5 Things I want from my next home

We all dream of our future home, do we not? What it might look like, what we would change in our current home, and what we avoid / push for in our next abode.

I am always day dreaming of our next home. Always wondering what our next home will look like and whether it will tick lots on that all important wish list. And a big thing that will be different from our first purchase is that wishlist.

Purchasing our first home was a little bit of a whirlwind. We didn’t seem to have any idea what we wanted, much rather wanting to get the best we could for our first home. We found our apartment, walked in and just loved it as is. But after 4 and a half years, being on the first floor and without some make or break elements, my wish list for our second home has grown considerably.

So, realistically, what would I want from our next home? After all my daydreaming, I’ve managed to slim my wishlist down to the ultimate five of musts. I’ve considered everything I love from our current home, and those bits I would change in a heartbeat. So stick around and be nosy for my ultimate wish list for our next home.

A hallway

High on my priority list for our next home is a good entrance hallway with sprawling stairs and maybe toughened laminated glass balustrades! The Dream. We have a long hallway in our apartment, offering a sense of space across our home. Many new properties now lack a traditional hallway, and I’m desperate to nab one again. For me, I really want to avoid the walk through your lounge to access your kitchen, or vice versa. I feel homes with that layout can often feel smaller and lack wall space.

Hallways, big or small, offer that buffer between the cooking in the kitchen, and the snuggle movie zone in the lounge. Plus, if children pop along, I really want some doors to close during late night netflix binges as not to wake the little ones.

A Kitchen Diner

The modern home certainly looks different from even when I was a little one. Kitchen Diners have grown hugely, offering a great space for the whole family to spend time together. If you’re lucky, they can often merge with family living spaces that include a comfy seating area for family TV evenings. Our next budget doesn’t look set to offer us that desirable, large family space just yet, but I certainly want to adopt a kitchen diner. After having our lounger diner in very close proximity, I really want to avoid the same space. I have grown to hate having dining spaces in the lounge and would personally prefer it left in the kitchen, along with the dirty dishes.

A fireplace

The dream has to be that sweet spot to nestle down in front of a fire. Although, a faux fireplace beautifully styled will do me. Having had a lounge without a fireplace as a center focus, I am desperate for one in our next home. Just think of the gorgeous Christmas stockings and wreaths!!!

They’re so easy to incorporate into the right living space, and can be ultra modern with built in space for your telly.


Okay, a garden will already be a step up from our current first floor flat, but I just love sleek, modern decking in a outside space. Paired with deep black fence panels and you’ll have my perfect garden. Whilst decking doesn’t have to be already at the property, a garden with opportunity to install a sprawling deck a beautiful fire pit can center on would be just perfect.

Plenty of storage

How much crap do we all hold onto? And yet, as much as I try to cut it down, just somethings are too sentimental, or hold purpose but need hiding away ( Christmas decorations, suitcases, Wedding mementos). I am desperate for some proper storage in our next home, more notably a loft to store most bits away, and make use of those other, in home, storage cupboards as much as possible.

I have day dreamed our next home from the moment we bought our current. Interiors and homes in general are of such interest to me, I think even when we make the next step on the ladder, I will be eyeing up our next.

What would you want from your next home? Do you have a property wish list?

Boost your productivity: How to positively decorate your home office in 2020

With a new year in full swing, we all have dead cert ideas on how to tackle and conquer this new year and decade. And many of us will probably want to knuckle down in the work front. Maybe your finally starting that blog you have always wanted to. Or you want to create your own side hustle to earn some pocket money. Or maybe 2020 is the year to take your home business to the next level.

Whatever your work agenda, you will need a chic, workable and creative inducing space to do it from. You don’t want one that will distract you, much rather help you hone in on creativity and help aide you in working effectively.

But what makes the perfect office decor? How do you make it a space to work from but also aesthetically pleasing too? Hold tight, I have all the answers.
Here’s how you can positively decorate your office space this year to boost productivity.

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Use Light paint colours – Avoid dark, deep tones.

Getting yourself siked for working when at home can be a mighty task. So having a space that is dark and deep in colours won’t help. Make it bright, airy and full of light. Make sure its a space that embraces natural, earthy tones. Consider using just white, or inject some creative passion with pastel pinks, greens and even yellows.

