Skinny Bakery : A Review

Sometimes I get some ruddy good blogger mail. Actually, scrap that, a lot of the time I get some bloody good blogger mail. And last week was a stream of them! Why? Because I received possibly the best, low calorie cake and cookies you could dream of!

Yes, cookies and cakes that aren’t full of calories that will tip you over the edge of your daily intake! The question is, have you heard of Skinny Bakery and their magical products? No? Here’s why you need to shop with them now!

So, I was sent a box of goodies from their signature range, and as someone who is trying to stick to a diet, I was a little worried about their arrival. I really couldn’t jump off the wagon and slide down into cake madness. BUT, they promised low calories. And surely that meant they scrimped back on flavour? Oh boy, nooooo! Everything was utterly divine! Here’s what I got!


Skinny Carrot cake pearls

Now, I’m not usually one for carrot cake, but having been sent some carrot cake pearls, which were bursting with low fat, cream cheese frosting too, so I thought what the heck. And these have single handily changed my mind on the good old carrot cake. So delish and soft textured, I could’ve eaten the whole pack myself! I cannot believe these are just 39 Calories each! 

Skinny Chocolate Pearls 

Who doesn’t love some chocolate cake! And these? Well. Chocolate cake at just 42 calories a time, bursting with tofu-chocolate frosting and a good source of protein! Gimme gimme gimme! Ps. I didn’t even know it was tofu-chocolate until after eating the entire tub!

Skinny Red Velvet Pearls 

These beetroot sponges again are packed with low fat, cream cheese frosting and just 34 calories a pop. They taste just like red velvet cake, with the added bonus not being heavy in calories and fat!


Mini Gingerbread Men 

I thought the pearl cakes would be my favourite, but honestly, the cookies and gingerbread gave them competition. I loveeeee gingerbread and never thought they’d be too bad for you. Well, especially not these. At just 39 calories each, they are the perfect tea time treat!

Double chocolate Meringue cookies 

CONFESSION : I didn’t get a snap of these because once I opened the box and insta storied it I just had to open them! And boy, they were so worth it! It’s the gooey bit inside that does it for me! At just 30 calories each, I am not ashamed that I finished them all!

Chocolate & Orange cookies 

And last but no means least, the cookies that were to die for, in my finance’s opinion! I’m not too keen on the chocolate orange combo, but the one cookie I was ‘allowed’ to have was delicious, crisp and perfect dunked in a tea! Can’t grumble at just 36 calories each!

Overall, I was so stunned with the Skinny bakery range. Whenever cake or cookies are considered low in fat, calories and include ingredients like tofu and beetroot, many can turn their nose up. I did! But honestly, I would consider these gorgeous little treats over any, especially when I am looking after my weight.

Even my weight watcher nan couldn’t say no to these!!! 

Have you ever tried Skinny Bakery products before? 

Would you give these a go? 

As always, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Charlotte x

** This is a collaborative post with Skinny Bakery. All opinions are my own.

Christmas Winter Warmers

There certainly is a nippy chill in the air.With winter right on our doorstep, and autumn left for dust, the onslaught of colder days and nights is truly upon us.I don’t know about you, but I much prefer getting warm than cool, and that’s thanks to some of these amazing night warmers I will be creating this winter!

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Slow cooker Hot Chocolate

I found this recipe on Kate’s blog and I will say, it sounds easy and fantastically tasty. I’m even considering making a batch for Christmas day. It’s the perfect winter warmer to leave for guests to help themselves to some home-made hot choco!

Spiked Coconut Vanilla Steamer

Sometimes, just sometimes, a little alcohol is needed, especially in the cold weather. And where better to start than some good old rum. I stumbled upon this little recipe on my travels of research and my god, I am sooo excited to give it a go. I know my dad, a massive rum fan, will be sure to enjoy it too!!

Frozen Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

It really is a contradiction, a frozen hot chocolate, isn’t it. But the sound, and look of these are too good to be true, I need to give them a go this festive season. Whilst this post may imply the warmer the drink the better, I can’t help but think this is an exception. 

Slow cooker spiced White Hot Chocolate

Just like the slow cooker hot choco above, I am really considering white chocolate may just be the way forward. I haven’t always been a massive fan of white chocolate, but this has me salvating at the sheer thought. Maybe a batch of both slow cooker hot choco’s is what I will have bubbling away this christmas.

White Spiced Coffee

I love a good autumnal coffee, especially one I can make from home, and pretty easily too! Not only does this look and sound good, there’s not a endless amount of ingredients neither! The next time I want to take a trip to starbucks, I’ll be sure to jump and make this first!

