Chapter 3 : March’21 Goals

Not sure if you missed me, but I took a impromptu break from the blog. I didn’t really have much to say regarding January, especially after the horrific lows I seemed to feel throughout. I know I won’t be alone in saying this lockdown has been the hardest yet. Starting a new year with the … Read more

My January 2021 Goals

Hiyah Friends, and welcome back to my monthly goals post. Now, besides being nosy, I find goal posts inspirational to read and even write. They can help maintain and channel focus, especially when we are living and experiencing something like a worldwide pandemic. Whilst it would have been easy to leave my goal posts behind … Read more

5 Things to do during lock-down 2.0 – that you didn’t do last time!

That’s it, we, the UK, are in another national lock-down. 4 Weeks of essential travel and shopping only, and no visits to family or friends. It’s a scary time so it’s completely understandable to be overwhelmed, worried, scared, anxious. And everything in between of course. I myself am taking a different approach to this next … Read more

My November Goals

Well, well, well, November here you are! It seems a bi-monthly goal post is much easier to pen together. With a lack of activity and not much change through the month of October, I really struggled to see the positives and have something to focus on. Much rather, I sought the, keep your head down … Read more

We sold our home in 3 days – during Covid!

I really didn’t think I would be writing this, but honestly, we sold our 2 bed apartment, during a pandemic, in 3 days! And to say I went into a huge meltdown is understatement. Those eagle eyed followers will see some of my content will allude to something happening in the property department. And well, … Read more

My September goals

To say the last couple of months have been hard, would be an understatement. Loss, stress, excitement, new beginnings. It seems like we’ve had it all in the last 3 months. I had wanted to keep it on the down low, at least until the legal paper work had been finalized, but we managed to … Read more