Modern conservatory ideas to convert the haters

Because they are no longer restrained to the older clientele and can be a huge addition to any home. Here’s why you NEED to consider one!

Call me old fashioned, but most certainly in my childhood, conservatories were a space for wicker furniture and ornaments your parents didn’t mind fading in the sun.

But it seems in recent years, the conservatory seems to have had a resurgence and almost a modern twist on what used to be a one use space.

Whilst we don’t have a conservatory of our own ( nor the space to build one unless our 2 bed apartment drops down a floor ), I have always looked at the Conservatory with narrowed eyes. Why would someone want a conservatory over building a small extension with skylights and bi-fold doors?

And yet after discovering some stunning inspiration on good old Pinterest, I have become a real turncoat and completely smitten with the idea of a conservatory. I now just need a house to build one onto!

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Dark Frame

Typical conservatories were always the white PVC, which can quickly look dated and pretty clunky. Plus, they’re not that modern looking. Recent designs feature a much darker frame, or even a coloured one, that can easily match with the existing property. Personally, the darker or even black frame can easily look elegant and modern all at the same time.

If you are wanting the new space to be easily incorporated into your current home, opting for a subtle colour that blends with the rest of your home will make it easier on the eye when lounging in your garden. Sand toned frames like pictured above is the perfect colour for doing this.

Or No Frame at all

If a frame isn’t for you, you could just bin the idea all together and opt for a sleek modern design and use just glass. This frameless design is perfect for adding extra light into a space, or offering a couple more inches that are in tune with the outside.

Frameless designs often work much better for those smaller footage additions, which will work perfectly well for those spaces that just need that extra bit of space, and even more light.

Partly walled

A conservatory doesn’t all have to be glass and many do have partly walled aspects. This is especially helpful when a conservatory is close to a boundary and would easily overlook a neighbors property.

It can even be an option if you’re going to use the extra footage as say a lounge area, or within a kitchen. Partly walled conservatories certainly make the space feel more in-tune with the rest of the property and more permanent too!

Stick your kitchen in it

As mentioned, conservatories are no longer reserved for wicker furniture or old tellys – yes that’s exactly what my parents old one was used for circa 2000. But much rather, a conservatory can be an extension on your current living space. The real trend is to add a conservatory onto a kitchen space, offering the rather desired open kitchen / dining / family space.

But what if it you used the extra footage to put your kitchen into? Kitchens deserve to be open, bright and spacious and a conservatory ticks all those boxes. Chuck away the preconceived ideas and spice it up. Plonk your modern kitchen / diner in and you won’t regret it.

Large Openings

Back to my parents 2000 conservatory, it had patio doors into and dropped down flooring wise. It had cold tiling floor and often was either too cold to enjoy, or too hot – there was no in-between. Fast forward 10+ years, and a whole new house, they have nailed their new conservatory, by switching these minor but pretty impactful elements.

Using a large opening is a sure fire way to make your conservatory an extension on your living space, and a real addition to your home. Getting rid of those patio doors, and replacing with a seamless transition will instantly create the feeling of space and expansion.

Seamless flooring

The final modern touch that will catapult your conservatory into the 21st century is that seamless flooring I touched on in the last point. Conservatories with broken flooring, uneven levels and those clunky seams from one room to the next., just really don’t do you any favours. So whether looking to update your current conservatory, or build one from scratch, really consider the flooring as a key starting point.

I have very quickly become a real lover of a conservatory, especially when they are done properly. Following these little design ideas will certainly create one that is full of aspects to last the modern decor trends.

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Current Bathroom trends : What to consider in your own home

**AD : This post is sponsored by Bathroom Direct Yorkshire**

UK Bathrooms aren’t an area that many people tend to think about when it comes to home decor and home interior – a real afterthought as you will. I’m not 100% sure why, but it’s often perceived it’s not a vital part of the home – just a place to shower and wee!

And yet I will always urge people to consider the colours and style they implement into their bathroom / toilet / en-suite space. The impact a well designed bathroom space can be hugely positive across any home, if pulled off well.