Anything take your fancy from my lil list? What winter warmers do you make this time of year?

Let me know and leave a comment below!

Food | Healthy Juicing Recipe – Perfect for winter!*

I haven’t been healthy for agesss! 
And the last thing you want to do on the lead up or even over Christmas is be healthy. 
But, when food and drinks can be super tasty, festive and even healthy, it will be silly not to give it a try, right??
I have a juicer, and if I am honest, I do not use it enough. I have used a few recipes and they have never seemed worth the hassle. 
So when I was approached to make a recipe from The Ideas Kitchen, I was eager to find one that was fairly easy, and bloody well tasty. 
That’s when their Spiced Apple and Ginger cocktail.  I really wanted to try something that maybe I could serve guests over Christmas. 

The recipe looked soo easy, and with little ingredients it wasn’t too costly neither.  
Here’s what you’ll need : 
10 Apples
10cm Fresh Root Ginger
250ml of Cider 
10 cinammon sticks 
500 mls ginger beer 
10 apple slices 
 – Cut the apples and ginger small enough to fit the juicer chute and juice.

Pour in to a punch bowl, add the brandy and ginger beer.
– Stir well. Add some ice.
– Ladle into a tumbler and add a cinnamon stick and a slice of apple to serve. 
I was surprised at how wintry this cocktail is. Soo warming, and the
taste of cinnamon really gives you Christmas nostalgia. I will be for
sure making a batch for Christmas Eve. It is the perfect cocktail to sip
whilst watching Elf one festive evening.  
For more juice recipes, and other healthy recipes in general, be sure to check out the Ideas Kitchen. 
* This is a collaborative post with Ideas Kitchen. All opinions are honest and my own.

Easy recipes for your Slow Cooker

Without fail, I use my slow cooker monthly. Whatever the weather, the slow cooker helps me make week night meals with little to no effort required. Bubbling away all day, finishing work and eating a hearty meal is achievable thanks to this kitchen essential. Yes, every kitchen needs a slow cooker!

Sausage Casserole

My husband often comments that a slow cooked sausage casserole can’t be beaten. And what can some times be a lengthy meal, is super easy in your slow cooker.

Pop in your raw sausages, diced onions, baby potatoes, leeks and red peppers into your slow cooker. Be sure to season before pouring on your packet mix of sausage casserole sauce.

I like to keep this one on a low heat for roughly 6 hours which is just perfect to cook throughout the working day. Serve in a large Yorkshire pudding for the ultimate comfort food dinner!!

Fajita Mix

If like me you love fajitas, you will love this recipe!! Whilst fajitas is one of the easiest and rather quick foods going, if you can make anything easier you will right? Again, this is another really helpful recipe if you just want to come home after dinner and serve.

Bung in your diced chicken, sliced peppers, onions and whatever else you like in your wraps. Season with salt and pepper and scatter your fajita spices over the top. Be sure to pour in a small amount of water to keep moist.

Again I like to keep this on a low heat throughout the working day, and usually is served within a matter of minutes of being home!!

Roast Chicken in Gravy 

I only just discovered this one after being super lazy and wanting to make having a roast dinner that lil bit stressful.

After cooking the chicken in the oven for well over an hour, I strip the meat, pop into the slow cooker and cover in Chicken Gravy. The following morning, I put the chicken on a low heat and cook throughout the day. Bubbling away for over 7 hours, you can imagine the smell and taste of the gorgeous chicken!

Serve with your usual roast dinner veg, stuffing and Yorkshire puddings for the ultimate mid-week roast!!

Baked Potato

I’m not one for a microwave baked potato. It just doesn’t taste the same. Albeit, after work, you really don’t want to be putting in a potato for 45 mins before being able to serve!! Baking your potato in a slow cooker not only eliminates having to wait when you get home, but gives you the taste of a oven cooked potato, if not better.

Be sure to prick your potatoes a couple of times, before covering in olive oil and salt and wrapping lightly in foil. Place in your slow cooker, and again on a low heat for 6-8 hours.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

I just love chicken in a slow cooker. Keeps it moist and succulent, This is another one of those bung in and leave kinda recipes.
Just chuck in some raw chicken, red peppers and pineapple. Of course, you can make your own sauce, but I tend to grab a jar of good old uncle bens of sweet and sour sauce. Leave to simmer for 5 hours on low and bobs your uncle, a truly scrummy slow cooked sweet and sour chicken sauce!!

