citizenM Boston : A Review

You know when you return home from a trip, of which you never wanted to leave, and instantly look at returning dates, that’s what our recent city break to Boston did to us.

Our most recent trip took us to the US City of Boston. My husband turned 30 this year, and we decided to celebrate in the city he always wanted to visit, and watch the team he’s always supported – The Boston Celtics. As with most of our trips, we planned and booked just 8 weeks out, but we managed to find a brand new hotel that worked perfectly for our trip, and the city we were exploring.

Citizen M

We were instantly attracted to the look of this hotel. It was located on top of TD Garden itself (where the Boston Celtics played ) and posed a great location for us and everything we wanted to do in the city. The rooms and decor of the whole hotel looked modern, simplistic and honestly, right up our street.

We booked without even looking at reviews, and it turns out, there were no reviews since it didn’t open until a couple of weeks before our trip.

Our stay

We had 4 nights and 4 days in the city. After landing at 7 pm, and an exhaustive 2 hour wait for baggage, we finally arrived to our hotel at around 10pm.
24 Hours before our stay, we received an email welcoming us to check in early to our hotel. This was super handy, easy and made our arrival at the hotel the quickest we have ever experienced. Within 2 minutes we had our room key and were in the lift to our room.

The Rooms

When it comes to a city break, we really aren’t that fussy with rooms. What matters to us, and what only should matter when exploring a city is comfort, cleanliness and location. As mentioned this was a perfect location for us, and as long as the bed was comfy and the room clean, we would be hunky dory. And yet, we were blown away from the room.

Whilst it could be argued the rooms are a little small, for a pair of brits who would spend all day in the city and nearly every evening at a sport game or out for dinner, they were perfect. And with nifty storage ( under bed draws that were huge ), we had plenty of space to unpack and feel at home.

The shower imposed in the room and, and the oversized bed put you right on side of that picture perfect city view! There were lots of clever tech additions too. A in room ipad controlled everything in the room including temperature, mood lighting, blinds, tv, music and more. Your TV even comes equipped with new released films, of which you can watch 2 free a day! ( We watched the new Aladdin when we were jet lagged! ).

The Verdict

We had a fantastic time in Boston, and that includes this hotel. We couldn’t recommend it enough! Everything about the hotel made it feel like home away from home. On our last day before our returning night flight home, we lazed and chilled in the lounge of the hotel. It was so comfy with gorgeous furniture, real fires and super helpful staff – we have never been so relaxed before heading to the airport.

We were so blown away with the feel and comfort of the hotel, we are looking at just going wherever they have a hotel next! If you are looking to head to Boston any time soon, consider citizenM hotel above all else. Just a 10 min walk to Quincy market and just 15min from the airport!

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Hunting the Scary : Halloween in Boston

There is nothing quiet like Halloween, especially when stumbling across homes covered in gorgeous, creepy and sometimes realistic decor. It’s certainly taken some years, but it seems us brits are becoming a little more involved when it comes to decorating and embracing Halloween. And yet, we ventured a little further afield to get a real taste for it.

This year, we headed to Boston to celebrate my husbands 30th birthday. Having his birthday 2 days before Halloween always makes a celebration a little more special. Boston is somewhere he had always wanted to visit. His childhood basketball team, the Celtics, played there, and it was his lifelong dream to watch a home game. So, that was the agenda.

Thankfully, our trip extended into Halloween itself and we managed to catch a real glimpse of Halloween across the pond, and even ventured to the infamous town of Salem to hunt the scary.


Being just a 34min train ride from the heart of Boston, we knew a trip to experience Salem during Halloween was a must. We were leaving the city at 10pm Halloween night, and thought a day in Salem on actual Halloween was the best way to round off our trip.

There didn’t seem much going on in the day, but there was still plenty to be wandering and exploring. We managed to visit the witches house, among other infamous spots in the small town of Salem.

It was lashing it down with rain for the entire time in the town, so we only spent a couple of hours wandering and taking in the sights.