So what makes a great interior design when it comes to a bathroom space? What current bathroom trend should you be looking to implement into your home?

Here’s some stunning, current, bathroom interior trends to use in your own bathroom space.

Bold tiling

Tiling seems to really have taken a hold in the home, and more so for being a statement within a bathroom. Whether it’s geographical design, contrasting colours or a mix of prints and designs, it’s never been more on trend to be bold and daring when it comes to tiling.

Even if you’re looking at your small en-suite or expansive master bathroom, bold tiling on the walls or floor will be a perfect trend to incorporate into your space.

Statement colours

Bathrooms can often feel run of the mill. Blues are often associated to the space and many don’t venture from the realm of nautical. Adding additional colour, or looking to a different colour palette altogether is great way to snazz up your space to the current bathroom trend.

Round Mirrors

Of course, round mirrors across the whole home is bang on trend including our bathrooms. In a room which can be full of harsh lines, round mirrors can certainly add some softness to the space, and suit any current decor in your bathroom. If there’s a quick way you want to modernise your bathroom, swap your mirror for a circular one.

Gold Accents

Whatever the colour scheme, new tile colour or bold tiling you incorporate into your new bathroom, this latest trend will fit right in. Gold accents. A gorgeous accompaniment that could really make your bathroom pop, especially against what could be harsh colours like deep blue and rich green. If you’re not keen to buy new, consider spray painting the accents you do have to quickly update the look of your bathroom.

Bathrooms should be just as important, and styled as the rest of your home. With these stunning, modern bathroom trends, there’s lots that can be improved in your bathroom to make it a feature in your home.

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Buying your first home – Top tips you need to know

Owning a home is a millennials dream. And whilst it’s easy to laugh, it has become almost impossible for many of us to take that first crucial step onto the property ladder. With property prices on the rise, and the demand for higher deposits do too, it’s no surprise it seems a pipe dream for many.

And yet whilst I type this, I’m sitting at my dining table in my mortgaged 2 bed apartment I bought nearing 4 years ago.

No I’m not an enigma, and yes it is absolutely possible to own your own. It takes hard graft of saving and some discipline when it comes to spending. I and my partner didn’t rent beforehand so luckily we didn’t have high rents to pay whilst trying to save for a deposit. But, enough about how I got here, I’m here to help you now you are ready to buy.

So where do you start? Do you really know much about mortgages, interest rates and solicitors? Here’s my top tips when you’re embarking on your first steps on the ladder.

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Shop for your mortgage

Don’t just settle for what seems like a good deal. Shop around as much as you would for anything else. If leaning on a fixed-rate mortgage, you will be tied to this for atleast 2 years, so you want to make sure you get the best deal possible. As a first time buyer, there will be lost of different incentives and rates avaliable. Take your time and seek advice if needed. 

Seek advice if needed – don’t do it alone

I just touched on this, but seek advice and do not be scared to ask plenty of questions. You are not expected to know what everything means, so google, ask and make sure you know what you are signing up to, before making the final decision. There are plenty of people around that can help and advise you from mortgages, surveys and estate agent jargon. 

Save for worst case

Might seem a little silly, but save save save. There may be hidden costs, as well as those planned, but more expensive than expected. Remember, surveys cost, and can flag up things you may need to address sharpish.

Try and not splurge on the pointless things

It’s all so exciting when you have a new home awaiting for the contracts to be signed and keys released. But hold yourself back from purchasing the pointless and quiet frankly, stupid things, it won’t help you when you have bills to pay and no money.

Wait for most furnshings 

A little bit of the above, but ultimately, wait for some of your furniture before you purchase. Again, it may be a little difficult, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run. We purchased many things because we could, and regretted it within months. You won’t know what you will need, or how any room will be arranged till you have lived in it. Hold back and make decisions when you know what will work best.

There is plenty of advice to give when it comes to making your first purchase, and most you will take on board. Although sometimes you will think you know better, like we did!