So whether you have a slow cooker lurking at the back of the cupboard, or have never even considered one, dig it out, or add it to your Christmas wishlist. You can find them rather inexpensively in your local supermarket or in the Argos Catalogue.

They really are a life saver and super cosy to walk into bubbling away after a long day of hard work.

Do you have a slowcooker? Will you be investing in one? Do you want me to share some more of my slowcooker recipes? Leave your comments in the section below.

Recipe | THE Best Breakfast Combination!

I do love a good old breakfast. I much prefer going out for breakfast than any other meal. Its so warming and cosy, and I can easily accept getting out of bed if it means I’m having a truly scrumptious breakkie.

But what counts as a scrummy breakfast?

For me, there is a very thin line between being a greasy mess and a truly filling but delightful breakfast that hasn’t left you feeling dirty. And me no likey a dirty, greasy breakfast on a weekend morning!!

Especially if I’ve had to get out of bed for it!

Pancakes , Banana , Bacon and maple syrup. Doesn’t suddenly strike me as a winning combination. Quiet frankly, it sounds a little weird.

But stick with me because I promise it truly is remarkable and god damn tasty!!

Never tried it, you’re going to want to!!
Since I enjoyed this breakfast soo much in a trip to a local eatery me and A thoroughly enjoy, I thought I’d try and make it at home.

Money saving and all ay!

What you’ll need

175g Plain flour 
1 tsp Baking Powder 
25g Caster sugar 
2 large eggs seperated
250ml milk 
25g butter 
8 Rashers of smoked bacon
2 Banana’s mashed
Maple syrup

How to 

Pop the flour, baking powder and caster sugar into a bowl and mix. 

Add your egg yolks and milk into the bowl and mix into a smooth batter. 

In a seperate, clean bowl, whisk your egg whites until they form soft peaks. Then carefully fold into your batter. Try and keep the volume in your batter as this will make them all fluffy! 

Once you’ve made your batter, put to one side. 

Grab your grill pan and line with foil. Lay out your bacon onto your grill pan and season with salt and pepper. I added a little maple syrup here to my bacon to give it a slightly sweet taste. 

Grill your bacon and turn until cripsy.  Leave under the grill at a low heat to keep warm until your ready to serve.

Heat a large frying pan until hot. Add your butter to the heat until melted and foamy. 

Pour large spoonfuls of your batter into the pan and cook for 1-2 minutes. You’ll know when its time to flip your pancakes, as bubbles will form ontop of the batter. You won’t need to cook the other side for any longer than a minute. 

I managed to get roughly 12 fluffy pancakes out of this batter. 

Once I had made all my pancakes, I popped them all onto a baking tray and into the warm oven to keep hot until I was ready to serve. 

In the same frying pan, add your mashed banana. 

On a low heat stir until hot. 

Once you have heated your mashed banana you are ready to stack and serve!! 

Be sure to pour your syrup over and around your stack to make it extra sweet and tasty!!

The Verdict? 
We loved these pancakes so much. Especially for a Saturday brunch after a long week!!
I will certainly make these again, and found the beaten egg whites gave sooo much fluffiness. I didn’t expect them to come out as fluffy as they did. Truly scrumpious! I love this combination soo much, whenever and wherever we go for breakfast, I hunt the menu for this, and if it’s not, I die a little inside.If I could have this every morning, and maybe just maybe, it might be a new weekend ritual.

Ofcourse, I am excited to try some more combinations. Maybe a fruity one next time!!

Ps – sorry the pics aren’t thatttt great, we were just sooo eager to dig in!!

Have you ever tried this before? 

What’s your favourite breakfast meal? 

Let me know in the comment section below.  

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Recipe | Mars Bar Cake

I’ll let you into a little secret of mine – I love chocolate.

I mean I adore it!

Even though I am trying to slim down, chocolate can never be off the menu!

It’s my true weakness!

So for someone who loves chocolate, and is absolutely shocking at baking, to have a ‘cake’ that delivers copious amount of chocolate with little to no skills needed, it’s a winner winner in my book!!

This is a recipe I had been given by a family friend and am I glad I have been given it!

What you’ll need:

Mars Bars – 8
Butter – 2 Serving Spoons
Rice Crispies
Dairy Milk Chocolate – 2 200g bars
White Chocolate for decoration


Break your mars bars into small chunks. You don’t need to be too fussy with this, just break, unwrap and pop into a bowl.

