A Balanced Lifestyle

A balanced lifestyle is just like a diet. As much as we would all like that balance to be perfect, its hard to work to perfect and can feel impossible to achieve. But there is hope, just like a diet! It just takes a little give and take, and nit-picking to find what works for … Read more

Budgeting : How To

Anyone who knows me knows I am terrible and budgeting myself. Awful at it! Since being at uni, I only thought I could get better at it, but it turns out, I have got a whole lot worse.So since turning unemployed and lacking a income, I had decided budgeting is probably the best idea, and … Read more

Becoming more confident.

My mum always always always says how confident I am.Taking selfies all the time, outgoing and talkative to anyone, comfortable in awkward situations, happy to talk to a group of people and overall confident in myself. I now realise how lucky I am to be this confident. Through the years I have become more and … Read more

Stop the Snacking

Its a big problem a lot of us face, and I am a main culprit of snacking on absolutely everything I can get my hands on. Whilst I am on this clean eating malarkey (which is proving a lot more difficult than I ever anticipated) I have been trying some sneaky, all be it rather … Read more

Balancing your Friendship & Relationship

Relationships and friendships are hardddddddddd. Its even harder balancing the books and keeping your friends and other half happy.There is nothing worse then being branded with the:  ‘you’re always with your boyfriend’, and its even worse when your boyfriend ‘never sees you’ because you’re always with your girls. I’d be lying if I said its … Read more