Revealed : Our New Home Colour Palette – PLUS how you can create yours!

One of the biggest things I am determined to nail in our new home is that all important colour palette. It took 4 years to inject some colour into our previous property and I am fixated on the idea of getting ours right, first time around! I just couldn’t cope with living in a white … Read more

We sold our home in 3 days – during Covid!

I really didn’t think I would be writing this, but honestly, we sold our 2 bed apartment, during a pandemic, in 3 days! And to say I went into a huge meltdown is understatement. Those eagle eyed followers will see some of my content will allude to something happening in the property department. And well, … Read more

A New Homeowner Gift Guide

With many of my friends and family members flying the nest or becoming new home owners, I have been invited to a fair few house warming parties. And of course, with any new venture, comes a present in one form or another. The trouble, as always, is to not get a typical present with a high risk of someone else having already gifted, and thinking a little out of the box.

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