Just try and be sensible and don’t be scared to ask lots and lots of questions when in doubt. This is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make – you really have to be sure you are making the right decisions.

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Gorgeous, Inspiring Dark Kitchens – How to embrace the new trend

You’ll know how much I loveeeeee discovering a new home decor trend that is set to stay. And it’s safe to announce, the bland and pretty safe white and marble kitchens have been kicked to the sideline. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with those, but it’s time for us all to get a little more adventurous when it comes to our home!

It’s never been more on trend to have a dark kitchen than now. Dark cabinets, with contrasting counters is a Kitchen trend that is hitting hard. They are stylish, smart looking and modern. And I honestly can’t understand why it can’t be shoehorned into any home, whatever the style!

Whether you opt for black, navy, grey or dark green, there are plenty of colour palettes, and inspiration, to be found if thinking of updating your kitchen to suit this sleek, modern trend. Since we have introduced dark grey hues into our open plan living space ( which includes our lounge, kitchen and dining space ), I have never been more keen to adopt a dark kitchen.

It’s all in the colour

When it comes to taking your kitchen to the dark side, it’s all about the colour you choose. If you’re re-modelling your kitchen, you have free reign to introduce a more modern, but classic twist. But there are still somethings you need to bare in mind when looking to have a dark kitchen, and the colour to choose.

  • Look at the natural light in your space. If it’s flooded in light, you could adopt dark grey or even black, top & bottom cupboards.
  • Consider the rest of your home. If you have a fairly classic home, a black ultra modern kitchen will feel out of place. You’d really want a royal blue, rather traditional type.

If you are are looking to re-paint your kitchen, you have various other things to consider, beside those above.

  • Worksurfaces. Whatever colour you choose, you need to make sure it’s going to match well with your already in place work surface. Be sure to do lots of swatches and take them home. Placing them inside your kitchen within the light will help you decide.
  • Flooring. Just like your worksurfaces, you need to consider your flooring too. Make sure the colour you opt for compliments your flooring and isn’t going to create a unsightly clash!

Being dark – but not too dark

Of course, there are kitchens that just wouldn’t fair well being dark. Small, pokey spaces spring to mind. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace dark cupboards. Why not consider using dark colours on the low levels areas, and adopting bright tones up above. Getting rid of closed cupboards, using open shelving, or including light coloured cupboards can help a small, dark kitchen, embrace the new trend.

Mix and match textures

You tend to hear many interior enthusiasts gasp with joy when a space has many different textures. And there’s good reason. Any space that varies materials, furnishings and texture offers space that isn’t pops. Using all the same colours and materials can quickly make any space feel bland, boring and flat. It’s the same for your kitchen. The best dark kitchen spaces incorporate multiple tones ( light and dark ) and different materials / textures ( smooth surface / rough brickwork ).

The dark kitchen is certainly a trend here to stay. And being a bit more bold in the kitchen might just be what you home ordered. It’s never been easier to transform your kitchen on a budget, including painting cupboards and wrapping surfaces.

Are you a lover of a dark kitchen? Is it something you would be willing to transform in your home? As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Creating a bespoke seating area

First stage of our open plan living transformation complete!

It’s undoubtedly been a couple of months now since I shared our vision and ideas and the colour change for the transformation of our Open plan living space. We have been trying to create a home that has personality, flair and is more workable for us.

The first stage in all of our plans was, of course, the bespoke seating area or ‘booth’ as I keep referring to it as. The idea here was to create a more usable, but personalised area to the space we had. We have always struggled to find a space that is workable with our open living, and able to support a group of people eating and socialising together.

Our space was always competing with either being a big lounge area or workable dining corner. This idea came when we were discussing a new sofa ( since I find ours uncomfortable ). After deciding we wanted to completely over haul the space, we started to get to work. This was the first part of the whole process, but the amount of work it included means it’s actually been the longest to complete. We’ve already managed to completely decorate the space, and get some much needed blinds installed. But you’ll find that all out below…..

