Quirky Ideas : Planning your Wedding Entertainment

There is a lot of pressure for couples to provide fantastic entertainment for guests, besides some music and food. Jhezze it’s almost like they’re demanding teenagers. Entertaining guests has grown in popularity, and so have the options on what to include day and night for guests to play, use or get involved in. Many couples … Read more

5 Things all brides should know before Wedding Dress Shopping

It should be the most magical and exciting part of the wedding planning process, and yet for many ( including myself ), it becomes more stressful than imagined. Having been through the process, and having learnt a thing or two from visiting many bridal shops, and trying lots of dresses, I thought I’d share the … Read more

Wedding favours that will wow your guests – you won’t have leftovers!

During the planning process you will be told, by many, that wedding favours are pointless. Useless even. No wants them, many will forget and they are a waste of money. Well, that’s what you are told any way. But like many brides, I wanted a keepsake for my guests. Something they could use, would love … Read more

Band or DJ – What to consider when planning Wedding Entertainment

So you’re coming through planning. Chances are you’ve got your venue secured and save the dates sent! Caters are sorted and photographer briefed. Now comes the tricky part of entertainment? There seems to be this unwritten rule of modern weddings that guests need to be entertained – like their a fidgeting toddler. Lawn games, mini … Read more