Pop your butter into the bowl and microwave in 30 second intervals.

Be sure to watch your mixture that it doesn’t burn.

Once all melted, mix and add your rice crispies.

Keep adding until they are all covered in your buttery, mars bar chocolate mess.

Grab a large, shallow dish and distribute your mixture evenly across the bottom of the dish.

Press the mixture down and create a even spread of rice crispies. Work fairly quickly as it can harden fast!

Once all the mixture is in your dish, stick in the fridge to harden.

Grab your chocolate and break into chunks. Again, don’t be too fussy, just into manageable chunks.

Once all broken into pieces in a bowl, melt your chocolate.

Melt how you like, whether in the microwave or over hot water. I tend to use the microwave as I find it easier to manage.

Once melted, grab your crispy mixture from the fridge, and pour your chocolate on top.

You should have plenty to spread over for a thick chocolate top.

Melt some white chocolate too to flick over the top to create a cool effect!

Pop back in the fridge to harden.
* Tip – When wanting to cut into portions, take out of the fridge and leave to soften for 20 mins or so. It can be hard to cut into lovely portions when its hard!

Whilst it seems like there is a lot of steps, this one of the easiest and tastiest bakes ever. So when you need a pick up during the cold season, or fancy a good treat on a Sunday tea break, make sure these grace your coffee table!

Fancy giving these a try?

Would you add anything?

Let me know and be sure to comment below!!

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Food | A lazy girls guide to lunches

This is the PERFECT Sunday blog post.

We are all guilty of the quick pit stops mid afternoon into our nearest shop for a meal deal because despite promising ourselves we would, we didn’t make ourselves lunch and well, a girls gotta eat!

So, you’re back staring at the fridge wondering what on earth to grab, which will keep you to your no-exsistent diet, and keep your purse from weeping.

Truth be told, nothing in that fridge is going to do either. Boo!
So, the reality is, you should’ve made lunch.

But have no fear! Making a packed lunch doesn’t mean you have to spend half an hour in the morning, nor the evening before slaving away just to save a couple of quid. Oh no! There are plenty of quick, easy, tasty and cheap ways you can eat lunch, without moaning you have to make it!

Bear with me, this is lunch I promise. There is nothing better than cold milk poured over your fav cereal, right in the middle of your working day. The night before, all you need to do is pour your fav cereal into a sandwich bag, or plastic container, and be on your way. Add the milk later obviously or you’ll have some soggy mess!

This is one of those sachet or pot kinda lunches. But, its super easy to transport to work, warming and easy peasy once lunch time comes around. Just simply add boiling water. Perfect for the colder weather – there is nothing more warming that cinnamon flavoured porridge!!

p.s – this one’s slimming too!!

Sandwich thins / sandwich 
More of a classic lunch, a sandwich, roll or even sandwich thin is a real lunch time quick fix. And I promise you can make a good filling homemade sandwich that will give that over priced super market one a real run for it’s money. Grab a sandwich filler and pile it in with some salad and bobs your uncle – easy.

Orrrr, go a little old skool and crack over some ham, slice some cucumber and you have the perfect british sandwich!!

 Whatever the filling, or whatever tickles your pickle, this is a home made sandwich you can calorie count effectively and will taste sooo much better than any shop bought! 

Pasta Salad
This was a go to for both me and my fiancee back in the good days when I pre-cooked pasta the night before. Whilst this is for sure a lazy girls lunch, it does take some night before prep, but bare with, it tastes ruddy good.

Cook some pasta, season with salt and pepper, and lightly coat with mayo or pesto. Pop on top of some bagged salad and you have a very easy pasta salad. Add some meat if prefered, or be megaaaa lazy, and add pre-cooked pasta to a sandwich filler for the ultimate pasta salad flavouring!

Other brands can be bought!
These are ruddy brilliant and peeerrrfffeeecccttt for those cold afternoon lunches. Grab a mug, pour in some boiling water, leave to stand and within 5 you have a sultry, good tasting mug of pasta ready and waiting. Whats even better, you only need a kettle and they’re low in calories.

Many flavours can be found including chicken & sweetcorn, cheese & chow mein!

P.s – Aldi’s own, whilst lacking in as many flavours, are just as nice, if not better!!

Gronola with fruit  
Another favorite of mine and my finacee and again another option we embarked on for about 2 months before I stopped night before prepping.

This one is a little easier however.

Use frozen fruit and layer at the bottom of a container. Add some plain yogurt, or flavoured, up to you. Top your yogurt with gronola and bobs your uncle you have a super refreshing lunch which will keep cool all day.