Offer lots of storage

We all manage to collect lots of paperwork and office materials and without the correct storage to organise it, it can quickly look messy and out of control. Make sure your office space offers you all the storage space and solutions to hide it away in a sensible and organised way.

Installing lots of shelves can be a great way to offer storage and space to inject some of your accessories too – creating the perfect balance.

Comfort is key

You might have to slog for a fair while at one time. Being uncomfortable is only going to make it harder for you to concentrate at the task in hand. If you make any changes to your office space this year, invest in a nice comfy desk chair, or an arm chair to work from.

Inject personality

Office spaces might be where the boring stuff happens, but it doesn’t have to lack in personality or character. Add your own personality with prints f motivational quotes, quirky desk accessories and nick nacks.

Accessorize with plants

Having natural plants in a home will create a serene atmosphere, so don’t leave them out of your office. They can also have a positive impact on your concentration and productivity, so make sure you have a couple bouncing around your space. If you’re worried about keeping it alive, going for a faux version can have similar positive effects on mood and productivity.

It’s never been easier to upgrade your office space to a creative haven – and hopefully this post has spurred you on to create the ultimate work station to conquer the new decade!

What does your office space look like? Will you be upgrading your’s after this post? Lets get chatting, in the comment section below!

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The Cane Craze – Gorgeous Cane Side table and more from Primark Homeware.

Take a look at any home website or section in any high street store and you will find something in gorgeous cane. Yes, the cane furniture craze is certainly one to incorporate into your home in 2020. And yet many of us, me included ,can’t always keep up with the new trends, or at least our purses cant!
But, what if I told you that you could grab a gorgeous cane side table for just £18 at one of the highstreet fav stores?

Primark Homeware is offering a real steal!

Yup, Primark are coming to the rescue, as they always do, in our homeware woes. Their gorgeous new collection of natural yet stylish storage products are ones to grab pronto, and of course include that beautiful white and cane side table for just £18!!

The new collection hits stores immediately and offer us the chance to create a serine and organised home just in time for spring. Wicker baskets, candles, cushions, frames and so much more, this natural collection from one of the upcoming home sections will suit any space.

Starting from just £4, as always, Primark is offering the chance to have the lastest style at a fraction of the cost.

Now, can someone just convince my husband that this entire collection is a necessity? I need it now!

Let’s chat in the comments. What will you be purchasing from the new Primark Collection? Do you like the Cane Craze? What’s your fav homeware store? Is it Primark?

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Get productive in 2020 : Creating a office nook in any home

Make 2020 the year that you ace your working from home game, with a little help from the space you do it from.

It’s a little known fact that the environment you are within can have a huge impact on your productivity. And when conquering the world in 2020, you need somewhere that will help aid that productivity and even spur it on.

Having a space to spread the paperwork, fill with half mugs of coffee and of course doodle, jot down and make headway on your projects is worth more than you may realise.

Having somewhere you associate with work will help your mental attitude immensely when needing to settle down and get the job done.

But what makes the perfect work space? And how do you shoehorn that into your home if you haven’t already?

Whilst having a dedicated room would be ideal ( and I certainly envy those who are able too ), there are some spaces you may not have considered where you can sneak in a usable and efficient work space.

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Dining table spread

Lots of us, me included, have a lot of space that can be made and used on a dining table. This, of course has it’s downsides when dinner is due or your work takes over several evenings not just one.

But, if it’s your only choice, make it work for you.

Including some office storage in close proximity to your dining table, and charging options for laprops and those alike is a great addition. Using a cupboard in your sideboard will offer the storage space without sticking out like office wear in a dining space.

Utilizing your spare room

Of course, if you have the space, or a spare room without much purpose, creating a home office within it is the ticket. Whether you dedicate the whole room, or just a corner, a separate room to nestle down and work in certainly takes you away from other distractions like a telly or even cooking.

Not sure how to decorate it? Check this post out.

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Sneak it behind the couch

If you’re not lucky enough to have a spare room lying about your home, don’t panic, you can still incorporate a nifty workspace in the rooms you do have. With space saving furniture available from some of the high street brands, it’s never been easier to shoehorn a small, delicate desk to work from into your lounge – even if you don’t think you have the space.

Slimline ladder desks are a great idea when wanting to create a office nook, but low on space for a huge expanding desk. It also handily offers shelving and storage too.