As expected, the streets were full of people dressed up, including lots of Jokers, Jason and even the scary clown from American Horror Story.

Ticket Price : $10 Each – return
Info : Just a 34min train journey from Boston North Station


We spent 4 days on the lead up to Halloween, wandering the city of Boston. With gorgeous New England architecture, and the autumn colours, Halloween felt present in every turn of the city. During a exploration of Beacon Hill, we found stunning private homes decorated with skeletons, zombies and of course pumpkins.

Whilst we weren’t there to enjoy Halloween itself in the city, it would have been wonderful to wander the streets with trick or treaters on Halloween eve!

Whilst I haven’t been many places at this spooky time of year, spending it in the Boston region certainly made me tempted to make trips Halloween time whenever possible. Boston is a great region to be in, especially if wanting to explore the spooky town of Salem too.

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The best UK Weekend Hotspots.

There is nothing better than being a tourist in your own country.

Heading for a long weekend with friends, family or a loved one is a perfect opportunity to explore and uncover some true British gems! Whether you are sticking to a budget or just eager to experience some of your home, there are some pretty gorgeous locations perfect for a weekend getaway.

So if you’re like me and looking for a quick pit stop, somewhere not too far, expensive yet rewarding, then I have a good couple of places you can catch a breather, where ever you are in the UK, or want to visit.

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South East 

Sussex – My home, but I’m no way biased. There is plenty to keep you occupied in Sussex, from medieval castles, low lying country villages, and bustling cities. It’s fairly vast, so choose where you stay wisely depending on where you want to explore.

ps. Brighton is a great base. The city is a vibrant one with plenty to see, do and shop! You’re all real close to other natural hotspots like the seven sisters in Eastbourne.

Cotswold’s – A pretty rural part of the country offering rolling hills, grassland and thatched medieval villages. If you fancy a rural retreat with over 100 miles of walking trails on your doorstep, the Cotswold’s is the place to go! Plus, you’ll get some gorgeous insta worthy pics too!!


Canterbury – Another city with encapsulating Roman walls, cathedral, cobbled streets and timber framed buildings a plenty. If you’re not too keen on the history aspect, Howlets is just a stones throw away!

South West 

Salisbury – A medieval city with beautiful and ornate architecture. Venture to Stone Henge or mooch around the gorgeous Cathedral and soak up the true atmosphere of Salisbury. It offers you the perfect balance of city and countryside some times needed when catching a break. Whatever you fancy, Salisbury has you sorted!

Exeter –  Another city bursting with history. This ancient city lies on the bank of River Exe nestled in the heart of the South West. The Roman era city has a castle, cathedral and city walls – plenty to fill your boots if you like culture and history!! There’s even vaulted, medieval underground passages that snake under the city. Want a history lesson with some gorgeous scenery? Go, go go!!


I don’t think there is a bad spot to stay in THE CITY , especially in a city where there is so much to do in such a wide net, you won’t be disappointed in whatever and where-ever you stay.


Warwickshire – The birthplace of William Shakespeare teaming with history and rural areas to explore and enjoy. I have always wanted to visit this gorgeous part of the country, especially since Warwick Castle has plenty to offer, including dungeons!

Oxford – It may be known for its prestigious university, but this city has plenty to offer outside of education. If you ever seen The Theory of Everything (and if you haven’t, by god do it now!), you’ll know the pure beauty this city offers. Take a little boat ride down the central river and explore local sites, streets and even castle!!

Birmingham – With it’s industrial revolution history, Birmingham is a very different city from all those others I have mentioned. But, there is plenty to see, do and enjoy in and around Birmingham. Cafes and bars line Sherbourne Wharf, and plenty of museums and galleries can keep you entertained. Including Cadbury World!!


Manchester – Not just a football powerhouse, but a culture one also. With lots of activity centres, museums and shopping malls, anyone and everyone can have a good break away from home in Manchester.

