The Best Christmas City Breaks to getaway this festive season.

With Christmas a-coming, and *most* people getting a hefty week or two break from work, it really makes the perfect time to head somewhere new, probably cold , but ultimately Christmassy before, or even after Christmas itself.

It’s perfect. And if you’ve never thought to take the time to explore a new city, country and county at Christmas, this post is about to change your mind.

City breaks are perfect for Christmas

Yep, there’s no where better than a good old city in the cold air of Christmas. Sparkling lights, huge Christmas trees and eloquently dressed shop windows enticing you to spend yet more money. But what makes the best Christmas city break?
I’ve collated the Best Christmas City Breaks perfect to explore this coming Christmas time.

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New York City

Starting with the BEST place in the world for Christmas. New York City. The BIG apple! The mother of all cities. They didn’t film Home Alone here for no reason – its truly magical at Christmas.

We were fortunate enough to head here last year just before Christmas, and whilst it didn’t snow, it was the perfect place to be in the lead up to Christmas itself. Top tip : Book a Christmas show at Radio City – really magical and we were sooo lucky to get last-minute tickets!


You don’t have to head far from the UK for a slice of city Christmas magic. And Paris is not only magical, it’s romantic too. Being just a train ride away, Paris makes the perfect pre-Christmas city break. Grace the Persian streets lined with festivity and climb the Eiffel tower at sunset for a winter gaze across the city. You could make it even more magical by visiting Disneyland. It makes the perfect day trip and at Christmas, easily makes the most magical destination.


As a child, we used to venture to London on a cold winter’s evening, middle of December, to see the Christmas lights! It often included some fast food of some kind, and well, it was a highlight of the festivities. Whilst its not just the Christmas lights to enjoy in the capital, your’re bound to feel pretty festive following a trip to the city, or stay over night and really enjoy the ice skating, christmas shopping festivities.

Whilst there are many cities to enjoy in the brisky, chilly air, there is nothing more magical than those rich in history, and twinkling fairy lights! Where will you be heading this festive period?