Squeeze it in the hall

Whilst some homes are lucky to even have a hallway, sometimes they can be a great nook to place a desk and the shared computer. Whilst an expansive desk, numerous filing cabinets and endless storage is desired, it’s not needed and a hallway ladder desk might be the best option for your home.

It’s always a good idea to have a work space out of the way from distraction, and if you feel the dining table or a corner in your lounge won’t offer the peace and quiet you need, this might be your best option.

There really isn’t an excuse when it comes to shoehorning in an office nook in any home. It’s whether you need to, and how you work. If you struggle with distractions, or eager for a place to really spread out the paperwork, really consider a true office nook.

Decorate accordingly, play with textures and interest, and your creative and productive juices will be flowing in no time.

Do you have an office space in your home? Will 2020 be the year you give yourself a real space to conquer productivity? Get sharing in the comment section below.

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Why you need to consider Perfect Fit blinds when re-decorating your space*

*This is a post in collaboration with Makemyblinds.co.uk

It was only a couple of months ago we completely over hauled our open space. We made some big changes, as well as corrected some of the interior mistakes we made, despite thinking they would work!

One of our biggest interior mistakes were curtains. We have huge windows and thought gorgeous, large, drooping curtains would suit the space, and the height better than anything. But they didn’t. They drowned the space, made the wall look cluttered and didn’t provide the privacy we needed.

Fast forward 2 and a bit years and we were taking the plunge with blinds – and boy were they better. But why should you really consider Perfect fit blinds in your space? Are blinds the way to go when looking for privacy in your home? Stay tuned, I have everything you need to know when looking to swap your curtains to blinds.

So many styles

Blinds *used* to be pretty restrained in the style section. And unless you wanted a office feel, or a up down roller one, there wasn’t that much choice to be had. Safe to say, the styles you now choose from has expanded hugely and well, a blind style can be found to suit any space, and decor trend.

On trend and suited for any modern home are wooden slated blinds. These are perfect if you want something subtle, useful and not too distracting from the decor in the rest of your space. What’s better, these blinds can be installed in any room, so if you’re on the look out for a uniformed blind to use across your entire home, this is the one for you.

Think of your TV

Blinds offer more privacy and coverage than curtains ever could. They efficiently shield your TV from the sun, and offers privacy during the evenings. Whats better, with a perfect fit blind, you’ll never have the seem of the curtain, or the gap of the window to worry about. Which can be hugely annoying if it reflects on the telly!

Streamlined look

Whilst curtains might add a bit more character to a window, there is nothing more satisfying to look at, or streamlined, than blinds that are made for the window. Perfectly fitting to your window, they can really finish off the look of your new, re-decorated space.

It’s not just windows

Whilst windows are what most people consider for blinds, using made to measure blinds for the likes of patio doors are a great consideration when offering your room some much needed privacy. They can even be attached and installed to the door itself so they neither take space in the room, and can be used on only one door or even when the doors are open!

You don’t have to ditch the curtains

Whilst many people think you either have one or the other, layered windows have grown ever popular and are a great idea if you want to add warmth, texture and softness to your space. Some times, perfect fit blinds in large windows, recesses and doors can make the space feel very sparse. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting the best privacy and coverage from the daylight. Whilst your curtains may become a more decoration piece rather than a useful one, it will give you the softness your space is looking for.

Curtains vs Blinds is always a dilemma when looking to dress windows and one we have struggled with when first moving into our home. And even after consideration, we chose wrong at first. Blinds are most certainly the best foot forward in any modern home, especially ones that can be perfectly fitted to the size and shape of the window. What’s better, they can be purchased for doors including patio and bi-folding so there is never a space you have to endure lack of privacy or coverage.

Modern conservatory ideas to convert the haters

Because they are no longer restrained to the older clientele and can be a huge addition to any home. Here’s why you NEED to consider one!

Call me old fashioned, but most certainly in my childhood, conservatories were a space for wicker furniture and ornaments your parents didn’t mind fading in the sun.

But it seems in recent years, the conservatory seems to have had a resurgence and almost a modern twist on what used to be a one use space.

Whilst we don’t have a conservatory of our own ( nor the space to build one unless our 2 bed apartment drops down a floor ), I have always looked at the Conservatory with narrowed eyes. Why would someone want a conservatory over building a small extension with skylights and bi-fold doors?