Liverpool – The birthplace of The Beatles, trace the steps of the bands early years in local pubs and bars. Aside from the Beatles reference, Liverpool is pretty maritime city offering culture and history.

Our country is riddled with culture, history and gorgeous places to visit. It shames me to say I really haven’t explored enough of my home soil just yet. Bank holiday weekends make the perfect time to get out, visit a city or county you never have, and learn more of our beautiful country.

Where will you be heading on your next weekend away? Any ideas generated from this? As always share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Must Visit English Castles

Are you even British if you don’t love a good wander and exploration of a classic English Castle. They are often full of secrets and history of our countries past and make a great Sunday stroll.

Yes, exploring every nook and cranny of a real castle is a real British activity, and one I try to do often as possible. Luckily for me, I’ve been so fortunate to visit some stunning castles packed with true charm ( I even live near one ) . The South East is littered with grand castles and even ruins of many hundreds of years old.

So, I’ve collated some must visit English Castles to wet your appetite when it comes to medieval turrets and grandeur.

Hever Castle

Last year we headed to a true gem when it comes to castles – Hever. Being Ann Boleyn’s childhood home, it has everything you expect from a real British Castle. Stunning, vast gardens, grand bedrooms and dining halls and lakes fit for any Princess to row across.

Arundel Castle

You’ve probably seen the whole post, but encase you haven’t, there’s lots to explore and uncover at Arundel.
Nestled in a beautiful and rather rural part of Sussex, Arundel is perfectly perched atop a steep hill. With glorious gardens and spectacular stately halls and rooms to wander, as well as a whole town surrounding the castle walls. Arundel makes the perfect day out and is certainly a castle not to be missed.

Warwick Castle

A castle that was high on my list to visit and I finally managed to explored this year. It is drowning in rich history, making it a perfect castle for old and young. Stately rooms, medieval history, far reaching views and even dungeons to be scared and panicked – Warwick Castle is my favorite castle I have visited in the UK.

Bodiam Castle

Bodiam is unlike the other castles, as it is pretty much derelict. With many of the internal walls gone, Bodiam is just a shell. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a castle worth visiting. With stunning grounds and far reaching views from the remaining turrets, Bodiam makes a great Afternoon location – and even better if you take a picnic. ps. It has the BEST moat I have ever seen and well worth the visit.

These are just a few of the glorious castles that can be found across the British countryside and in my opinion, some of the best ones to visit. All are great for young and old visitors and many have some stunning gardens that you can visit without having to enter the castle.

As always, leave your thoughts below, as well as castles you think I should visit next!

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Searching for Winnie The Pooh – A morning in Hartfield

Deep in the hundred acre wood
Where Christopher Robin plays
You will find the enchanted neighbourhood
Of Christopher’s childhood days
A donkey named Eeyore is his friend
And Kanga and little Roo
There’s Rabbit and Piglet
And there’s Owl
But most of all Winnie the Pooh

My whole childhood is etched with Winnie the Pooh teddy bears, video tapes and even the song available on a cassette. It was our favorite, even as a family. My mum adored it, and me and my sister were pretty stoked when it came out of the video cupboard on the occasional afternoon!

As I’ve grown up, I have realised how close to home I am to the real story of Winnie The Pooh. Hartfield is just over 45minutes from my childhood home, and we often ventured to the magical wood as a child.

If you are a fan of Winnie the Pooh, much like me, the 100 acre wood couldn’t be any more magical. And the fact the fictional land is based upon a real place in which Christopher Robin played as a child, and somewhere you can explore yourself, is even better.

With Pooh Sticks bridge, the enchanted place, Roo’s sandpit and ofcourse Pooh Corner Tearooms, visiting the real place makes a perfect bank holiday weekend activity.

So if you fancy a venture yourself, or discovering the marvelous story of the tubby bear, here’s everything to know when visiting the real 100 acre wood.

