Old, unloved, pre-owned items like these can add so much character into your home, with a sense of history. What’s better, they often come at a fraction of the cost you may spend in the likes of Ikea!

Keep an eye on your Facebook selling groups

Another mans trash is another mans treasure, literally. Who knew the likes of Facebook could be a hub to find furniture and home decor treasure? With so many things that can be found locally and with many using facebook to flog it, its super easy to nab them when they come up.

You can even create notifications for posts that contain a keyword, like a sofa, table or tv.

Or Try Ebay

Yep, despite facebook market place being ever popular, Ebay is still a fantastic source of pre-loved furniture pieces. What’s better, there’s often wiggle room to negotiate or bid for a super cheap steal!


If you’re not really one for up-cycling, or you want a fresher look that second-hand furniture won’t give you, there is no better place to shop than IKEA. Their range is superb and their prices are rock bottom. They’re the best for all furniture as well as anything else you might need. Artificial plants, candles, and pictures are always a good buy.

Upcycle what you already have

With the changes of colour schemes, your previous pieces may now look out of place. But instead of replacing, upcycling what you do have is super cheap and resourceful too! Consider painting, stripping and even modifying your furniture pieces to suit your new style.

I love Frenchic paint – makes it super easy to literally change the colour of any furniture pieces – including Ikea malm!

When it comes to updating your home, it can feel like a constant expenditure. But that really doesn’t have to be the case. Sell you unwanted items to fund new pieces, and never be scared to try your hand at up cycling and updating current pieces, old or new.