And yet after discovering some stunning inspiration on good old Pinterest, I have become a real turncoat and completely smitten with the idea of a conservatory. I now just need a house to build one onto!

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Dark Frame

Typical conservatories were always the white PVC, which can quickly look dated and pretty clunky. Plus, they’re not that modern looking. Recent designs feature a much darker frame, or even a coloured one, that can easily match with the existing property. Personally, the darker or even black frame can easily look elegant and modern all at the same time.

If you are wanting the new space to be easily incorporated into your current home, opting for a subtle colour that blends with the rest of your home will make it easier on the eye when lounging in your garden. Sand toned frames like pictured above is the perfect colour for doing this.

Or No Frame at all

If a frame isn’t for you, you could just bin the idea all together and opt for a sleek modern design and use just glass. This frameless design is perfect for adding extra light into a space, or offering a couple more inches that are in tune with the outside.

Frameless designs often work much better for those smaller footage additions, which will work perfectly well for those spaces that just need that extra bit of space, and even more light.

Partly walled

A conservatory doesn’t all have to be glass and many do have partly walled aspects. This is especially helpful when a conservatory is close to a boundary and would easily overlook a neighbors property.

It can even be an option if you’re going to use the extra footage as say a lounge area, or within a kitchen. Partly walled conservatories certainly make the space feel more in-tune with the rest of the property and more permanent too!

Stick your kitchen in it

As mentioned, conservatories are no longer reserved for wicker furniture or old tellys – yes that’s exactly what my parents old one was used for circa 2000. But much rather, a conservatory can be an extension on your current living space. The real trend is to add a conservatory onto a kitchen space, offering the rather desired open kitchen / dining / family space.

But what if it you used the extra footage to put your kitchen into? Kitchens deserve to be open, bright and spacious and a conservatory ticks all those boxes. Chuck away the preconceived ideas and spice it up. Plonk your modern kitchen / diner in and you won’t regret it.

Large Openings

Back to my parents 2000 conservatory, it had patio doors into and dropped down flooring wise. It had cold tiling floor and often was either too cold to enjoy, or too hot – there was no in-between. Fast forward 10+ years, and a whole new house, they have nailed their new conservatory, by switching these minor but pretty impactful elements.

Using a large opening is a sure fire way to make your conservatory an extension on your living space, and a real addition to your home. Getting rid of those patio doors, and replacing with a seamless transition will instantly create the feeling of space and expansion.

Seamless flooring

The final modern touch that will catapult your conservatory into the 21st century is that seamless flooring I touched on in the last point. Conservatories with broken flooring, uneven levels and those clunky seams from one room to the next., just really don’t do you any favours. So whether looking to update your current conservatory, or build one from scratch, really consider the flooring as a key starting point.

I have very quickly become a real lover of a conservatory, especially when they are done properly. Following these little design ideas will certainly create one that is full of aspects to last the modern decor trends.

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Current Bathroom trends : What to consider in your own home

**AD : This post is sponsored by Bathroom Direct Yorkshire**

UK Bathrooms aren’t an area that many people tend to think about when it comes to home decor and home interior – a real afterthought as you will. I’m not 100% sure why, but it’s often perceived it’s not a vital part of the home – just a place to shower and wee!

And yet I will always urge people to consider the colours and style they implement into their bathroom / toilet / en-suite space. The impact a well designed bathroom space can be hugely positive across any home, if pulled off well.

So what makes a great interior design when it comes to a bathroom space? What current bathroom trend should you be looking to implement into your home?

Here’s some stunning, current, bathroom interior trends to use in your own bathroom space.

Bold tiling

Tiling seems to really have taken a hold in the home, and more so for being a statement within a bathroom. Whether it’s geographical design, contrasting colours or a mix of prints and designs, it’s never been more on trend to be bold and daring when it comes to tiling.

Even if you’re looking at your small en-suite or expansive master bathroom, bold tiling on the walls or floor will be a perfect trend to incorporate into your space.

Statement colours

Bathrooms can often feel run of the mill. Blues are often associated to the space and many don’t venture from the realm of nautical. Adding additional colour, or looking to a different colour palette altogether is great way to snazz up your space to the current bathroom trend.

Round Mirrors

Of course, round mirrors across the whole home is bang on trend including our bathrooms. In a room which can be full of harsh lines, round mirrors can certainly add some softness to the space, and suit any current decor in your bathroom. If there’s a quick way you want to modernise your bathroom, swap your mirror for a circular one.

