Getting ready in Style with Beautify*

Whats your must piece of furniture in your bedroom? Do you have a particular make-up space within your room? As always, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! *This was a collaborative post with beautify. All opinions are my own. Subscribe to my Blog Blast

January Cohorted Box*

The Cohorted Box is something I have had the privilege of receiving a couple of times, and you know what, it certainly lifts my mood!! Just the other day when I came home from a shoddy day at work and was greeted with this gorgeous box on my dining table, my entire mood, and day was lifted from the shadow of crap. Serious joy I felt, and as always anxious to crack it open and see what it contained.

Since January is a month we are all craving a detox in every way possible, I was thrilled to learn the January box was packed with skincare goodies to treat your skin. Whilst I am a lover of make-up, I do love treating my skin to the best products possible. And thanks to Cohorted, Jan was a good kick start. I was stunned with some of the products and have been absolutely loving some of the gorgeous products I was surprised with.

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Crushing your bad beauty habits

We all have those bad beauty habits we just want to break, and yet can’t find a way to completely obliterate them. I have had many new years resolutions that I broke within days because honestly, I didn’t know how to tackle and manage my habit effectively. In a bid to make a drastic change to my lifestyle in 2018, I am going to crack a fair few bad beauty habits, and I have armed myself on how to do it properly!

Here’s the bad beauty habits I hope to crush this year, and how I propose I will do it. Hopefully, they can spur you to either embark on the same, or similar habits in 2018.

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Beauty | A perfect Skincare Range*

A couple of months ago, I shared with you some first impressions on the beautiful Botanics products and how I was finding them. Several months on, and copious amounts of products later, I thought I’d share you some of my further thoughts on how I am and my skin is coping with this new found … Read more