Simple life pleasures whilst staying at home.

Simple life pleasures come in all shapes and sizes. And they have never been more important than today. In a world where nothing seems clear, remember to keep in touch with those small and significant things that bring happiness into your every day.

Even when staying at home, working from home, and social distancing from family and friends, there is still plenty of happiness to be found around you, it’s just finding them. There have been plenty of days when being cooped up at home, that I have struggled to find the positives in every day. Times are tough, things are uncertain, and life has completely changed. But after doing some of the following, I have managed to find small pleasures in my every day – a real turn around on my mentality whilst staying at home.

So, if this is you, if you’re struggling, hopefully these little things to embrace will help you too. They are inexpensive and completely down to personal taste. But doing just one of these things every day can turn your rolling days and weeks into little pockets of enjoyment and positivity.

Here’s a load of things to embrace, find and enjoy, all of which should bring some simple life pleasures to your every day.

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Going back to basics – colouring

You would have seen colouring in lots of those mental well being, wind down, stress buster posts before and there’s bloody good reason. Getting back to basics and something many of us haven’t done since being in school can be a huge mood booster.

Take some time, buy a adult colouring book, rejuvenate your old pencil case and just colour! Having just an hour a day unwinding whilst colouring can be the break from your WFH spot or usual sit on the couch session you need.

Have a sun spot

You don’t have to go outside for this one, my little spot is in my spare bedroom. But finding that little spot of sunshine will do you and your mental health a world of good. Just feeling the warmth ( even behind a pane of glass ) not only feels good, but boosts your energy and mood.

Sit in it to read, colour, nap, or even your afternoon of work. Whatever you use your sun spot for, find it and embrace it.

A good old book

Reading is immersive. It can take you to another world and time – which is just about perfect right now. With so many books around, and many of your supermarkets having a great selection of reads, it’s easy to browse and buy a gripping read with your weekly shop.

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Warm bubble baths

Even in warm weather, a bubble bath is pure luxury. Don’t under estimate how having a long soak, fluttering candles and even a netflix episode whilst in the tub can be simple life pleasure that can help unwind on a weekend or kick start a Sunday at home.

A good catch-up over facetime, zoom or teams

I can’t deny that a starbucks coffee catch-up with my mum, dad or sister would be the ultimate treat right now, but the next best thing is a multiple facetime call instead. Whether its over facetime, zoom, teams or even facebook messenger, there are plenty of way to connect to family members and friends during this time.

Connect with the on the regular and chat. Hearing a familiar voice not only boosts our morale but happiness too. It really is a simple life pleasure that can’t go amiss right now.

Finding a new series to binge

Is there anything better than finding a new series and realising you have tonnes of episides to catch up on? Nope. Everyone can get away with binging and enjoying lots of telly right now, so why not catch that series you never managed to, or experience the hype that everyone else has for recent and even classic telly series.

Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky have a fantastic range of tv series to enjoy, as well as BBC iplayer and 4od.

A Daily Walk

You might be a little anxious to be out and about, but even with a little anxiety, taking a walk, long or short, will be the simple pleasure you need. Breathing fresh air, feeling the sunshine and taking in a different sight, besides your interior walls, will boost energy, mentality and happiness levels. Daily walks are a great re-set button too, especially if you’ve had a hard morning or work day.

We are all struggling- some more than others – but the effect of staying home, being confined and restricted can quickly take its toll on our mentality. Even the happiest of people are finding this tough.

Remember not to be hard on yourself, and look after your well being. Take breaks often and even book some holiday. Whilst we may not be able to jet of anywhere, you can take a holiday from Working from home and the new normal of work.

What simple life pleasures are you enjoying at the moment? Leave your comments below.

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