Gold Accents

Whatever the colour scheme, new tile colour or bold tiling you incorporate into your new bathroom, this latest trend will fit right in. Gold accents. A gorgeous accompaniment that could really make your bathroom pop, especially against what could be harsh colours like deep blue and rich green. If you’re not keen to buy new, consider spray painting the accents you do have to quickly update the look of your bathroom.

Bathrooms should be just as important, and styled as the rest of your home. With these stunning, modern bathroom trends, there’s lots that can be improved in your bathroom to make it a feature in your home.

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Patterned tiles to make your space POP!

Whilst I scroll Pinterest and Instagram, I am forever wishing I could squeeze some stunning graphic tiles of some kind into our home space. Home interior trends are always evolving, and often referring to classic looks and styles to influence modern spaces. Graphic tiles falls into that category and rather nicely, finding their way proudly back into our homes once again.

The best bit – it will go in any room and any space, if styled correctly of course. So, unless you’ve just bought new flooring, or freshly tiled your bathroom / kitchen, there really is no reason not to consider some graphic tiles in your space next!

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Floor Tiling

It may be a little more expensive than your standard laminate, but it’s hard wearing and well worth the extra expenditure. Being durable and waterproof it of course makes the perfect flooring for hallways, kitchens, utility spaces and bathrooms. But, they can be used in non-moisture based areas of course. But this tends to require clever styling of furnishings and the space.

Contray to belief graphic, patterned and geometric tiling only suits period properties, modern styling and twists is throwing that idea in the bin. Using graphic tiling or even vinyl flooring in small intimate spaces like entrance halls, downstairs loos and even cupboards can incorporate pattern and interest in what could be a small, pokey and rather boring space.

Really consider the accompanying colour palette you will be using with the bold flooring. Choosing a colour that contrasts the pattern is a great way to draw attention to the flooring as well as make it feel much much bigger than it is.

Also think about the items of furniture placed on it too. Bold prints on flooring will make a space look and feel busy. If your’s already has lots of furniture within the space, consider how cluttered a busy print may make it look.

Using bold patterned flooring in large open spaces require furniture with legs to keep the space looking and feeling clutter free, as well as open.

Wall tiling

Wall tiling is naturally restricted to certain areas and spaces within the home, so can be a little more difficult to incorporate. But, if looking for a revamp or overhaul of en-suite, bathroom or kitchen, I would really recommend considering graphic, or bold tiling into the space. If used well, contrasting tiling can really transform a space from a mundane, bland boring one, to an interesting, interior interest in your home.

Creating a feature wall of tiling, whether its a bold contrasting colour, or a different pattern altogether is a great idea to use in a bathroom over / in a shower area.

Kitchens are a little more restrictive, but graphic tiling could be used all over the kitchen or restrained to over the hob if wanting the contrasting effect.

Bold patterned tiling is on trend and set to stay dominant in our homes for years to come. When considering new flooring or tiling in your home, dare to be bold and incorporate some pattern into your home. If styled and used in the right spaces, it will utterly transform your space into a interior design haven. Will you be daring with bold pattered tiling any time soon?

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Curtains & Nets Interior Style : A real layered look

Let’s be honest – how a window is dressed isn’t something we all look at when visiting a show home, or have a cuppa at our friends. But often enough, we do notice when something isn’t right – like using bedsheets to block out the morning sun – yes I’ve seen people do that!

Dressing a window is pretty vital stuff. Using the right product and one that compliments the space it’s within is crucial when wanting to create space but ultimately shield your space from sun when watching a movie, or letting in daylight when arising from sleep.

Much of the problem when looking to dress your window is knowing what to use to decorate and compliment the window.
What will look great in your space? What will look create as a decoration but be purposeful to?

The Ideal Space for Curtain and Net layering

There is such a place that is ideal for Curtains and netting to work together – a open one. When looking to incorporate this softening trend, you really need to evaluate the space you will be incorporating it into. Using this trend on a window that isn’t open, and often covered by furniture is a real no no.

The ideal window is a large, centerpiece one. It doesn’t have to be a floor to ceiling affair, just one that is free from cluttered pieces. This trend is suited for a window you are looking to dress with floor length fabric.

