Know your MOT

We all know how important an MOT is right? The reason I ask is that I am astonished that many people either are unaware of an MOT and it’s importance, the fact it’s a legal requirement or unaware of what is actually covered in an MOT. A car driving without a valid MOT is an … Read more

New Year Car Care Goals*

Car care has never been more important, especially in the colder, wetter, winter months! There are so many things that can unfortunately go wrong with any car, whether it be a old or new model. Yet, there are some little checks we can do from the comfort of our own home, to make sure everything is running tickety boo. You don’t need to be a mechanic to follow this advice, so need to worry there. So to make sure you lower the risk of fault or damage, I’ve gathered the most vital bits and bobs to check on your car regularly, to keep your car up to scratch.

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