So, what was it like before?

Funnily enough, I didn’t have many pics of the before, and its probably because I wasn’t all that keen on the space. We had a rather small but cute 4 seating, round table. It was just about the right size for our room, but as you can imagine, didn’t seat many guests meaning I couldn’t be the hostess that I longed for. Once we got some colour into the room, we also realised it was a light brown that just didn’t have a place in our new colour scheme.

But Now……

After wanting a much bigger table that offered the longed-for farmhouse style complete with bench, we decided to go for a seating area that would house our table and offer plenty of seating too. The bonus here is that we have used the rather awkward corner, and given ourselves some much needed storage aswell!

Thankfully we have a hugely talented carpenter in the family who could create just what we were looking for. It’s modern yet classic and has some character to. The booth was completed a couple of weeks ago, but it took a fair while for us to sand, fill and paint the seating area. We ummed and ahhed for a while too, whether we were going to complete it with wax. Unfortunately, we didn’t like the finish on a small patch, resulting in another repaint, so we have decided to stick with the chalky paint finish.

We are so impressed with the finish and we now have a table to compliment it too! This has been a complete working process but it’s all finally coming together.

So what next?

Furniture. Thankfully we have been on the ordering process since hubby has a solid 6 weeks off to take deliveries and build. I have openly expressed my dislike to these poxy couches. They are cheap, nasty and at just 3 years old, I am disgusted at the state of them – never shopping with DFS again! Or Dodgy furniture store as I now refer it as.

We will also be looking to add some padding to the booth to make it a more comfortable space to eat and relax in. I’m also on the lookout for some new table wear for my stunning table. Now I have plenty of space to house dinner guests, I want some stella dinner wear and serve wear too!

There’s plenty for me to update you on, and whilst this isn’t the finished article, I want to take you through the whole process, including the not so instagram worthy snaps too! I’m so excited to style my new eating area, so be sure to keep in touch to catch that too.

How do you like the booth?
What else do you want to see of my home?
As always leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Unique ways to paint your walls!

We’ve been on a grand ‘ol mission to get our home bursting with colour. Having lived in a bland, new build home for over 3 years, we have been pretty eager to inject some flavor. We’ve managed to create our very own colour palette that works across our entire home, but deciding how we would get this colour into our space was a different question altogether. Just painting up and down is no longer a thing. Whilst carefully painted walls are beautiful, sometimes a little creativity can go a long way.

To give you some alternative ideas, here’s how too add some colour to your walls this SS19, without just painting your walls..


It’s classic and it will suit any home, especially those with classic features, or a traditional past. Paneling seems to be growing in popularity, and with many instagrammers taking the trend into their home, it’s bound to grow more so. I especially love the kind that doesn’t completely cover the wall, and creates a dual colour aspect into a space.

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Where to use paneling?

Don’t panic, you can pretty much use paneling in any space of your home. There is of course, the different type of paneling to consider to. I would suggest you think wisely on the ‘theme’ or feel you are trying to achieve. To add grandeur to a space, large square paneling may work better, especially in a living, or bedroom space. If you are looking to bring a farmhouse / rustic style into your home, tonge and groove paneling will be more ascetically pleasing and will work in any space including a bathroom.

Partly painted or 50/50

This is a style we have certainly adopted in our home, partly due to our ceiling height and wall size.

Partly painting your wall, or going for a half and half effect can help incorporate colour, without having to paint the entire wall. Plus, its a pretty modern take on the classic dado rail style all us grew up with our homes. Combining stunning shades, or being bold with contrasting colours using the partly painted effect

It doesn’t have to be exactly half….

Oh no, going for slated lines, a quarter height or even three quarter height can all have the same effect, and create a truly striking space.

You can add some picture rails

If you do want a classic, yet classy look, you may want to consider a picture rail. Whilst our parents may have donned the infamous dado rail, using one correctly can create a classic, rather traditional look.