Tip : If you are dying to use curtains and nets in a window that often has furniture placed in front, consider pulling it forward to enable floor dropping length to hang naturally.

It doesn’t have to be on a window

With this gorgeous trend, it doesn’t have to be on a window. Much rather it could work perfectly stretched across large doors and openings to create a sense of privacy. Using curtain and netting layering across conservatory doors, bi-folding openings and large expanses of windows in a extension is a great softening agent to what could seem very stark and naked.

Using soft fabric can transform a expansive, cold space into a warm and cosy area in any home.

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You could go over sized

There are no ‘rules’ when it comes to using curtains and nets together, so be sure to experiment too. If you have a space that has odd shaped windows or relatively small openings, using over sized and fairly large stretches of curtains and nets together could be the illusion artist you have been looking for.

This technique can often be found in hotel rooms and alludes the windows its hiding is much larger than it really is. It’s a great softener in a bedroom and can create a gorgeous, calm and cosy feeling perfect for some shut eye.

A modern twist on the dated net

Nets are a pretty dated ideal. They can look fairly old mannered and many steer clear as they can instantly age or detract from a beautifully modern window. However, the layering of both curtains and nets together is a great way to add privacy during the day, as well as texture into a bland space.

I love this layered trend, and if done well, it can become a real feature in any space. Whether you use it in your bedroom to create a warming, soft place to sleep. Or in your lounge to create grandeur and texture. Layered nets and curtains are certainly a interior style to consider in your space.

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Creating a bespoke seating area

First stage of our open plan living transformation complete!

It’s undoubtedly been a couple of months now since I shared our vision and ideas and the colour change for the transformation of our Open plan living space. We have been trying to create a home that has personality, flair and is more workable for us.

The first stage in all of our plans was, of course, the bespoke seating area or ‘booth’ as I keep referring to it as. The idea here was to create a more usable, but personalised area to the space we had. We have always struggled to find a space that is workable with our open living, and able to support a group of people eating and socialising together.

Our space was always competing with either being a big lounge area or workable dining corner. This idea came when we were discussing a new sofa ( since I find ours uncomfortable ). After deciding we wanted to completely over haul the space, we started to get to work. This was the first part of the whole process, but the amount of work it included means it’s actually been the longest to complete. We’ve already managed to completely decorate the space, and get some much needed blinds installed. But you’ll find that all out below…..

So, what was it like before?

Funnily enough, I didn’t have many pics of the before, and its probably because I wasn’t all that keen on the space. We had a rather small but cute 4 seating, round table. It was just about the right size for our room, but as you can imagine, didn’t seat many guests meaning I couldn’t be the hostess that I longed for. Once we got some colour into the room, we also realised it was a light brown that just didn’t have a place in our new colour scheme.

But Now……

After wanting a much bigger table that offered the longed-for farmhouse style complete with bench, we decided to go for a seating area that would house our table and offer plenty of seating too. The bonus here is that we have used the rather awkward corner, and given ourselves some much needed storage aswell!

Thankfully we have a hugely talented carpenter in the family who could create just what we were looking for. It’s modern yet classic and has some character to. The booth was completed a couple of weeks ago, but it took a fair while for us to sand, fill and paint the seating area. We ummed and ahhed for a while too, whether we were going to complete it with wax. Unfortunately, we didn’t like the finish on a small patch, resulting in another repaint, so we have decided to stick with the chalky paint finish.

We are so impressed with the finish and we now have a table to compliment it too! This has been a complete working process but it’s all finally coming together.

So what next?

Furniture. Thankfully we have been on the ordering process since hubby has a solid 6 weeks off to take deliveries and build. I have openly expressed my dislike to these poxy couches. They are cheap, nasty and at just 3 years old, I am disgusted at the state of them – never shopping with DFS again! Or Dodgy furniture store as I now refer it as.

We will also be looking to add some padding to the booth to make it a more comfortable space to eat and relax in. I’m also on the lookout for some new table wear for my stunning table. Now I have plenty of space to house dinner guests, I want some stella dinner wear and serve wear too!

There’s plenty for me to update you on, and whilst this isn’t the finished article, I want to take you through the whole process, including the not so instagram worthy snaps too! I’m so excited to style my new eating area, so be sure to keep in touch to catch that too.

How do you like the booth?
What else do you want to see of my home?
As always leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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