Pooh Corner

The great thing is that everything is in walking distance – if you’re prepared to walk. In the 28 degree heat however, we decided to park and walk to what we wanted to explore. All parking is free including at Pooh Corner, which I advise is where you start.

Pooh Corner is actually the local shop Christopher Robin visited when he was a child, so it’s only fitting its now the infamous Pooh shop and tea room filled with gifts, books and even a museum.

Ps. here you can grab a handy map of the forest including car parks and hotspots.

Pooh Bridge

After grabbing our map we headed to Pooh Bridge – to play Pooh Sticks of course. The infamous spot, especially in summer, is a pretty busy one. What’s more, it’s hard to find sicks on the route to the bridge so its advised you take your own. We nabbed some wooden stirrers from Starbucks before our trip, which FYI made fantastic Pooh Sticks.

tip. Get your sprogs to colour the end of their stirrer to make it easier to establish who’s is who’s!

After the short walk through the forest, we decided to head to another infamous spot for the classic Winnie the Pooh tales – The enchanted place. Again, the heat was a little too much, so we decided to take the short drive to Piglets car park.

The Enchanted Place

We ended our summer walk under the trees in the enchanted place. Perched atop a hill, it was a stunning spot to look over the forest and the 100 acre wood! From here we settled with some homemade snacks before heading back to the aircon in the car!

Our very short wander of famous Winnie The Pooh hotspots may have been shorter than anticipated, they made a great bank holiday activity. Bearing in mind the heat, heading here in autumn would be utterly perfect. I think we will be heading back late September for sure!

My top tip would be heading to Pooh Corner before anywhere else. To say that map was a life saver would be a understatement. Thanks to that nifty map, we managed to find spots I had never even been to – even as a avid fan of the tubby bear! So, if you’re a fan, or even just aware of Winnie The Pooh, this is certainly a trip to make.

Have you ever been to Pooh Bridge? Somewhere you fancy heading? As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Boston : A travel guide

I’ve been so lucky to visit some, more than others, parts of the USA. Whilst my mind has been well made up whether I would even care to live there ( I would not encase you’re wondering ), it certainly is a great country to explore and experience many different states, cities and cultures. America certainly has a lot to offer.

My first visit to the pretty English district of New England was back in 2012. This again was a wider trip, in which was followed by a short stay in Salem, The Hamptons and then finally NYC.

If you are looking for a more relaxed approach when it comes to a city, and one steeped in history and stunning architecture, Boston needs to be on your bucket list. Here’s what I got up to on my quick trip to Boston.

The Aquarium & Whale watching

This was my sisters choice, since we were away for her birthday and damn she did good. We were so lucky to go whale watching from the harbour of Boston and we saw 3 humpback whales! Very Very rare and apparently the trips running days before ours had no luck in seeing any! If it’s in budget, and in season of course, try and get yourself on a whale watching excursion for sure!

After seeing the stunning whales we explored more marine life in the amazing aquarium. With a huge amount of exhibits including penguins and seals, it was a real highlight on our trip to Boston. A must visit if you are heading to the city with little ones.

The Boston Tea Party

Admittedly, we really didn’t have a clue what the Boston tea party was about, so the experience was most certainly educational for all of us involved. It was most certainly a hands on tour of the ships that would have been involved in the events all those years ago.

Hop on Hop off bus tour and duck tour

Is it even a traditional city break without using the pretty useful hop on hop off tours. I stand by the fact it the easiest and most educational way to experience a whole new city. With tour guides, different lines and every corner of the city covered, it’s a no brainer. We even opted for the add on of the duck tour too. It was a great addition and meant we could the city by water too.

Boston is most certainly a stunning, green oasis for a city. Upon reflection we managed to see much of the city on foot, as well as using the buses. Having visited in the height of summer, we had great weather on our side, but I would love to visit again in colder weather to experience a different side to the city.