This certainly is a little tricker than all the other paint styles, but if you get it right, it can create a gorgeous centrepiece in your space. I’ve seen lots of tutorials online and it seems fairly easy, but I just haven’t been brave enough to do it in our home yet.

There are so many ways you can paint your home. Being average may be easier and pretty safe, it can be more fun, daring and bold to incorporate different techniques in painting and using colour. We are so happy to have used some of these methods through our home. We have just a couple of spaces left to paint, but we already have so many exciting plans to incorporate more!

What would you consider creating in your home? Any of these ideas inspire you to be a little more creative? As always, be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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How to make any room, feel bigger!

It’s no surprise many of us now live in a much smaller footprint than the generations before us. Property is becoming more expensive, and less expansive ( unless you can afford it ). And yet having a small, cosy space is really rather appealing, if you know how to utalise and make the most of the space. The best thing about space is that it is all down to perception and what we believe we see. What’s even better is the fact we can trick ourselves and others into believing there is more space, than there actually is.

Interested in knowing more? Sit back scroll down to find out 8 top tips in making any space feel instantly bigger.

Ditch the Clutter

Yes, we all know how much I have chatted de-cluttering and ditching the stuff before. It’s the first step in organising, re-vamping and of course making any space feel bigger. There is nothing worse than clutter to make a home or space feel claustrophobic and filled to the brim. Conduct a good sort out, ditch the crap and organise bits and bobs that don’t need to be in your space all year round.

Build it in

If some of your clutter can’t be cleared, you could atleast store it well. Unfortunately, some of the most modern storage solutions just don’t suit your space and having something bespoke and unique to the space you do have can work so much better, and create an illusion of more space.

Why not consider a built in seating booth for your kitchen space or alcove shelving and units. These type of built in’s can really give the illusion of an enlarged, expansive space.

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Really consider your furniture

The more furniture you have in a small space, the more crammed and cluttered it will feel. Cut back on the furniture and consider fewer and possibly larger pieces for your room. Make sure they have a purpose too – nothing worse than pointless furniture in any home.

Also consider the legs. Sounds silly, but having furniture that exposes the floor beneath it will help the flow of your room, and make it feel open and airy. More so than a low to ground, chunky base piece.

Pull it away

We all love to push our furniture right up against our walls. And whilst it does free up floor space in the middle of the room, it could be making our space feel smaller. If you pull your furniture away from the wall, even just a bit, it can have a huge impact on the illusion of the space.

Add some mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to bounce any light you do have, and create the illusion that there is more space than there is. Whether you make a statement with the mirror, or simply add a subtle mirror, there are plenty of ways to incorporate one into your space.

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Layer your light

Having just the main, over head light in any room is stark and uninviting. Layering your light using lamps, stanging lights and even candles can help make your space feel bigger and cosier at the same time.

Ditch the curtains

That’s right, long heavy curtains can effect both the amount of light getting into your room, and the amount of space it’s taking up. Whilst they don’t actually take up floor space, heavy curtains will take up wall space, making your room feel much smaller than it is. Consider using blinds inset into the window. This will showcase light and expose wall space.

Make it contrasting

Whilst you may believe white is best to decorate a small space, there’s something to be said about smaller rooms being on the dark side. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to decorating a small room in the right colour, but there is something to be said about contrast. Whether you opt for dark or light walls, make sure other pieces contrast against that base colour!

Hopefully these tips have given anyone hope that small spaces can be created into a warm, airy, open ones that don’t need to be sniffed at.

Have these tips helped you? Anything that should be added into my tip post? As always, be sure to comment your thoughts below.

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Letterbox Magazine

Catch more hints, tips and exclusive interviews with home interior instagrammers by subscribing to the monthly digital magazine – Letterbox.

Welcoming you through the Letterbox

You may or may have not heard, but Letterbox Magazine is a thing? I really hope you have heard because I’ve been plastering it all over my social media! Whether you have, or haven’t is exactly why I’m here to share my exciting new baby. I have a huge passion for interiors. Always have. And whilst I haven’t always been forthcoming on my blog with it, since re-vamping our current home, I have reignited my love.

