Falling in love with the Midi Skirt

It’s not often that I jump on here and chat fashion. I loveeeee clothing and I have been on a little spending ban as of late. Partly because I don’t need any more ruddy clothes and can pretty much shop my current wardrobe and partly because I hateeee shopping! ( The sizing is always wrong … Read more

SS19 Top picks

I haven’t done a clothing wishlist in monthsssss and partly due to my current shopping hautius. But with a summer holiday booking immanent, and the Summer weather already arriving ( thanks climate change ), I believe I have good reason to update and overhaul my Spring / Summer capsule wardrobe too! I’m proud to see … Read more

A very Autumnal ASOS lust list

With the Autumn colours really starting to show, and the weather getting pretty chilly ( despite the sudden flurry of warm weather ), I do have a fair few items in my ASOS basket that I am eager to purchase. With NYC booked for Christmas time, and my wardrobe having a rather large gap where … Read more

Wardrobe essentials : Must have items

Within every wardrobe, there should be those iconic, staple pieces. The kind of pieces that NEVER go out of fashion, die in popularity or lose their impact. We are a nation of over spenders and materialistic individuals who often spend money on clothing that simply last a season. Or two if you’re lucky. Whilst I love … Read more

Spring Twenty Eighteen Wishlist

Hello Pals and Welcome to March! Has is or has it not been the longest winter known to mankind? And as someone who utterly adores Winter, that is saying something!! Whilst we may have had a strange weather front and been blasted with a snowflake or two, it *seems* we may be coming into Spring … Read more