My plans for our next visit :

Since it has been so long since I visited the city, and my husband is desperate to visit, I would defiantly refresh my mind across the whole city. I would most certainly take more pictures and look to watch a basketball match too. It’s such a stunning city with plenty to do, I have almost fallen back in love with the city through this travel guide.

We do plan to visit the city as soon as we can, and hopefully in basketball season so we can tick that off the husband’s bucket list too!

Have you ever been to Boston? Does it tickle your fancy? As always, leave your comments and thoughts in the comment section below!

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How to avoid Troublesome Tyres When Driving Up north

Scotland has some of the trickiest roads to drive on in the whole country. The large number of mountain passes and the numerous twisting country lanes mean that the wear and tear on your car’s tyres can be immense.

However, it is not just on exposed land in the Highlands that your tyres will suffer. You can expect just the same treatment from potholes and speed bumps in places like Glasgow and Edinburgh. The city streets in Scotland are just as bad as anything you might find in Manchester, Birmingham or London, for example. Indeed, in some neighborhoods, it is even worse with congested traffic adding to the pressure that your tyres will come under.

So, how do you avoid problems? I’ve collated together some tyre checkpoints before venturing anywhere long distant and rural like Scotland.

Keep Your Tyres Pumped

If you run around on partially flat tyres then they won’t perform as well. Not only do they increase the likelihood of skidding or spinning out of control, but flatter tyres also wear down quicker. Don’t over-inflate your tyres, however, since this can also cause problems of premature wear when you are driving about.

Tip : Head to a petrol station. Most if not all have tyre pressure facilities. The inside of your passenger door will have a guideline on the pressure your tyres should be pumped at. Petrol station facilities allow you to set the pressure you desire and alert you when you’re there.

Check Your Tread Depth 

If your tyres are wearing down because of the extra abrasion they get on Scottish roads, then you must make sure they are not illegal. By using a twenty pence coin, you can tell if your tread is sufficiently deep. Insert one into the tyres’ grooves. If the rim of the coin disappears from view, then the tread should be legal to drive on. If not, then change your tyres immediately.
You can get your tyres in the locality of Glasgow from the Point S website. 

Back Off From the Car In Front 

By simply giving more space when you are driving on Scottish streets, you will be able to come off your accelerator rather than apply the brake. Not only will this mean you brake pads are preserved but it will help to maintain your tyres for longer. It is a simple measure that more drivers should adopt.

Whether you are travelling or not, its well worth keeping an eye on your tyres monthly, where ever you drive. As we all well know, our roads are littered with potholes, and one to many bumps can cause serious damage to your tyres and car.

How often do you check your tyres? Are they in need for checking? Don’t delay and check today!

Travel in style – How to in 2019

I’m not alone, we are all looking to make this year better than others, right? Whether you are focusing on your career, relationship or just yourself in general, we all deserve a break through the year. Whether your have your holibobs earmarked, or haven’t even considered it, here’s to making it luxe this year.
Don’t think it has to cost you the earth, here’s how to travel in style this year, whatever the budget, where ever you are!

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Go last minute

Most of the time when you are looking to save a little bit of money you would think that booking a trip as early as possible is the best thing you can do. Although it can sometimes be good to book ahead of time, you might actually find a better deal at the last minute.

Being a little late may be a little risky, but often or not you end up finding the most luxurious places to stay, days before, and it can be the best trip you have ever had.

Take the risk – it may just pay off.


Rather than booking a stay in a hotel this year, what about renting a private home. Using companies like Home management services ,there are lots of properties to rent worldwide that will offer you luxe, and all of the comforts you would normally get at home.

It can also be a more cost effective way to spend your holidays and you will have the privacy and room you crave.

Go with a group

We have all looked into booking hotels or lodges with a hot tub at some point or another, but often the places which have a hot tub are far too expensive for us to buy as a couple or alone.

But instead of going alone, get your clan to join too! Make this year the year you do something different with your pals or family and spread the cost between you. You’ll probably find they’d love the company, and the cheaper alternative!