Best bit is, that fruit will be super juicy by morning!

This is ruddy brilliant.
And cheap.
And tasty.

This one ticks all the boxes and takes what, 5- 7mins max! Grab your fav shop bought packet of flavoursome couscous. Boil the kettle. Pour into couscous, mix and let soak. Jump in the shower, get ready for bed, stir a little more and bon appetit, your lunch is prepared and you’ve barely even moved.

So many flavours are on offer, and when lunch time comes around, its filling and tasty! Boom, we have a winner!!

So whether you’ve run out of time to make something, or you need some motivation to have your own lunches rather than good old Tesco’s £3.25 meal deal, hopefully this post has spurred you on that there is ample of options for any lazy girl and their lunch!!

Do you have any go to lazy lunches? 
Something I should give a try? 
Lemme know and comment below!  

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Food | Easy Peasy Student meals you have to give a go!

Is there anything better than being a student and able to make your own food?


But, it can be a little daunting, plus energising to think about cooking after a long day, or late evening on the lash, but don’t worry, here’s a couple of easy peasy recipes to whack out when you’re not too fussed for slogging in the kitchen.

P.s – if you’re a lazy lass like me, but not at uni, these are super useful too!
Pesto Spinach Pasta 

Pasta is life. Especially Pesto Pasta! So easy to make and tasty and moorish. This is my go to meal when I really don’t feel like making food. 

You’ll need: 
Olive Oil
Pine Nuts
Green Pesto

  1. Boil some water in a pan.
  2. Once boiling, add your pasta and cook for 10mins
  3. Once cooked, drain and add back into pan.
  4. Add a teaspoon of Pesto, handful of spinach and a teaspoon of olive oil.
  5. Mix well on a low heat.
  6. Once combined, serve with pine nuts, tomato and cheese

Topped Hot Dogs 
Delish and super easy. I like to top our hot dogs with anything I have floating around, but a personal favourite is chorizo and bacon topped hot dogs. Here’s how:

You’ll need: 
American style hot dogs, tinned, in brine
Spanish Chorizo
Bacon Lardons
Hot Dog Rolls

  1. Dice your onion and chorizo into small chunks
  2. Put a frying pan onto the hob and pour a small helping of olive oil.
  3. Fry you chorizo, onion and bacon lardons in the pan. 
  4. Season with salt and pepper. 
  5. Lower the heat and pre-heat your hot dogs in another saucepan 
  6. Once cooked, serve your hot dogs in the buns and garnish with chorizo, onion and bacon. 
  7. Add your choose sauce – ketchup is a must!!

Chorizo Gnocchi 
If you’ve never had Gnocchi, you need to give it a go. Weird looking and feel but my oh my it’s delish and speedy to cook. Once again, this is a dish you can add pretty much anything into and will work out just fine. I like to grab whatever I have left veg wise and bung it in with a meat like chorizo or bacon.

Here’s my go-to Gnocchi recipe.

You’ll need: 
Packet of Gnocchi
Pepper (Any colour)
Garlic (I choose the squeazy tube)
Tomato Pasta Sauce

  1. Dice your veg into small chunks. 
  2. Dice your chorizo into small slices. 
  3. In a frying pan, heat up a table spoon of oil and add your garlic. 
  4. Chuck in your Chorizo and allow to brown. 
  5. In a small saucepan, boil water. 
  6. Once your chorizo is brown, pop in and fry your veg. 
  7. Add your Gnocchi into boiling water. 
  8. Reduce the heat on your veg and chorizo. Add in your desired pasta sauce. 
  9. Once your ghnocchi has risen to the surface of the water, drain and add into pasta sauce mix. 
  10. Combine well and serve! 

Loaded Nachos 
I frickin love Mexican. Anything with salsa and guacamole and lots of flavour and I’m on it! But sometimes, just sometimes I really can’t be asked to make fajitas, despite being bloody simple and really rather quick.
But when I’m lazy, which is most of the time, and wanting something with plenty of flavour that I can just stick in the oven, this is the meal!

Loaded nachos with mountains of cheese, salsa, meat of some sort and all the topping you can think of! Here’s my little recipe for you to try.