So what is it? It’s a brand new digital magazine focusing on home interior and style.

This completely digital magazine features everything and anything to do with your home. Whether you are buying your first, sprucing up your second or saving for your third, Letterbox will guide you.

Every month we feature a different Instagram Home, along with latest from the high street. The first edition featured the stunning Greyhouseonthegrove where she covers her interior fails and how she gathers inspiration for her stunning home!

It’s a new venture I am incredibly proud of ( already ) and one I find myself completely immersed in. In just 12 hours of publishing we were receiving support messages of those that have loved the first edition.

All in all, I’m excited to continue to grow the publication and thankful for all support it already receiving.

You can subscribe to the newsletter here if you fancy receiving it before anyone else.

We are also on the look out for fellow writers. If you would like to contribute to the magazine, please get in touch. The best email is :

Thank you once again for sticking with me, here’s to my blog and now my magazine, both focusing on different things, but being their own entity too!

psssst : leave your thoughts below, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

How we will be transforming our open plan living space

As you may have guessed from my previous content, we have been umming and ahhing over whether to up-sticks and purchase a home. We currently reside in a 2 bed, 1st floor apartment in a quiet village between Eastbourne and Brighton. Ut’s a modern, new build bursting with features, since it was remodeled on the original building that once stood here – a mental asylum.

It’s our first home, which we bought a little over 3 years ago and we have always been proud of what we have. But since saying I do, and considering the future with little people living with us too, we did wonder whether we should buy a property fit for a family sooner rather than later.

Fast forward countless chats, a mortgage meeting and a couple of afternoons wandering round show homes, we decided we may as well stay put. We love our little home, and whilst it doesn’t have a huge kitchen with island, a sweeping driveway or even a little slice of outdoor space, we do have enough space for us and one other. Plus we don’t have to go through the stress and expense of moving just yet.

So what are we doing?

A rather lot actually. We bought this place with it being a completely blank canvas. With the last 3 years being a time to which we focused on furniture and wedding plans, we are now turning our attention to the details of our home. We are implementing colour, shades and more importantly, furniture that works with our space.

It’s something we have been planning and organising for some weeks, but I am so excited to get our home looking and feeling it’s best for us. ( Of course, there’s the added bonus being that it will look super snazzy for when we do want to sell ).

The Open planned space

Our lounge / dining space / kitchen is just that, a rather large open space. It’s been one we have fiddled, re-organised and shuffled around rather a lot. We are lucky enough to be able to have the room multiple ways, but not 100% sure what way works best.

We really want to hone in on a space that works for us, and guests when hosting and just relaxing in general. This summer we hope with some built in extras and a re-purchase of key furniture pieces, we will be able to finally have a space that fits us when relaxing, but also family and friends when hosting dinner parties and more.

Using colour

Is there anything more exciting than injecting in some colour into your home or even just re-adjusting the style in your space. As mentioned our apartment really is a blank space, with us only painting our bedroom ( which took us 4 whole days and ended with me crying because I just didn’t want to paint anymore. )

We really want to add some colour to the whole apartment, using clever tricks, and painting some walls. I’ve found lots on inspiration on my chum Pinterest and even found clever ways to inject colour into rooms with stupidly high walls. (Who’s idea was it to buy an apartment with 4metre high walls anyway?)


You know how it is, you have a load of crap, cupboards filled with most possibly items not needed, or simply keeping hold of for the sake of it. Even worse, you have cupboards full of stuff we need, it’s just not organised appropriately. So what’s the plan? Get it all organised. If Mrs Hinch has tought me anything, it’s that there’s nothing a plastic box can’t hold or organise.

I have big plans for my utility cupboard, and I really want to utalise every nook and cranny into usable storage solutions! Unfortunately we lack loft storage and without outdoor space, we lack a garage or shed too. This is the most exciting part for me as I really want to showcase that you can store what you need in your home, without it looking unsightly and with it being completely usable.