Go Local

Really watching the pennies but want to get out of your place? Look a little closer to home.

Spending just a couple of nights at a local hotel might just be the breather you need, without the travel!

Use the money you would have spent on travelling to have an expensive meal and a room upgrade and you will feel luxe than ever!

So, whatever you are planning this year, make it luxe, make it memorable and ultimately do it! We all spend so much time umming and ahhing over experiences, we miss out on fantastic opportunities and memory makers!

Now, I’m off to book a holiday – pronto!

Where you booking?

Christmas in NYC

Hello and welcome to possibly my longest ever post. This is a big old one, so hold tight.

If you follow me over on the gram, you would have caught some snaps from my recent travels. And this time I was in the big old apple on the build up to Christmas!!

It’s something we had planned for a pretty long while and something we were desperate to do with our first Christmas as Mr and Mrs. We booked it just a couple of months ago and had been planning our trip since.

As a visitor of New York on several occasions ( 3 times ), I had a pretty good idea of the must visit sites. Especially for my first timer husband.

We had a blast, visited everything we wanted and more. So here’s a low down, picture heavy post of all things NYC in late December.

The start of our trip.

The first day we headed to grab our Bus tour tickets. You should know by now, every city we explore, we head on an New York Hop on Hop Off Bus tours . It’s the BEST way to get to know a city and you don’t necessarily use it as transport, just as a way to find bearings and learn the ins and outs of the city. This is no exception to New York.

After jumping on our first bus of the trip, we headed over to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I love Ellis Island and the history it gives the entire city, even the USA. But it wasn’t completely my husband’s bag so we didn’t stick around too long before heading back to the city.

Once back in the city, we wandered back up mid-town. Yup, walked 30 odd blocks. We managed to reach Times Square in time for dinner and a spot of shopping. We were truffled and hit the hay pretty early for NYC!

Day 2 – Rained out & a b’ball game!

What a weather wash! We knew rain was forecast so we made sure this was the day we would hit the shops. NBA store was first on the agenda and we spent a lot of time here – pretty sure we did the rounds 4 times over! Then onto Tiffanys! By the time we were all shopped out, the rain had just about sufficed. We did a quick change back at the hotel before heading back downtown in time for our Basketball game.

Oh, wait, did I tell you we were heading to a basketball game? In Madison Square Garden? Yup! We watched the New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks. Since my husband is such a huge fan of basketball, watching a game was a must and in the infamous area like MSG, well it was a no brainer.

I usually avoid watching live sport at all costs – especially football. But having watched Basketball most evenings from my sofa with hubby, I have found a little soft spot for the sport. It’s fast, loud and impressive. So, it was hard to really see who was the most excited about watching a game in big apple.

We headed to MSG pretty early and grabbed some dinner in the way of TGIFridays. We mooched around macy’s after dinner before heading in early for the game.

Day 3 – Our last full day!

Since the day before was such a wash out, we wanted to make up for some lost rain free time, including a quick stop over in Brooklyn. We headed to the bus pretty early and made the first journey over to Brooklyn.

What a gorgeous part of the city it is. I have always loved the architecture across the river and that was even more evident in the winter sun! It was a little too nippy to walk over the bridge, so we took the view from the bus and headed back over to Manhattan.

From there, we made our way back towards Radio City. We suddenly wanted to do a little more Chrimbo hunting, and where better than the Rockerfella tree!

From here, we booked some late tickets for the 2018 Christmas show and mooched around before our late showing.

The Rockettes – Christmas Spectacular

Confession, I had thought about booking some tickets for this show before we headed out there, butttt I got sidetracked. We managed to grab some on the Saturday of our visit however and we were not disappointed. We felt for some of our trip, we were so engrossed in all the tourist bits and bobs, we kinda forgot it was Christmas.