You’ll need: 

Salted tortilla chips
Cooked meat – Chicken (fav), Mince, Bacon (also fav & usually occupancies chicken)
Sour Cream & Chive
Red Pepper

  1. Grab some of your salted chips and load into a dish. 
  2. Smoother on salsa and cheese. 
  3. Top with your chosen meat. 
  4. Repeat. 
  5. Once finished, top with extra cheese.
  6. Put in the oven for 10mins or until the cheese is golden.
  7. Garnish with sour cream and Guacamole.
I create plenty of layers on my loaded nachos, and make sure there is loads of cheese.

These are just a few of the easy recipes you can use at home or away at University. Cooking can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Would you give these a try? 

Any you love to make when you’re being lazy? 

Comment below and share! 
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Home-made Fruit Ice lollies!

Yanno, you can’t go wrong with a good fruit lolly on a steaming hot afternoon. There is literally NOTHING more refreshing.

That’s why, despite chocolate based ice cream and lollies usually being my go to desert of choice, I choose fruit every damn time I am in dire need to cool the heck down.

Whether you prefer a good berry, citrus or zesty flavour, fresh fruit ice lollies are easy peasy to make, and will turn your BBQ into the sultry summer chill out you oh so desire.

Here’s some of the best combinations I find gives me the refreshing boost on a summers day.

For any of these, you will need a Jug and a Ice Lolly Mould. I find the plastic ones the best!

Just Juice – Fresh Orange Juice 

There is nothing better than a good old lolly of FRESH orange juice. Grab your supermarket carton and simply pour into the mould. Let it settle and freeze in the freezer for a little over 3 hours to make sure its super solid.
If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can eve make your own orange juice. 

Berry Blast – Smoothie

Who says a ice lolly has to be just juice. Blast your favourite berries into a smoothie and pour into your mould. Nothing says summer more than a rich, fresh berry lolly!

Mango Mush 

Whether it’s a mango juice lolly or a mango smoothie lolly, either are both refreshing and tasty for a summer BBQ. Instead of chopping your own mango, grab some frozen mango, blitz and add a little milk for a creamy, smooth mango smoothie. Freeze a little longer than juice to make sure its frozen!


A mix of all my fav tropical fruits, in one juicy lolly!! This is one super lazy, since I buy my favourite tropical juice, pour into the mould and freeze for 3 hours. Another easy peasy lolly flavour perfect for summer.

So whatever flavour takes your fancy, or whether you feel adventurous to make your own flavour combination,   don’t be scared to try your own home-made before lunging to you local supermarket to buy!

Do you make your own lollies? 

Flavours I need to try? 

Let me know and comment below!! 

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Food | Homemade Iced Tea & Coffee Coolers

Pfft, hasn’t it been hot and muggy these last couple of weeks?

I don’t know what to do with myself half the time.

All I do know, is I enjoy a good old ice coffee from Starbucks or Costa far too much my purse weeps.

Since my latest ‘addiction’ has become fairly costly, I embarked on creating my own at home.

These are super easy and make refreshing beverages to offer guests or enjoy casually on a summer’s Sunday afternoon.

I’m considering having a summer party myself, just to make endless jugs of these and enjoy with friends and sunshine!

Iced Coffee 

You’ll need: 
200ml of Strong Black Coffee
50ml Milk 
Maple Syrup – optional
How to: 

1. Make a strong black coffee and allow to cool.  
2, In a blender, blitz the cool coffee, two handfuls of ice, milk and syrup. 
3. Blend to a foamy consistency. 
4. Pour into chilled, tall glasses and serve.  
Tip : Add Vanilla, Hazelnut and Praline syrup to add extra flavour.

Peach Tea 

You’ll need: 

3 peaches

7 Earl Grey teabags
Kettle of boiling water
Handful of sugar
1 lemon
Nub of fresh ginger
Handful of fresh mint leaves
Ice cubes
How To : 
1. Boil a kettle of water. 
2.Put the teabags in a heatproof jug and pour in the boiling water. Let the tea soak for a few minutes before removing the teabags.
3. Slice the lemon and ginger and add to the tea. 
4.Leave to cool.
5. Peel and stone 2 of the peaches. Pop into the blender with the sugar and blitz.
6. When the tea is cool, add the peach mixture and stir well.
7. With the remaining peach, add into the iced tea, along with the mint leaves. 
8. When you are ready to serve, add as many ice cubes as you have to your tea jug and give your peach iced tea a good stir.
So whether its a teaming hot day, or you’re after something refreshing and home-made after a long day at work, these recipes are super easy, simple and will help cutting back on the Starbucks runs!

Have you made these before? 

Have your own recipe or even tips? 

Be sure to share below! 

Happy Tuesday loves! 

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