Overall, we have pretty big plans for our open plan living. Many say our apartment is spacious and a great start block. It is, and always has been. We just need to be more clever with what we do with it.

Do you have any plans for your home this summer? Anything you think I should consider for my open space? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

SS19 Interior Trends – What to look out for & incorporate to your home

Spring, for most of us, is the time of year we all fancy a home shake up. Tidy the home, move things around, even take on small or big, home DIYs we have been mulling over since Winter began. Yes, Spring is the time many of us tackle our home and make improvements. And perfectly so. I do like to transform my colour palette just a little to make way for the sunnier, brighter and warmer tones that come with Spring Summer.

But what’s on trend this year? Here’s some of the interior trends you should look out for and use through your home.

Sustainability – Less is more

It’s never been more on trend than to be sustainable. With many of us being more conscious of our impact on the environment through the items we buy. Whether it be our food choice, clothes purchases and even our home upgrades. This season, well this year, will see a huge surge in homeowners being more conscious with the spaces they are creating and the items they purchase to create the perfect space.

Less is defiantly more, and with minimal colour and multiple tonnes, sustainability is certainly a trend you want to sport this season.

Here’s some sub categories falling under sustainability you should consider when upgrading your home decor.

Serine Scandi

This is an updated look with lots of emphasis on texture and pattern. This the perfect styled back look that can create a space oozing with effortless style and truly inviting. If you are looking for a serine space with relaxation the key, this is just the style you want to nab this season.

Consider creating your own texture through the use of homemade cushion covers and recycled textures. Don’t be shy to embrace natural wood neither because……

Room for Wellbeing

All Natural – Light wood is back!

Yes, you heard right, light natural wood is on the comeback and that’s thanks to many of us wanting to create that open, airy and bright space similar to sustainable homes.

Ash, bleached wood is a great material to incorporate into your home this season.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ss19_holborn_dresser_057.jpg
Neptune Home
Room for Flexibility

Modern country style

This isn’t the first year this style has been back around, yet this year does seem the turning point. With retailers like Neptune and Next all offering stunning ranges of Modern Country, it’s the perfect style to incorporate in any home needing a refresh and one that is timeless.

I love modern country pieces. Painted cladding is a perfect alternative if wanting to add some character into your room, and looks stunning in dining areas and bedrooms.

Other modern style accents include the following….

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Floral Prints

Its never been more modern nor timeless to decorate with floral prints. Keep it subtle with pops of floral patterns on cushions and soft furnishings. Prints in slimline frames is another great way to inject some floral fusion without being too empowering.

Huxley Painted Ladder Shelves
Next Home
Painted Huxley Nest Of 3 Tables
Next Home

Painted Wood

Painted wood furniture is bang on trend and suitable for any home and space needing some timeless furniture. If you’re looking to upgrade your tatty or cheap pieces and want something that will last nor age, painted wood furniture is just your style.

High street stores like Next , Neptune home and Dunelm offer stunning pieces suitable to any budget. The best part of painted wood? You can look to alter the colour years down the line by painting yourself.

Subtle Tropical

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is s3image5b45d1e1df768Un330F-598467.jpg
Lloyd Sideboard
Next Home
Lloyd Tall Shelf
Next Home

This is a trend we all need to embrace, especially for Spring / Summer. We’ve seen a huge increase in palm leaf prints and tropical injections of colour over the last year or two. This year it’s been toned down, and I’m all here for it.

The gorgeous fusion of subtle colours, leafy prints and softer hues make this a stunning look to incorporate this season. You could even inject this look into your patio area of conservatory for a updated spark of summer.

These are just some of the trends that you should consider for your home this Spring / Summer. As you can see, just sprucing up some cushions to a more on trend colour or pattern, or investing in furniture pieces that will withstand any change in trend is just what you may need this summer for your home.

What trends are you interested in? Are you investing in your home this spring / summer? As always, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.