The show was spectacular and really put us in the festive mood. Once finished, we mad our way back towards the hotel, catching some final shots of the city at night.

pst – these snaps are my husbands caught on my iphone 7 plus and err hello, he’s no stuck doing all my blog photography!

Our final hours

What a sad morning that was! Luckily, our hotel offered free baggage service, so we packed up early before heading out into the city.

The last day entailed all those little bits we hadn’t managed to do, including the Empire State building, Central park and more. We had purposely booked a late flight so we had just the day to enjoy and soak in the last bits of the city. The sun was shining, and despite the cold air, it was the best day weather wise.

One of my favourite spots for a light lunch has to be Grand Central Station. Not only does it have gorgeous architecture, but the food hall has amazing cuisine to try. My fav, pizza. On our last afternoon in the city, we headed here to devour a pizza. It’s the best I’ve ever had!

From lunch, we headed up towards the park, stopping off along the way. There was always a place I wanted to visit in New York and after stumbling upon it on our bus tour, I finally wandered around. Of course, it’s from Gossip Girl, but the palace was the perfect place to catch some stunning, simply stunning Christmas decorations!

This was pretty much our final hurrah in the city. From here, we made our way back to our hotel via the park,to wait for our 6pm pick up.

All in all, it was the most glorious time spent in the city. It was truly magical to spend such a festive time within New York. I completely understand when many suggest it being the most festive city!

The Finer Details

Hotel : Empire Hotel

I couldn’t recommend the hotel enough. Great location, with just a 20 minute walk to Times Square. You are also super close to Central park. Upon arrival we were upgraded to a bigger suit and offered free wifi. The hotel has a gorgeous rooftop bar, which we didn’t manage to use until the last afternoon.

Airline : Norweigian Air

The airline isn’t one I would ever use again. Currently drafting a complaint letter as never notified upon booking that food, drink nor entertainment is included in-flight within the booking price! Disgusted and many other passengers felt the same. If we had paid for blankets, pillows, food and drink on top of our flights cost, we would have spent more than flying with other airline. Added to the fact we didn’t know about it before boarding the plane, I am not a happy bunny! 

Shuttle service to and from the airport : Super Shuttle

Pretty good service. Easy to locate once out of the airport. Just took so long for our shuttle to arrive to take us into the city. Pick-up to go the airport was on time however and once again easy.

Have you ever been to NYC?

Fancy a trip Christmas time? Where should I head next year? As always, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

*This post was in collaboration with New York City Tours.

National Trust Explore – Wakehurst in Winter

This would be a great starting point – this is no means an ad! I have not been approached by the national trust to share their places. Quite the opposite actually. I was kindly gifted, along with my husband, to a yearly membership to National Trust this Christmas!!

I’m sure many won’t be offended if I say this is the best Christmas present we received this year! We love exploring, getting out and visiting new places and since our very short stint of local national trust sites last year, we have been desperate to explore more! This prezzie was well received!

Just this week we thought we would try out our new card and visited the much loved site – Wakehurst Place. Again, this is somewhere we popped to last summer and we were pretty excited to return, enjoy the winter sights and bring along some visitors too!

Winter is such a glorious season, and whilst it can seem a pretty bleak time to visit a garden or grounds alike, I find it oddly relaxing and calming.

The grounds were beautiful. There were remanants of autumn, and there was a fog over the acres of garden.

Wakehurst has an array of gardens to explore, we spent over 3 hours walking and experiencing all it has to offer!

This time around, we ventured into the house and was greeted by some gorgeous festivity. The house is free to walk around and has gorgeous wooden panels and grand doors. It was the perfect environment for a glorious Christmas tree and a velevt chair fit for Santa Clause himself.

This is a pretty short and sweet tale of our trip to Wakehurst place. As mentioned, it is somewhere we have been before and a place I have blogged too! It was the perfect re-introduction to National Trust, ahead of our 2019 exploring!

Have you ever been to Wakehurst place?

Have any ideas of what National Trust sites we should visit next?

As always, leave your thoughts and comments below!