citizenM Boston : A Review

You know when you return home from a trip, of which you never wanted to leave, and instantly look at returning dates, that’s what our recent city break to Boston did to us. Our most recent trip took us to the US City of Boston. My husband turned 30 this year, and we decided to … Read more

Hunting the Scary : Halloween in Boston

There is nothing quiet like Halloween, especially when stumbling across homes covered in gorgeous, creepy and sometimes realistic decor. It’s certainly taken some years, but it seems us brits are becoming a little more involved when it comes to decorating and embracing Halloween. And yet, we ventured a little further afield to get a real … Read more

Must Visit English Castles

Are you even British if you don’t love a good wander and exploration of a classic English Castle. They are often full of secrets and history of our countries past and make a great Sunday stroll. Yes, exploring every nook and cranny of a real castle is a real British activity, and one I try … Read more

Searching for Winnie The Pooh – A morning in Hartfield

Deep in the hundred acre woodWhere Christopher Robin playsYou will find the enchanted neighbourhoodOf Christopher’s childhood daysA donkey named Eeyore is his friendAnd Kanga and little RooThere’s Rabbit and PigletAnd there’s OwlBut most of all Winnie the Pooh My whole childhood is etched with Winnie the Pooh teddy bears, video tapes and even the song … Read more