citizenM Boston : A Review

You know when you return home from a trip, of which you never wanted to leave, and instantly look at returning dates, that’s what our recent city break to Boston did to us. Our most recent trip took us to the US City of Boston. My husband turned 30 this year, and we decided to … Read more

Hunting the Scary : Halloween in Boston

There is nothing quiet like Halloween, especially when stumbling across homes covered in gorgeous, creepy and sometimes realistic decor. It’s certainly taken some years, but it seems us brits are becoming a little more involved when it comes to decorating and embracing Halloween. And yet, we ventured a little further afield to get a real … Read more

Boston : A travel guide

I’ve been so lucky to visit some, more than others, parts of the USA. Whilst my mind has been well made up whether I would even care to live there ( I would not encase you’re wondering ), it certainly is a great country to explore and experience many different states, cities and cultures. America … Read more

Christmas in NYC

Day 2 – Rained out & a b’ball game! Day 3 – Our last full day! From there, we made our way back towards Radio City. We suddenly wanted to do a little more Chrimbo hunting, and where better than the Rockerfella tree! From here, we booked some late tickets for the 2018 Christmas show … Read more

5 Things we have earmarked for NYC this Christmas!

Did you know? Did you see? We are heading to New York City this Christmas! Literally, this year! NYC! And encase you didn’t know, I AM SO F**KING EXCITED!! It’s something me and hubby have discussed since last Christmas, and since returning from honeymoon, we just had to book! We wanted to head away and selfishly have … Read more

What to know before Visiting Barbados

Barbados offers sunshine, beaches and exclusivity. The little Caribbean island-nation allures over a million annual tourists, many of which stay in the ultra-luxurious beachfront villas in Barbados. With an impressive tourist infrastructure and a diverse range of activities, there’s little wonder why it’s such a popular place for a holiday. But before you book the … Read more